Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Shabbos Goy Awareness Week, Day 2

The party has just gotten started...

Walid Shoebat

Wacky Walid Shoebat is a formulatic sock puppet carted around by Israeli propaganda groups(seen here receiving instructions from his shlomo sugar daddy). His gimmick is that he's a former PLO "terrorist" who has seen the light. Or so he claims. Now he's just a mild mannered Armageddonist Evangelical anti-Islam loony eager for the Rapture acid trip. Essentially he's become a bigger terrorist, assuming that he started out that way. Let us not assume any further.
Now can someone explain to me why this shabbos goy isn't in prison? There are no statute of limitations on acts of terrorism, so why is he roaming around freely? Does switching sides invalidate one's crimes? Interesting how that works. He should be arrested and thrown behind bars. Watching Shoebat talk, the first thing one notices is that he hates Palestinians on a level which defies reason and crosses into the territory of sloppy propaganda("Palestinians mutilate Jews and sell their organs on a platter") . One top of that he can't keep his story straight. Lets take a closer look :

Notice the discrepancy about where and what he was taught in school. And now a remix, watch closely :

Apparently his memory is shaky about the explosion at the bank, or rather he forget the script. The inescapable conclusion is Walid Shoebat is lying, and I strongly doubt he was ever a Muslim(why would a supposed member of the Muslim brotherhood(when not in secular PLO mode) marry an evangelical Christian and convert?), or that he was involved in any terrorist acts. The only sources of these claims is Shoebat himself, and that isn't his real name either(says this is for his safety, yet $13000 per appearance is worth the risk, and thats not counting his "end of time" speeches).
If you thought the above 2 clips of this third rate Sean Connery wannabe were bad, check out this detailed 9 part series exposing Shoebat's lies in full.

If you haven't thrown up yet, you will by the time you've gone through parts 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9.
Oh but theres more :
Shoebat - Phony terrorist
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