Thursday, October 18, 2007

Shabbos Goy Awareness Week, Day 4

More fun as our marathon continues...

Irshad Manji
Ah...where do I start with Irshad Manji? Lets start with the general statement that Manji has no credibility whatsoever, she's yet another anti-Arab, anti-Muslim fraudster on the zionist payroll. Thats the cliffnote version.
Manji is the original rent-a-reformer who shot to fame after 9/11, publishing a pathetic, sophomoric, polemical screed against the Islamic world. She's been rolling in the benjamins ever since, and knows what to say and when to say it for maximum effect($7000 per appearance last I heard).
Manji breaks down very quickly when placed in a neutral setting where she can't BS her way around the tough questions. Her debacle on Democracy Now with Asad Abu-Khalil is proof of this. Thats why you won't see her debating anyone, pretty funny considering how she claims there is no debate in Muslim circles.
But Manji is much, much more then just another sloppy sycophant. She is NOT a Muslim, nor has she ever been a Muslim. She comes from an Ismaili family, and even by their standards is not a follower of their doctrine. Their kalima is different. They don’t pray five times a day. 98% don’t fast during Ramadan and they don’t have the 2.5% zakat system. They offer alms only to Ismailis and their causes and they don’t go on Haj. Manji is very shady about this aspect of her background, I remember reading an interview where she flat out lied by saying theat Ismailis are merely an "entrepreneurial class." Even more laughable is her referral to herself as a "refusenik" or calling for ijtihad without even understanding a word of the Arabic language. Who wouldn't want "scholars" like these?
But it wasn't always like this. Before 9/11, the most extensive exposure Manji got was by fainting during the weather report. She was never a spiritual person, with zero interest in religion, scarred by abuse from a dysfuctional family. 9/11 happens, and all a sudden she's ready to "reform" Islam and take on the big bad Muslims. Not only that, Manji is a hardcore zionist thanks to her judeofascist lesbian "partner." But the plot thickens even more, Manji supports the war against Iraq and and pretty much anything her judeofascist benefactors do. Even our good friend T-Fat(a former collaborator of hers) can't stand the lying brown hedgehog(she makes more money then he does).
With self-righteous arrogance and the goofy smirk on that hideous mug of hers, Manji will continue to make her living through idiots, malicious and ignorant at the behest of the usual suspects. Not that she has any shame, principles or character to do otherwise, but trust us Irshad, we know you're a good shabbos goy, who'll be promptly discarded once you've outlived your usefulness.
Is that Norma Khoury I hear in the background?

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Anonymous said...

Wasn't the infamous "Mad Caliph" of Egypt (whose persecution of Christians was the main pretext for the Crusades) an Ismaili?

DrMaxtor said...

Yeah he was an Ismaili from the Fatamid dynasty, George. In all fairness, he was a lunatic and saw himself as God incarnate, which was rejected by most Ismaili.
Not that Roman Catholic Church cared, as they saw his actions an excuse to launch the Crusades to expand their influence and counter that of the Eastern Orthodox Church.

Safia speaks said...

Thanks for putting background info on Manji; islamilis are not considered muslims but munafequun. Then why has Manji so much need to present herself as a Muslim?

A said...

Irshad Manji is not an Ismaili. Please get your facts right.

In any case, your prejudice against Ismailis is troubling. With the Amman Declaration in 2005, a major initiative was taken by Muslim scholars and emissaries across the world affirming the diversity of Muslim traditions of law and worship. Your erroneous generalisations are tied to ignorance.

DrMaxtor said...

Wrong on all counts, "A," Manji is of Indian Ismaili extraction. If you did your homework you would have known she admitted to being so. Of course she lied and claimed that Ismailis are a "business sect of Islam." To rightly point out that Islam and Ismaili beliefs are different is not prejudice, its simple fact. The Ismaili d'Kalima' (Testimony) is: "Ashhado an la ilaha il-Allaho wa ashhado anna Muhammad-ur-Rasool-Ullahe wa ashhado anna Ameer-ul-Momineen Ali-Ullah (i.e. I testify that there is no god except Allah and I testify that Muhammad is Allah's Messenger and I testify that ALI IS ALLAH = H.H. The Aga Khan. This is shirk.
Muslims follow the Quran and Sunnah of the Prophet(s.a.w.) not Aga Khan or some bogus "Amman declaration" rubber stamped by a western client regime dictator. Diversity of belief does not include shirk. We have our belief, they have theirs.
Now instead of wasting my time why don't you try and refute the evidence against Manji? No? I didn't think so.

slaman said...

