Sunday, October 14, 2007

Shabbos Goy Awareness Week, Day 1

I've decided to break Judeofascist Awareness Week into a two week affair, the first one focusing their shabbos goy lackeys, the other focusing on the hardcore judeofascists themselves. A "shabbos goy" is a gentile(non-Jew) employed in a Jewish household or synagogue on the Sabbath-day to perform services which are religiously forbidden to Jews on that day. Strict interpretation of Judaic Law prohibits even this. I will be using this term to describe those gentile charlatans who have been bought and paid for by judeofascists. MSA's are going to conduct a proactive "Peace, not Prejudice" campaign during the anti-Muslim propaganda week by the usual suspects. I believe a more direct approach is in order. The only way to deal with these criminal sycophant bigots is to expose them for what they really are. On to the festivities :

Brigitte Gabriel
Who is Brigitte Gabriel? Chances are you've seen this vulgar, viper faced propagandist on FOX or some other organ of state media acting out her hatred of all things Muslim.
But Brigitte is special. She has the distinction of belonging to the ONLY group of people in the Middle East who openly expressed their admiration and support for Nazism and Fascism : Maronite Christians. This made them natural allies with Israel, which gladly used their services(massacring civilians at Sabra and Shatila, under the watchful eye of Ariel Sharon) during the Lebanese civil war and the subsequent Israeli occupation of that country. They aren't called Phalange for nothing. Given that there is no honor amongst thieves, the Israelis abandoned their proxies after being kicked out of Lebanon. Left without a patron and faced with a population eager to settle more then a few scores for their treachery, many turned tail and rain. Thats where Brigitte's story begins.

Brigitte burst onto the scene post 9/11 like many opportunists oh so eager to cash in. Putting together a one man zionist hackjob called the "American Congress for Truth" and pretending to be an "expert" on Middle Eastern affairs, blatantly parroting Israeli propaganda. Much like WorldNutDaily founder Joe Farah, a disciple of the Falwell school of Rapture acid trip radicalism, Brigitte hates Islam and openly supports the murder of Muslims, anytime and anywhere. She justifies this by claiming to have lived "under Islam" during the Lebanese civil war(obscuring its causes, the main one being the Maronite aggressive attempts to preserve their shrinking demographic) , only to have been gallantly "rescued" by the Israeli occupiers who supposedly patched her up(not to well from the looks of things). Thats after eating grass and crawling under sniper bullets to get water from a spring for seven years, or so she says. She claims even to have drank her own blood. What is this, Fear Factor?! Sounds like fiction cobbled together by a bad hollywood writer, and given the lack of any evidence to corroborate her shrill flights of fancy, it should be treated as such. Like all shabbos goy(or shiksa in this case), Brigitte has a lame book out, making appearances on various neocon minstrel shows(without any opposition view point ofcourse) and working for zionist groups like the "Jewish National Fund" which actively steals and leases Palestinian lands to jews only. Its only natural that a shallow, lying harpy of Brigitte Gabriel's non-talents would be a "speaker" for Horowitz's anti-Muslim propaganda week.

Chances are if you met some jackball calling themselves "Phoenicians," you're dealing with a Maronite who is trying to insult your intelligence by using an antiquated term circa 1200 BC. Some of these idiots have convinced themselves that they are secular Europeans conceived in a test tube at the French Riviera. These days, they're divided and bickering amongst themselves trying to maintain some semblance of relevance in the joke that is Lebanese politics. Either that or they're blowing each other up and blaming the Syrians for it. Did I mention that Brigitte congratulated Israel for its terrorism against Lebanon last year? Lebanon pulled her citizenship, not that she cares, making her shekels here, trying to ward off the effects of time and gravity.

Favorite Quote : "The difference, my friends, between Israel and the Arab world is the difference between civilization and barbarism. It's the difference between good and evil [applause].... this is what we're witnessing in the Arabic world, They have no SOUL !, they are dead set on killing and destruction. And in the name of something they call "Allah" which is very different from the God we believe....[applause] because our God is the God of love." - Bridgette Gabriel, crazy as cat sh*t at CUFI 2007.

I don't know which college campus this fascist loon will be at, but do give her a "lovely" reception(ask tough questions even though her zionist handlers will try to filter those out).

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Fatima said...

"Brigitte....openly supports the murder of Muslims, anytime and anywhere..."

What is your source for this allegation?

DrMaxtor said...

Just do a search on her, Fatima. Her vitriol won't leave much room for interpretation.

Sylvestercat said...

I saw her on Bill Maher's show. She accurately described Islamic racism as it presents today. She is a hero.

DrMaxtor said...

