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Judeofascist Awareness Week, day 3

We're just half way through, and already theres news that Horowitz's anti-Muslim pogrom is failing miserably. Remember those lofty claims about them showing up on 200 college campuses? Well, turns out its been drastically reduced to barely 26, thanks in no small part to the efforts of decent people(you're welcome).

Holocaust Denial
The Armenian genocide has been in the news lately, with Bush warning Congress not to recognize it effectively breaking his 2000 campaign pledge. The judeofascist ADL smear group recently fired one of its regional directors for calling on the organization to recognize it. Guess where in the Middle East is the mass murder of Armenians neither taught nor recognized? Israel. Why did Shimon Peres dismiss it "meaningless" while serving as Israel's foreign minister? Holocaust denial by a war criminal who ironically is a Nobel peace price recipient. Is this merely because of their close relations with Turkey, or is there something much more to this? I smell something very gefilte fishy.
Perhaps it has something to do with this, listen carefully to this excerpt from a special hosted by the Rev. Bedros Hajian :

Well, well, well, Zionists up to their usual subterfuge. Thats a lot of information to process, and I'm not sure I believe every single bit of it BUT it definitely sheds light and adds much needed historical context to the Armenian genocide, the true identity of the Young Turks who carried it out, and those trying to sweep it under the rug. We're not talking UFO conspiracy theories here. Crack open your history books and start reading people. Start with the Donmeh, and learn the true meaning of taqqiya.

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Gisele Littman
aka as Bat Ye'or. If a movie was ever made on Littman's life it would be titled "The Grudge." This judeofascists milhemet mitzvah(jewish holy war) against Islam has been in the making for the last 50 years. She's still angry at getting kicked out of Egypt back in 1957, poor she knows how Edward Said and millions of other Palestinians felt like. The major difference being that Littman's expulsion came about as a direct result of Israel's Operation Susannah. Doesn't ring a bell? Its better known as the Lavon affair. It was an Israeli terrorist attack(sanitized as "false flag") against British, American civilian targets in Egypt in the the summer of 1954, with the aim of setting the US up to declare war on Egypt(sound familiar?), thereby neutralizing Israel's biggest foe at the time. It didn't work. This was not the first time zionists had engaged in false flag attacks but the Egyptians were going to make sure it their last, and expelled the lot of them, including Bat Ye'or. Look at what former Arab zionist Naeim Giladi has to say about his part of in the zionist underground, and false flag terrorist attacks forcing jews to move to Israel.
The Israelis called this fiasco "the unfortunate affair" feigning regret, only to repeat the same thing again 13 years later by bombing the USS Liberty in 1967, hoping to pin the blame on the Syrians and Egyptians. That didn't work either, but it did kill 34 US servicemen. Too add insult to injury, Israel honored the terrorist cell responsible for the Lavon affair more then two years ago. Talk about chutzpah.
Back to Bat Ye'or. So who does she blame for her unceremonious departure from Egypt? The Egyptians, the Arabs, the Muslims, Islam, the ginger bread man...pretty much everybody and anybody except Israel. In fact, She went on to become on of most extreme judeofascist voices on the right. Despite not having any sort of background or credentials in Islamic history whatsoever, this moonbat started claiming that centuries of documented Islamic tolerance was all a hoax. Damn what historians and biographers had to say, it didn't matter that Jews were in their golden age in Muslim
spain, it didn't matter that Muslims were the only people to have given them refuge when they were being persecuted everywhere else, Bat Ye'or had made up her mind, and that was that.
This intellectual lightweight came up with the word "Dhimmitide," a pathetic bastardization of "dhimmi" and "servitude." This unrecognized word is used almost exclusively by judeofascists and their pet shabbos goys.The word dhimmi comes from dhimmah which literally means covenant, in turn refering to non-Muslim citizens of the Islamic state. Shariah ONLY applies to Muslims, with dhimmis having their own courts and freedom to practice their faith under full protection. The usual suspects claim that dhimmis were second class citizens who endured humiliation. Yes ofcourse, terrible humiliation such as paying taxes(jizya for them, often less then the obligatory zakat paid by Muslims) and being exempt from military service. Oh the horror! Take me back to Europe and burn me at the stake already. Wouldn't you rather be a tax evader and take your chances in a papal pogrum?
In fact dhimmis flourished and many converted to Islam. Imagine that, people paying taxes in a state where they enjoyed full rights. Those are the hard facts, historically documented and no, they didn't get an off shore bank account in the Caribbean. Yeah, life's tough. Littman came up with another incredibly stupid word recently : "Eurabia." Pass the crack pipe. In the deceased mind of
this judeofascist, the reluctance of Europe to back the unprovoked war against Iraq in 2003 translated into a "European-Arab axis." Anybody with iota of intelligence, and with a clue about the state of Europe's embattled Muslim minorities knows this is pure nonsense and propaganda. Cartoon crisis ring a bell?(my next project).
One good turn deserves another, hence I am inventing new words of my own. Goyitude is one such word, reserved for subservient gentiles and shabbos goys without the backbone to stand up to their "chosen" overlords. This one is for Britain's mad Melanie Philips, a pre-historic Ann Coulter prototype with her racist diatribe about "Londonistan." Maybe they'll publish my book : New Aviv or is it Tel York? Jew Jersey? All sarcasm and jokes aside, its time people started reading real history books instead of wasting time on opportunistic orientalist judeofascist frauds like Bat Ye'or, Bernard Lewis, Andrew Bostom etc. We all know how they well they treat gentiles don't we...

