Sunday, January 13, 2008

The 15 year Muslim hero who foiled the Maldives assassination attempt

Notice that the media had not played up the religion of 15-year-old Boy Scout Mohammed Jaisham Ibrahim. He saved the president of Maldives by grabbing the attackers knife.
Why is it when a Muslim commits a crime that Islam is blamed, yet a heroic act isn't? You know how hard it was to find this kid's picture? Of course it would be stupid at this stage to expect any form of professionalism from media elites.
I'm working on a post about honor killings, which the usual suspects claim is an Islamic custom. I will demonstrate that not only is "honor killing" a global problem, but one which is very common amongst non-Muslims, particularly westerners. In fact, I will go as far as to say the "honor killings" are as American as apple pie. That should be provocative enough. Its time to set the record straight, and reclaim the discourse by the horns, and other areas if necessary.
In the meantime I would urge fellow bloggers to distribute this young man's picture on their blogs.


JDsg said...

To be honest, I wouldn't expect the press to play up the fact that the kid's Muslim in this particular story. The native population of the Maldives are about 99.9% Muslim (as is every person from the Maldives whom I've met, which is quite a few actually).

Still, good for the kid. Alhamdulillah!

Isha' said...

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For All Women Foundation said...

I've worked on dishonor killings for years and recently wrote a book about them. While I agree with you that they are un-Islamic, I will be very interested to see how you show, using credible sources and empirical data, that they are as American as apple pie. There is simply no evidence of that, and plenty of evidence that they have their origins in misinterpretations of pre-Islamic Arab tribal codes.

Ellen R. Sheeley, Author
"Reclaiming Honor in Jordan"

Uther said...

Dear Ellen:
Jordan is a piece of S--T country run by agents of the West. More American women get killed by a jealous spouse or boyfriend then all the"Honor" killings in the world. Frankly, if you meet some of the "trouble" making women from the Middle-East, I can see where that concept can be useful.

DrMaxtor said...

Jazakallah Khair, JD. Spot on as usual. Uther, you need to take a chill pill.
Ms.Sheeley, I strongly believe that the reason behind the interest in "honor killings" is politics, not altruism. Perhaps if you had extended the scope of your research beyond Jordan, you would have found the same problem exists in Hindu, Sikh, Parsi and Christian communities. It has nothing to do with Islam.
I also find it rather patronizing that you go by the "for all woman foundation" handle. A tad bit orientalistic, but suit yourself. The dirty secret is that "honor killings" are far more common and an integral part of western society. It should be an interesting post. Wait and see.

Azmyst said...

The kid who saved the President was Muslim but so was the kid who was trying to kill the President. Maldives is a majority Muslim country so the subject of religion didn't even enter the picture as far as the assassination attempt was concerned. It's very easy to find a picture of the kid if you had looked up the online news sites from Maldives. for example.

lwtc247 said...

@ Azmyst

Yes, I agree it is VERY easy to find a pic of the kid, as it is with EVERYTHING - if you know where to find it that is. For example, report of links between various members the BuSh family and pedophiles are easy to find (, and that the strongest assertion lies with the Dr. David Kelly being murdered and not that he committed suicide. (Why I believe David Kelly's death may have been murder, by MP - - the Daily Mail, and - video) and so on.

Noted is your point that the assailant was probably a Muslim too and also noted is Dr M's statement "when a Muslim commits a crime that Islam is blamed" QED - some might say.

Fugstar said...

Dr M, in the UK the story did get some coverage in the print media.

but to your standard and lovable paranoia of 'why didnt they say he was muslim 5 billion times'.


sometimes self reinforcing logics are a bummer dude. im just putting that one down there.

DrMaxtor said...

5 billion times, fugstar? A little loose with the Red Bull tonight? My point is that a Muslim's religious identity is stressed over, and over again regardless of his, or her name when a negative story hits the front page.
Paranoia? I think not, just a distinct lack of standards in what passes for journalism these days.

dawaholic said...

Hi Dr.M

Some info on domestic abuse in America, might be useful for you...(found on forum)

Abuse In America

* 4 million American women experience a serious assault by a partner during an average 12-month period. 1

On the average, more than three women are murdered by their husbands or boyfriends every day.2

92% of women say that reducing domestic violence and sexual assault should be at the top of any formal efforts taken on behalf of women today.3

1 out of 3 women around the world has been beaten, coerced into sex or otherwise abused during her lifetime.4

1 in 5 female high school students reports being physically and/or sexually abused by a dating partner. Abused girls are significantly more likely to get involved in other risky behaviors. They are 4 to 6 times more likely to get pregnant and 8 to 9 times more likely to have tried to commit suicide.4

1 in 3 teens report knowing a friend or peer who has been hit, punched, slapped, choked or physically hurt by his/her partner.5

Women of all races are equally vulnerable to violence by an intimate partner.6

37% of all women who sought care in hospital emergency rooms for violence–related injuries were injured by a current or former spouse, boyfriend or girlfriend.7

Some estimates say almost 1 million incidents of violence occur against a current or former spouse, boyfriend or girlfriend per year. 8

For 30% of women who experience abuse, the first incident occurs during pregnancy.9

As many as 324,000 women each year experience intimate partner violence during their pregnancy. 10

Violence against women costs companies $72.8 million annually due to lost productivity.11

74% of employed battered women were harassed by their partner while they were at work.12

Ninety-four percent of the offenders in murder-suicides were male.13

Seventy-four percent of all murder-suicides involved an intimate partner(spouse, common-law spouse, ex-spouse, or boyfriend/girlfriend). Of these, 96 percent were females killed by their intimate partners.13

Most murder-suicides with three or more victims involved a "family annihilator" -- a subcategory of intimate partner murder-suicide.Family annihilators are murderers who kill not only their wives/girlfriends and children, but often other family members as well,before killing themselves.13

Seventy-five percent of murder-suicides occurred in the home.13

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