Thursday, January 24, 2008

Quick round up

The Palestinians of Gaza have smashed through the judeofascist blockade, alhamdulilah.
The tenaciousness of these people is an inspiration to the Ummah. Bring the rest of that damn wall down!
Now was this really about "rocket attacks" or the discovery of natural gas reserves of at least 1.3 trillion cubic meters beneath Gazan territorial waters? Read about it here.

An ex-IDF memebr has been arrested in Brazil on suspicion of belonging to an international human kidney trafficking ring.

PMUNA dissects the neo-orientalist themes of the "Kite Runner."

"Freedom of speech" has been set back again thanks to the usual suspects, as Arun Gandhi pays the price for speaking the truth. Don't look for any manufactured "outrage" by European papers or anything like that.

Speaking of judeofascism, thousands of Israelis, including IDF crackheads and assorted junkies have moved to India. This article claims its to escape the daily grind of life in Israel. I guess they're getting bored of killing Palestinian woman and children. I don't believe they're in India just to smoke the good ol' cheap herb and feel the funky vibes of pseudo-spirituality.
Word of advice, Shlomos, India has the largest population of Muslims on the planet(not Indonesia or Pakistan), mess with the brothers there and they wont find enough DNA to scrape for a match.

For more on the relations between the Hindutva fascists and Israelis, get this indispensable book. "Namaste Sharon" is required reading for anyone seeking to understand this disturbing relationship. Sunaina Maira does an excellent synopsis here.
Buy this book, its only 4 bucks, you cheap skates.

Last, but certainly not least, the righteous Reverend Jim Sutter of Hatewatch Hall of Shame strikes again, this time with a truly exhaustive series of reports on the usual suspects. Ever wonder who funds the likes of Horowitz and Spencer? Heres the answer! Take a bow,'ve earned it.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Bird brain and bird...

"How much you think I can get for this bling?"

Bahraini welcoming committee

"You had me scared for a second, I thought it was a book!"

Sunday, January 13, 2008

The 15 year Muslim hero who foiled the Maldives assassination attempt

Notice that the media had not played up the religion of 15-year-old Boy Scout Mohammed Jaisham Ibrahim. He saved the president of Maldives by grabbing the attackers knife.
Why is it when a Muslim commits a crime that Islam is blamed, yet a heroic act isn't? You know how hard it was to find this kid's picture? Of course it would be stupid at this stage to expect any form of professionalism from media elites.
I'm working on a post about honor killings, which the usual suspects claim is an Islamic custom. I will demonstrate that not only is "honor killing" a global problem, but one which is very common amongst non-Muslims, particularly westerners. In fact, I will go as far as to say the "honor killings" are as American as apple pie. That should be provocative enough. Its time to set the record straight, and reclaim the discourse by the horns, and other areas if necessary.
In the meantime I would urge fellow bloggers to distribute this young man's picture on their blogs.

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

The need for Self Respect

Apologies for the lack of posting but life happens. One of the more disturbing things I've noted in the Muslim blogosphere is the rush to issue what I call an "instant condemnation." Now lets be clear on this, we all condemn acts of terrorism no matter who does it. That being said, I don't see the reason or need to give an "explanation" every time something happens in some part of the Muslim world, and by anxiously jumping the gun we're taking responsibility for actions which have nothing to do with us or our deen, and beyond our control.
I refuse to march in lockstep for the convenience of others, and if you're too incompetent, ignorant and afraid to understand interpret world events outside of pre-conditioned black and white media paradigms, thats your problem. Its not my job to sugar coat the reality of the world we live in. This is not an angry rant or a rejection of da'wa efforts, but its time Muslims started to show some dignity, self-respect and emotional maturity. Theres no need to put on a minstrel show for anybody. If you're a judeofascist or shabbos goy, trust me, I will never appease you and intend to be a thorn in your side. Thats just the way I roll.
Nor should we react to an event unless we have all the facts. If a deranged father kills his daughter in Canada, theres no need to offer some inept thesis on "Islamic reform" and some honor killing(which is nothing more then a fancy orientalistic term for ethnisizing domestic violence in Eastern communities) conspiracy theory. Tell that obese, punjabi, misanthrope Tarek Fatah and his fellow neocon bastards to shut their behinds up before using the murder of a young woman to push their own political agenda. I will not comment on the Aqsa Pervez case until the full facts are in.
Then comes the crocodile tear factory for feudal princess Benazir Bhutto from the usual suspects. Reading the papers, one wonders if we are talking about the same person. The fact is that her entire record consisting of widespread corruption, murder and torture(kufi tip : Indigo Jo) has been totally white washed for a fantasy Hollywood scenario of being a "brave, courageous woman who gave her life for democracy" in Pakistan. My only regret is that Benazir was not tried for her crimes and thrown in the slammer along with Musharraf, Altaf Hussein, and her husband with the key thrown away. Too bad that some of us have memories which go beyond 2 weeks, and wont shed crocodile tears for the photogenic puppet progeny of mafioso style political crime families. Lets condemn the violence but refrain from ignoring the record.

PS - There was no "top 10 pro-regressive Moslim idiot list" for 2007 simply because that bowel movement disintegrated faster then the pog craze. Don't get me wrong, the gutter snipes are still out there and have sought shelter amongst the usual suspects...but are no longer a factor in the Muslim community(but I'm still watching you T-Fat). I might do a piece of third rate Arab elitist bloggers aka "Uncle Tamers" pretending to be harbingers of "democracy," so any suggestions would be appreciated.