Thursday, January 24, 2008

Quick round up

The Palestinians of Gaza have smashed through the judeofascist blockade, alhamdulilah.
The tenaciousness of these people is an inspiration to the Ummah. Bring the rest of that damn wall down!
Now was this really about "rocket attacks" or the discovery of natural gas reserves of at least 1.3 trillion cubic meters beneath Gazan territorial waters? Read about it here.

An ex-IDF memebr has been arrested in Brazil on suspicion of belonging to an international human kidney trafficking ring.

PMUNA dissects the neo-orientalist themes of the "Kite Runner."

"Freedom of speech" has been set back again thanks to the usual suspects, as Arun Gandhi pays the price for speaking the truth. Don't look for any manufactured "outrage" by European papers or anything like that.

Speaking of judeofascism, thousands of Israelis, including IDF crackheads and assorted junkies have moved to India. This article claims its to escape the daily grind of life in Israel. I guess they're getting bored of killing Palestinian woman and children. I don't believe they're in India just to smoke the good ol' cheap herb and feel the funky vibes of pseudo-spirituality.
Word of advice, Shlomos, India has the largest population of Muslims on the planet(not Indonesia or Pakistan), mess with the brothers there and they wont find enough DNA to scrape for a match.

For more on the relations between the Hindutva fascists and Israelis, get this indispensable book. "Namaste Sharon" is required reading for anyone seeking to understand this disturbing relationship. Sunaina Maira does an excellent synopsis here.
Buy this book, its only 4 bucks, you cheap skates.

Last, but certainly not least, the righteous Reverend Jim Sutter of Hatewatch Hall of Shame strikes again, this time with a truly exhaustive series of reports on the usual suspects. Ever wonder who funds the likes of Horowitz and Spencer? Heres the answer! Take a bow,'ve earned it.

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