DrMaxtor - Your ignorance is pretty shocking. Islam is pluralistic, and just because you may consider another sect contrary to your personal beliefs and interpretations, does not make that sect "non-Muslim" from a sociological and theological point of view. As a "Dr", you should have at least a basic understanding of academia.

Your factual inaccuracies of Ismailism aside, Irshad Manji is not Ismaili.

Pretty unintelligent blog posting...

DrMaxtor said...


You're very late to the party, my misguided friend. This post is about Irshad Manji, not Ismailis. Guess you can't read to well or analyze the information.
Irshad Manji is indeed from an Ismaili background, but she is in reality an atheist. This I really don't care, BUT Manji has no business pretending to be a Muslim spokesperson. She has lied numerous times about Islam. She even claimed in an interview that Ismailis are a "business" sect of Islam. Pluralism in Islam does not include making up your own aqueeda, breaking the commandments of Allah(swt), not to mention being political prostitute for Zionist terrorists.
Don't waste my time with your ignorance. Put on your thinking cap and stop living in Disney Land. You've got years of research and homework to do before lecturing anyone on academia, with a liberal dash of honesty.

AJ said...

Irshad Manji has confirmed on her blog site that she is not Ismaili. See where she answers:

Are you Ismaili?

No, but I stand shoulder-to-shoulder with my Ismaili sisters and brothers who seek to restore reason and humanity to the practise of Islam.

DrMaxtor said...


Yawn. The only thing Manji has confirmed over the years is that she's a fraud cashing in on 9/11. She's denying it because Ismailis aren't Muslims. Just like she lied that Ismailis are a "business class" of Islam. The long list of lies and fabrications go on and on.
Are you Ismaili, AJ? What do you know about the Ismailis and their aqueedah? Not much I reckon. They are free to believe what they want, but they do not practice Islam, and no amount your denials can change that fact.
So what else do you believe about from your precious Manji? That "israel" is not at fault, that the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are awesome? You call that reason and humanity? More like gullibility, crass opportunism and a desire to serve and facilitate Anglo-American hegemony.
Get back to me when you've learned some critical reasoning instead of falling for the BS like a predictable useful idiot.

samra said...

I would just like to say, You sir, are awesome.

steve button said...

Me too...

noorjahan virani said...

dr maxtor... I am an ismaili and yes i am a proud have claimed that we dont practice islam....yes we do

1. ismailis pray 3 times a day (note the quran says pray three time it does not says five time)
2. we pay zakhat its 12.5 percent yes we prefer to give our zakat to our hazir imam who distributes it to all people and if you deny this then you need to reannalyze

3. i keep roza

4. i believe in hajj i do it everyday to my prayer house

5. our shahida you make me laugh at your translation of it you said

Ashhado an la ilaha il-Allaho wa ashhado anna Muhammad-ur-Rasool-Ullahe wa ashhado anna Ameer-ul-Momineen Ali-Ullah (i.e. I testify that there is no god except Allah and I testify that Muhammad is Allah's Messenger and I testify that ALI IS ALLAH

most translation is right besides ameer-ul-ul-momineen....this does not mean ali is allah but it means ALI is the commander of muslims

DrMaxtor said...


Where in the Qur'an does it state praying 3 times a day? Hajj at your "prayer house." Where do you 12.5% zakat figure from? What in the heck is a "Hazir Imam"? The rest of your attempted rant is laughable. Ismailis are making it up as they go along. Islam comes Allah(swt) through his Prophet(saw). It's you Ismailis who need to reanalyze your deviant beliefs.