Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Scum targetting Masjids...

Last week the Islamic Center of Columbia in Tennessee was destroyed in an arson attack by neo-nazis, all members of the so called World Church of the Creator. The culprits were caught, and the authorities deserve a hearty round of applause for their speedy capture. However, this week another masjid has been marked, this time on the internet by the usual suspects. According to the latest CAIR alert, the Madina Masjid Islamic Community Center of St.Louis is being targeted by LGF scum, and their lesser known subsidiaries, "Republican Riot" and the self proclaimed "Gateway Pundit."
In fact, the Gateway Armpit was so outraged at the construction of the Islamic Center's minarat, he decided to go take pictures of the site and post it up on his blog with ominous claims that the call to prayer would be made "several times a day"(the minaret is symbolic, and without any kind of sound system) and how it would not be "appreciated" by the locals. As expected, the triploid vermin who habituate such hate sites decided to make bomb threats and other lovely racist pontifications. CAIR contacted the FBI, and the media picked up on the manufactured "controversy."
Well, the fit hit the shan, and the backtracking by the clowns began. "We had nooo idea why somebody would leave such comments on our third rate hate blogs! I'm shocked. Shocked, I tell you! This is all a CAIR conspiracy to make us loyal shabbos goyim look bad." Yeah, I feel for you bud. Surely this was just some grandiose venting by internet tough guys with small wallets, and even smaller appendages. All jokes aside, I don't make threats nor do I tolerate them. More then a year ago, Vilmar Tavaras of the now defunct hate blog "right wing howler" called for Muslim American children to be killed. The cowardly cretin pulled the plug on his blog once he realized
that law enforcement would not buy that it was simply a form of "freedom of speech." I also put up his picture as a public service. One good turn deserves another, and since the gateway armpit likes to play amateur sleuth with his cheap 2 megapixil camera, lets take a look at what the bastard looks like. I yanked this from his blogger profile, standard inbred hillbilly material. Say hi to Jim(his name according to a stupid Egyptian neocon wannabe blogger "fan" of his) everybody.
My advice to the brothers and sisters at the
Madina Masjid Islamic Community Center is too keep their eyes and ears open. If you notice this
or any other troglodyte taking pictures or any other suspicious
activity, take a picture and make a note of the their license plate number and call the cops. Its also wise to invest in a good security camera system. I don't think there'll be any problems inshallah, but its better to take the initiative and let the gutter snipes know we're not playing games here.
Oh, and on a personal note, the best Nazi is one who's six feet under.

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Anonymous said...

Just in case anyone doesn't know, the WCOTC (now renamed the "Creativity Movement") is explicitly anti-Christian despite the word "Church" in its name.