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Judeofascist Awareness Week, day 4

Daniel Pipes
Meet the poster child for judeofascist trust fund babies, looking here like an unwashed Bollywood villian from the 1970s. To Muslims, and others with half a brain cell, he is widely regarded as one of the premiere Islamophobes in the US. Pipes is a failed academic, a man of little achievement, stature or credibility, and has always been a judeofascist, bypassing the whole neocon charade. He supported the Vietnam war, but for some unfathomable reason choose not to participate in it. Criminality runs in the family, daddy Pipes was a Polish communist who came to America and become a neocon(shocker), moved up the political ladder to become a "sovietologist" who advocated war with the then-Soviet Union. Thankfully no one took the old festering coot seriously and kicked him to back to academia.
Pipes jr. has a degree in history and a PhD in medieval Islamic history from Harvard. You'd think someone with those sort of credentials would be publishing academic papers and research and have no problem securing tenure. But no, despondent Danny languished in obscurity until the late 1970s when he saw in the hostage crisis in Iran an opportunity to become somebody. Marketting himself as expert on "militant Islam," "Islamists" and other equally bogus terms he cooked up. He's been wrong on every single issue ever since, everything from supporting Saddam Hussein in the 1980s to promoting academic McCarthyism.
Even with a new found purpose, Pipes was confined to the fringe and featured only in his own little "Middle East forum." The gimmick is simple, hatred of anything remotely Islamic, Muslim girl scouts, open masjid days, you name it, Pipes will attempt to smear as part of some conspiracy. In 1990 the National Review published his article “The Muslims are Coming! The Muslims are Coming!” where he warned that European societies are not prepared for “the massive immigration of brown-skinned peoples cooking strange foods and not exactly maintaining Germanic standards of hygiene. Not exactly the work of a scholar, but hey, this is a fear mongering judeofascist racist we're talking about here.
Pipes started getting some play after 9/11, peddling his conspiracy theories and hatred all over the media. Proving that he's a true judeofascist, Pipes set up "Campus watch" a McCarthyist vigilante thought police against against any college professor deemed not supportive enough of Israeli terrorism. With detailed dossiers, Pipes further encourages students to snitch on their professors. This guy would have made a great stasi officer. Racial profiling and sending Muslim Americans to concentration camps? Pipes is all for it, even giving the thumbs up to internment of Japanese Americans. I could go on and on, but I think you all get the idea. These days the poisonous schlumoid is an adviser to Rudy Giuliani, the presidential candidate all judeofascists are flocking to. This is a good thing, since it makes crystal clear who the fifth column fraternity of zionist criminals are, and what their true objective is. Hint : It starts with an "I" and ends with "sreal."

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Judeofascist Hate radio

So what happens to those likudniks who are even less talented then Pipes? They end up in the murky world of talk radio(when they're not spewing hatred on the Jewish World Review site, an online sewer infested with low grade schmucks). These are old, fat, ugly little prune faced, authoratarian judeofascist prima donnas who sit in a box all day fulminating like frothy mouthed poodles. We've all heard the clich├ęd canard about "hate preaching imams," so lets take a quick look at the real thing:

Michael Savage
Michael Weiner(his real name, which explains the adoption of "Savage") is the most extreme genocidal judeofascist lunatic on radio. This vile neocon weasel was abused as a child, a bully in school, a wannabe stand up comedian and a snake oil salesman always looking for a fast buck, whether through LSD or "herbs." His first wife says that she became pregnant twice and aborted both pregnancies. You know somethings wrong when your own wife prefers a coat hanger rather then bear your children.
Savage openly supports mass murder, including execution style killings of Iraqi civilians, and setting up a "defense fund" for war criminals responsible for the Haditha massacre. But thats nothing compared to his call for the killing of 100 million Muslims. Thats a lot of gusto for a Hitlerian subhumanite who dodged the draft. If gas chambers are ever back in fashion, I can't think of a better rodent then Savage to use as a test subject.

Michael Medved
Another racist neocon charlatan, this one used to be a film critic(someone without a real job). Theres not much to say on him except that he's got no character at all. Medved describes himself as "your cultural crusader on politics and pop culture," while suffering grandiose delusions of grandeur.
How utterly repugnant is this judeofascist? Well, he's bursting with some form of plantation romanticism when tell us : Hey black people, slavery wasn't so bad! Such words of how about a historical re-enactment in the Egyptian desert, Mike? I'll bring the whip.

Dennis Prager
Dennis Prager is the self declared moral czar of talk radio. Sort of like the male version of Dr. Laura(another hypocritical judeofascist). I dealt with this hack before on the subject of Congressman Keith Ellison's swearing in ceremony. Prager didn't want Ellison to use the Holy Qu'ran, claiming it was an act which would constitute a "threat to American civilization." Not that Prager has a problem with jewish officials swearing on the Torah, I suppose Ellison should have held his nose and gone with the hate filled tracts of the Talmud? How and what exactly Prager has contributed to "American civilization" except further dumbing down the idiots who listen to his show?
Before this fiasco he penned a lame article in the L.A. times titled the "5 (rhetorical)questions for the Muslim world." These were easily answered and refuted, but I had my own "5 questions" for him. Check out the first comment on this page by me.
Enjoy this clip of Prager getting a much needed civics lesson :

Chances are if Prager wasn't in America break dancing on Chabad telethons, he'd be in the occupied territories shooting Palestinian school children with his terrorist, jewish "settler" thug buddies.

Podhoretz in peril
Watch the grand wizard of neocon malignancy squirm

Thats what I call a warm reception, but did you hear that Podhoretz wrote an article in 1963 titled "my negro problem"? Hmm, lets see..."negro problems," slavery wasn't so bad," "unhygienic brown people with strange eating habits," calls for genocide. Is it me or are these bastards a bunch of unabashed racists...

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