"Sylvestercat," you won't ever catch Tweety if you waste your time on Mahr and Gabriel, both anti-Arab, and Anti-Muslim Zionist propagandists and racists.
That being said, there is no such thing as "Islamic racism."

Sylvestercat said...


I would not call her a Zionists merely because she is a Christian Arab who witness to brutality of her Muslim countrymen in Lebanon. As far as there being no such thing as "Islamic racism," it begs the question of what is meant when a Muslim screams "infidel" and treats other as dhimmis. Seems like racism and bigotry to me.

DrMaxtor said...

I'm afraid you're being intentionally clueless, slyvestercat. Only someone blinder then a bat would see a racist propagandist like Brigitte Gabriel as credible. Reread the post if it didn't sink in the first time.
Gabrielle is a militant Maronite Christian, a Phalangist, the only group in the Middle East which takes its cues from the examples set forth by Hitler and Mussolini. They have some very odd racial superiority complex thinking they're Europeans. She IS a Zionist and all too open about it. Her animus towards Islam comes from the defeat of mass murdering Maronite collaborators of Israel during their invasion and occupation of Lebanon. Its a testament to the good will of the Muslims that they didn't exterminate the Maronites for their betrayal.
The term "infidel" is a western construct out of the Bible, not an Islamic one, and a dhimmi are those non-Muslims who have signed a security agreement with the Muslims, left alone to practice their faith and live in peace. A record unmatched in tolerance.
Its high time you leave the insane rantings and paranoia of "jihadwatch" aka Jewhad watch, and consult a proper history book. That is, if you are sincere and honest in your pursuit of knowledge.

Sylvestercat said...


You say: "Its a testament to the good will of the Muslims that they didn't exterminate the Maronites for their betrayal." Now, if that is not a Islamic racist sentiment, it is hard to imagine what would be. How about: Its a testament to the good will of the Jewish Israelis that they didn't exterminate the Arab Israelis for their betrayal.

You only see one side. The Muslims did slaughter the Maronites, and Sabra and Shatila were payback for those pogroms. All such pogroms should be condemned, not just those committed against Muslims. In fact, even those committed by Muslims. Yet you speak of the decision not to extrerminate a people as "good will." WoW!

DrMaxtor said...

Wrong again, "sylvestorcat." You're entitled to your own ficticious views, but not your own facts. I'm one sided and you're not? I'm supposed to take someone who tells me Brigitte Gabriel isn't a Zionist seriously? What I've put forth are facts, not horse manure dreampt up on Geehad Watch and other outlets of paranoid zionist racism. So you're a zionist..what a surprise, judeofascists and shabbos goyim are virtually indistinguishable these days. So you justify the massacre of Palestinian woman and children in Sabra and Shattila, all refugees who never attacked a single Maronite. You're one sick puppy. You'd get thrown out of any academic institution for such a patheitc whitewash. Almost as laughable and non-existant as "israel's" tolerance. You'd be out of your depth in a parking lot puddle.
The problem with the Maronites in Lebanon is their belief that they represent the West in lebanon in some delusional way, that they could've built Rome or Paris if they really wanted to,or even invented the first internal combustion engine.
Their inability to perceive their tribalism, sectarian thinking, functional illiteracy and the horror of giving us to choose between 2 mass murderers such as Gemayel and Aoun just demonstrates their inability to learn from the past or bring to justice all the warlords that have ruled the country for 30 years. And yes I do wonder why genocidal Phalangist manaics who model themselves after Hitler's Nazism and Mussolini's Fascism are allowed to roam free in Lebanon.
Let me elaborate on what I had said earlier, stop brushing your teeth with Robert Spencer's excrement and pick up a real history book.

Macayla said...

Dr. Maxtor, you tell selvestercat to read a history book, yet you inaccurately "quote" from Brigette's book....did you even read it? Or are you just regurgitating the information you read from the internet? I did read it, and I don't recall her ever stating that she had to drink her own blood; her own urine, yes, but not blood. I can't imagine being able to obtain enough blood from your body to drink it, without doing more harm to your body than good. I do like how your favorite quote is a very popular quote, that can be found all over the internet. I guess you couldn't be bothered with doing the research yourself.
"Brigitte....openly supports the murder of Muslims, anytime and anywhere...", I too would like to know your sources for this accusation?
You also say that Brigette congratulated Israel on it's terrorism against Lebanon in 2006. This "2nd" Lebanon war lasted for less than one month, a drop in the bucket when compared to the decades that the Muslims held Lebanon in their grasp. You say that innocent women and children were killed? You are right, it's estimated that in 2006, in Lebanon, 43 Israeli civilians and 800 Lebanonese civilians were killed. The Sabra and Shatila massacre, which only lasted 2 days, has an estimated death toll of 328 to 3,500. You want to compare this to the estimated 130,00-250,000 civilians killed during the Palestinian reign from 1975-1990? Good luck with that.
You're trying to paint the Israeli's as the enemy, when they are the one's who opened their hospitals during the first Lebanese war, to Muslims as well as Christians. It's people like you, who try to skew and water-down the beliefs of a people who hate.
In the Qu'ran 5:51 it states "O believers, do not take the Jews and the Christians as your friends and protectors, they are friends of each other. And whoever makes them a friend then he is from amongst them." This is clearly going against tolerance and what countries have worked so hard for in the past-equality and peace. If enough people distort the truth then their objective of changing history might be obtained....I hope for the world's sake, that people like you don't succeed.

