Saturday, February 09, 2008

Do elections mean anything?

Watching the farce of election year American politics every two to four years has become a bit of a spectator sport for me. Behind all the glitz and glamor lies an incredibly corrupt and rigged system. Politicians aren't elected, they're selected, bought and paid for. I still vote but have come to the conclusion it accomplishes little. The "choices" given come with the same old slogans and broken promises of yesteryear, as the Chinese saying goes "the more things change the more they remain the same." I find it amazing that people have such short memories.
The source for some of my cynicism is the "swiftboating" of Republican "dark horse" Ron Paul, the only candidate who actually seems to be making any sense. Despite record fund raising and wide grass roots support, he was barred from many debates and hasn't won a single state. Not that voter fraud is a problem or anything like that, the sort of crime for which people raise hell in other countries but don't expect that from the complacent lot in the US. People here are just apathetic, and resigned to getting the short end of the stick. A real vibrant democracy, or learned helplessness in action? Voters, especially Muslims should back third party candidates in an attempt to break the two party stranglehold on politics. It may not win elections for a while but you've got to start somewhere.

Heres the trusty ol' DrM voting guide from a couple of years back on reforming the system:

1) Voting is mandatory for every citizen. If you don't vote, kiss your heating goodbye.

2) NO electronic voting. Forget the trees, PAPER VOTES only.

3) ONE term only. No career politicians. No Joe Liebermans. No Strom Thurmonds.

4) If you're pro-war, you must enlist in the army to make your vote count.

5) Literacy tests : if you don't know the issues and fail the test, your vote is turned into a paper airplane and slammed into a trash can.

6) All PACs lobbying on behalf of foreign governments are outlawed. No dual-citizenship with any country, particularly those whose name starts with an "I" and ends with a "srael."

7) If you're an evangelical(who may or may not like a backrub from poofters for hire) trying to trigger armageddon by funding terrorist states and illegal settlements, you're barred from voting for 5 years and raptured straight to Gitmo. Halleluyah indeed.

8) Standardized salaries for all politicians(48k per year before taxes sounds reasonable). No pay raises.

9) If you oppose stem cell research, you don't get to vote and your health care is revoked, followed by a complimentary beating from Michael J. Fox. Pro-life = Pro-stem cell research.

10) ....and finally, if you weigh over 300lbs get on my diet plan or we raise your taxes.

11) Oh, and if you're a slapstick "Muslims for Obama" type, you deserve to be slapped hard with a hot buttery nan, followed by a cold humus pie.


Vigilante said...

Whad-ya-git if you're a Muslim-for-Clinton-or-McCain?

DrMaxtor said...

Hey Vigil, long time no see,

If you're a Muslim-for-McCain, you get an expenses paid one way trip to Gitmo, part of the waterboard deluxe package.

If you're a Muslim-got-Hillary, you get a lot touchy feely photo ops, but end up getting screwed anyway.

Vigilante said...

Yeah, but which would be worse?

Vigilante said...

I come here for spiritual guidance. But all I get is parables?

DrMaxtor said...

I don't know man, I'm just tired of picking the "lesser of evils." I see little difference between McCain and Hillary. Obama might be a fresh new charismatic face, but I just don't find him convincing. I know its election year, and a lot of people are excited and fired up but politicians are politicians. Maybe I'm getting old and cynical.
As far as spiritual guidance, check out this gem :

I will embed it in my next post.

Vigilante said...

3+ hours of truth? Going forward I'll be more careful about what I ask for!

DrMaxtor said...

Fear not, Vigil. lol! Its actually 3 lectures in one file. It'll be worth your time, I can assure you of that.