Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Shabbos Goy Awareness Week, Day 3

This ones going to be short.

Rick Santorum
Radical Rick Santorum was at one time one of the most dangerous lunatics in the US Senate. These days the former Pennsylvania senator can be found in various neocon puddles(pictured here happily taking orders from the usual suspects). He's currently on Horowitz's payroll for next week's anti-Muslim event.
So just how extreme is Santorum? He's wrong on every issue. No exceptions. This guy is such a fanatic he makes Giuliani appear sane. Almost. His rap sheet is way too long to get into, so I'll just focus on his most infamous moments.
Santorum worked tirelessly on limiting womans access to reproductive care. Now, I'm no fan of abortion but know that its not a black and white issue and needs to be looked at in a non-political context. Not Santorum, who went as far as taking his premature son home, showing it off and sleeping with the dead child, and returning it to the hospital the next day. Sounds like Jerry Springer material, but it wasn't enough to get him re-elected in 2006.
Now one thing which has always confused me is how pro-war these "pro-life" nuts are. Santorum has been an unapologetic supporter of the war against Iraq, going so far as to falsely claim that WMDs were found :

But hey, this clown believes he's some sort of a crusader, which would explain why he and his wife are members of the radical Knights of Malta. Or perhaps its just his ties to oil companies. Katrina? Santorum blames the victims. Immigration? Dead against it despite being the son of an immigrant. The list goes on and on...I'm too disgusted by this shabbos goy to continue.

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