DrMaxtor said...


Congratulations in being one of the few simpletons out there who bought her book. Nice try but no kosher tin foil hat for you. I'm afraid your comprehension skills are just as poor as sylvestorcat's, not to mention the blatant dishonesty of your post. Show me where I claimed to quote from her crappy book? You can't, I cited her nonsense from second paragraph of the following article :

Hanan Tudor(her real name) is a Maronite con artist in the service of zionist terrorists and propagandists. She has zero credibility just like the rest of "israel's" hirelings.
But you protest : No DrM! "israel" built hospitals(primarily for its own occupation sources). Yeah after invading and occupying Lebanon, killing hundreds of thousands of it's civilians and destroying the Lebanon's infrastructure. This was done to expand "israel's" territory and create a Christian buffer state as Ben Gurion always wanted. Of course no one with a brain cell believes "israel" invaded Lebanon to build hospitals(which they already had) anymore then the US went into Iraq to find WMDs.
And really, just where are you getting your BS numbers on the Sabra and Shatilla massacres from numbers from? 328?! Alan Dershowitz's droppings? You must be incredibly naive and stupid or just a deluded Evangelical Armageddonist nutjob or criminal zionist shill to post such garbage.

And don't waste my time cutting and pasting passages from the Holy Qur'an without tafsir(commentary). An apologist for a judeofascism telling me about tolerance...that's funny. So why would I be allowed to marry a Jew or a Christian if I was prohibited from being their friend? Either that's a clear contradiction in the Holy Qur'an or you, like every other anti-Muslim idiot out there you misrepresented the verse. The prohibition is joining an aggressive military alliance with Jews and Christians when they are working together, just like today. I even have a video up clarifying this. What a surprise. Of course that's the difference between someone who cuts and pastes of Geehad Watch and someone who owns an actual Qur'an.
Not only will murderous Zionist terrorists and their shabbos goyim accomplices fail, but will be dealt with by God, most High.
Get back to me when you find those mythical Iraqi WMDs. In the mean time, take your 700 club/Hasbara crap and shove it.

Rejan said...

DrM, i cannot even begin to say how terrible this women is. ACT! for america has come to the university of central florida a few times, and they are the WORST of people.This is only a hint of what they said one day, too bad we couldnt catch the rest.

And Macayla, please dont just cut and paste out of the Quran, thats exactly what these people in act for america do, its really messed up. JazakAllah Khairun

SolaChristo said...

There is a lot of false information here. The Muslim Brotherhood actively supported and fought alongside the nazis.
There will not be peace until Jesus Christ comes and judges the Mahdi and those who murder Christians and Jews.

DrMaxtor said...


Actually there is a lot of ACCURATE information here. The lies are coming from you as it is a documented fact that the only group Arabs who actively took inspiration from and sympathized with the Nazis and Fascists are Lebanese Maronite Christians. Zionist Jewish terrorist liars and their subservient Christian shabbos goyim servants aren't fooling anyone with their monstrous lies.
If I were you I wouldn't be anxious about Isa(a.s.), the blessed son of Mary coming back. When he comes back, he'll be a lion, not a lamb and will deal with you lot of charlatans in less then rosy ways. In short, unless you abandon the Zionism you'll be roasted extra crispy in Hell, and I'll be watching it live in Jannah with extra buttery popcorn.

BigBlue56160 said...

DrMaxtor... speaking of vitriolic, you are one sick lunatic. Please get some therapy for your narcissistic personality disorder. Unfortunately, there are no meds for that. Are you getting enough sleep at night?

DrMaxtor said...

@little boy blue,

Yawn, another day another hasbaRat. One of the meds for Zionist terrorist and their shabbos goy boot lickers I can think of is a polo mallet dipped in extra virgin olive oil. Cheaper and slower then a firing squad. When you can string together something remotely relevant, feel free to slither back for another stomping.