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Apes, pigs and judeofascist lies against the Holy Qur'an

That was the warm up, shlomos. Lets get down to business. A common lie put out there by the usual suspects is that the Holy Qur'an calls Jews and Christians apes and pigs. Really? Lets take a look shall we :

"And ye know of those of you who broke the Sabbath, how We said unto them: Be ye apes, despised and hated! And We made it an example to their own and to succeeding generations, and an admonition to the Godfearing." Holy Qur'an 2:65,66.

The occasion mentioned here is generally thought to be the same one described later in 7:163.

“And ask them about that town which stood by the sea: how its people would profane the Sabbath whenever their fish came to them, breaking the water’s surface, on a day on which they ought to have kept Sabbath - because they would not come to them on other than Sabbath-days!...And then, when they disdainfully persisted in doing what they had been forbidden to do, We said unto them: ‘Be as apes despicable!’’’ (7:163-166)

So its referring to a specific group of jews from a specific town. Methinks the judeofscists doth protest a bit too much. It was a transgression of food-getting, which is fishing on the Sabbath and thus parallels the transgression of gathering manna on the Sabbath as reported in Exodus 16. And guess what the penalty for that is according to their own books?

Exodus 31:14 Keep you my sabbath: for it is holy unto you: he that shall profane it, shall be put to death: he that shall do any work in it, his soul shall perish out of the midst of his people.

Numbers 15:32. And it came to pass, when the children of Israel were in the wilderness, and had found a man gathering sticks on the sabbath day,
Numbers 15:33. That they brought him to Moses and Aaron and the whole multitude.
Number 15:34.
And they put him into prison, not knowing what they should do with him.
Numbers 15:35. And the Lord said to Moses: Let that man die, let all the multitude stone him without the camp.
Numbers 15:36. And when they had brought him out, they stoned him, and he died as the Lord had commanded.

I could go on with more revealing passages but you get the idea. So what are these degenerates complaining and misrepresenting the Holy Qu'ran for? Is it guilt due to the fact 90% of the them violate the Sabbath anyway and would be condemned to death by their scripture?
Lying Hypocrites! This is one of the reasons why I take the no holds barred approach when it comes to these gutter snipes. There is NO debating with liars like these, folks. Based on their behavior, calling them apes and pigs would be an understatement. Speaking of which, what have we got here...

Any takers? No? I didn't think so. Case closed, Donkey Kongstein.


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Hi Dr.M

Sicily flourished under Islamic rule because of its religious tolerance. Christians and Jews had complete religious freedom, when Sciliy fell to the Norman's they adopted the a lot of Islamic civilisation and jurisprudence and exporrted throughout Europe.

Bernard Lewis was fined in France for denying the Armenian genocide