Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Pat Robertson endorses Adolf Giuliani

Thats right, Robertson is endorsing the candidate who is pro-abortion, pro-gay marriage, and has a disturbing habit of dressing in drag. Guess he's been drinking that "miracle shake" which allows Robertson to bench press two thousand pounds.

Clear evidence that the "Christian Right" is just another political group of charlatans using religion to gain power. The things which armagedonists will do for the Rapture acid trip. Meanwhile I'm going to drink the "miracle shake" and attempt to leg press a Volkswagen Beetle with 3 shlomos inside.

Trying too hard you think?


Kashmiri Nomad said...

Dr. M are you supporting Ron Paul for 2008 ?

DrMaxtor said...

Too early to say, K.N. Ron Paul is the only one I've seen making any sense. However, politicians are caution is best advised.

Kashmiri Nomad said...

As far as I tell he is the best of all the candidates so far. I hope he wins in 2008