Saturday, October 27, 2007

Judeofascist Awareness Week, day 5

The "Young Americans for Freedom" aka "Young lily livered girl men who avoid military service,"are the college group of nazi idiots who helped facilitate Horowitz's failed anti-Muslim event, but also brought BNP fascist Nick Griffin along for the ride. Thats the same neo-nazi who doesn't believe in Hitlers gas chambers, and who has two pigs, one called "Anne" and another called "Frank" on his farm. White supremascists and Judeofascists united, a marriage made in heaven. Here's Kyle Bristow, the hitler youth reject responsible for bringing Griffin to campus, throw in an extra cowboy hat and they can have their little brokeback mountain moment. Did I mention that the YAF is supporting Tom Tancredo for President(currently making waves at 1% support)?

These well informed protesters weren't too pleased with Griffin's presence :

I guess the YAF wanted to hook up with the European throwbacks behind the "stop kufrophobia" event which attracted 12 people, all of them from the same defective family stump. Talk about paranoid, the mere presence of Muslims is a sign of "Islamization of Europe," for this nazi tribe of trifling truculent twits.
Can someone assign a life guard at the gene pool already? Seriously Europe, grow up, and stop blaming Muslims and immigrants for your problems. Get of state welfare, get competitive jobs, and fire up the ovens and erase your nazi vermin already.

Rita Katz
Yet another addition to the "terrorist hunter" racket. Rita Katz joins the likes of Steve Emerson, as the latest judeofascist out to rid the world of terrorism, and make a nice hefty profit while at it.
Qualifications? Israeli Ultra-zionist with nominal arabic skills, recruited by MEMRI. Ran a business manufacturing and selling clothes to the ultra-Orthodox Jews, a very handy skill when going "undercover" to pro-Palestinian demonstrations. Oh, and daddy was an Israeli spy who was executed by Iraqi authorities. She runs an outfit called the SITE Institute aka "Search for International Terrorist Entities," selling "monitoring services," faulty translations of Arabic media, and top secret information on terrorist websites and chat rooms(without links ofcourse) that not even the intelligence services have.
Very impressive, except that SITE hasn't contributed a thing to the capture of terrorists in its 5 years of existence. Instead they've targeted Muslim charities and organizations for the sole purpose of shutting them down. Oh, and theres the Blackwater connection too. One judeofascist conspiracy theory after. This is what clever criminals do, folks...they pretend to be crime fighters. Oh, and Rita, I've got a hot tip for you. According to my unnamed super secret sources at the Shlomo Institute of Manure Dispensation, Marvin the Martian has converted to Islam, and is now threatening to use his illudium Pu36 explosive space modulator on fake freedom lovers everywhere. Rabbi Yosemite Sam, recently recruited by the IDF is on his way.

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Joe Kaufman
Meet the Meir Kahane wannabe of the 21st century, southern Florida's most obnoxious judeofascist terrorism supporter, Joe Kaufman. Looking at his life, one realizes the wisdom of Roe v. Wade. He's the rodent behind "Americans against Hate," orwellian speak for "Israelis for hatred, bigotry and murder." Which makes perfect sense given his ties to jewish terrorist groups Kach and Kahane Chai. Oh yeah, he writes for Horowitz too.
Joey is a failed politician, a man-child marred by failure throughout his life with a compulsive inability to hold even the most mediocre of jobs. A judeofascist in the truest sense of the word, He's basically a younger and uglier version of the late jewish terrorist Irv Rubin(also a worthless, unemployed putz living at his mother-in-laws at the time of his arrest). A shlumoid con artist promoting lies and hatred against Arabs and Muslims in any way possible, including calls for nuclear terrorism. Even the notorious ADL keeps its distance from him.
Kaufman's extremism knows no bounds, nor has it gone unnoticed. One of the most prominent constitutional rights organizations, Americans United gave Kaufman the dreaded "Onion Award" for "his consistent record of trashing everything Muslim with a broad brush of innuendo, association and excessive rhetoric."

So what does Kaufman gain from all this, besides venting? Money, and lots of it. If you think you're being ripped off at the pump, wait till you see the "terror-free oil" zionist scam Kaufman is a spokesman for, claiming the oil isn't from the Middle East, when it really is. Notice the racist implication that if it comes from the Middle East, its synonymous with terrorism.

Current available at only one gas station in Omaha. How inspirational, I got an initiative of my own, I call it the Judeofascist Free Foreign Policy Initiative. Just rolls of the tongue beautifully.
Kaufman's other shenanigans include slandering every Muslim, Mosque, and Islamic organization in the country with fictitious charges of terrorism. But he's insists he's only against "radical Muslims." Considering that he sees any living, breathing Muslim as radical doesn't exactly inspire confidence in his disingenuous claims. CAIR, Keith Ellison, bloggers like Sister Danya of Sufistication fame have all been targetted by this vile filth. He doesn't even spare Muslim children, falsely claiming that they were going to "jihad camp." Thanks to death threats from his friends, the entire event was canceled.
This judeofascist degenerate makes it up as he goes along, here he is being busted for protesting the presence of Muslim families at Six flags, sponsored by ICNA. The charge? Terrorism? Why? Cause he said so. Proof? Nada

Notice the size of his group, with 5 shabbos goys. Not exactly stadium filing numbers. I'm utterly disgusted by this indescribably repugnant judeofascist and a depraved, cantankerously-caterwauling depravity of genetics. Chances are when the IRS catches up(and it will one day) with him, Kaufman will be on a one way trip to Israel, no doubt blaming that the Muslims, he so loves to hate and slander. Heres my advice to you Joey(and I know you're reading this because you don't have a job), America isn't Israel. Americans are not as stupid and gullible as you want to believe, they know who you work for and where your true loyalties lie. You can wear all the cheap 99 cent star spangled ties you want, but your vapid likudnik tactics only make the job of your opponents easier, exposing you further with each failed scam. If I ever see you, rest assured we are going to have one hell of a pork eating contest, with government cheese. Interpret that as you want, shlomo. Remember how terrorist Baruch Goldstein ended up? To the rest of the Judeofascist bagel boys, I'd like to thank you for making the past two weeks a spectacular success, I couldn't have done it without you bastards. Oh, and Muslims are here to stay, we're not going anywhere, and we're not scared of you. Knock yourself out with all the anti-Muslim attacks and provocations your little malicious minds can concoct. We will continue speaking the truth, exposing you at each and every turn, and that means many, many more "Judeofascist/Shabbos Goy Awareness Weeks"in the future. Rest assured, the best is yet to come.

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