Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Judeofascist Awareness Week, day 2

European neo-nazis have taken inspiration from Horowitz and have launched their own anti-Muslim event. Turns out they are closely tied to the neocon gutter snipes at the American Enterprise Institute and Heritage foundation. Never heard of the Vlasms Belang? One of their members was just convicted of murdering a Malian nanny and her two-year-old charge in a racist shooting spree. He had hoped to kill more "foreigners." Fun for the whole family no doubt. Good to know that judeofascists and neo-nazis have so much in common.

Phyllis Chesler
Another Jurassic Judeofascist with the all too familiar story of turning from far left to far right. This one claims to be a former feminist who is now an anti-femenist. Once again we see the same old pattern of Judaic supremascists shifting from one end of the political spectrum to another. From bra burning to the 700 club.
Chesler's formulatic story is as follows : She meets secular Afghan guy in America, they marry and go to Afghanistan in 1960. She claims her passport is taken, she's constricted by the way of life and there’s not a single Big Mac to be found in Kabul. Thats what I call captivity. She then contracts hepatitis and somehow makes it back to America(on a tourist visa despite being a US citizen, I wonder how that works) in 1961, and presto! She's an expert on Islam, Muslim woman and pretty much everything. "Not without my daughter," anyone?

This megaton tinkerbell is now a full fledged zionist agitator(featured on
Horowitz's FrontPageRag and the terrorist Kahanist JDL) when she isn't pretending to an authority on womans issues as a "feminist psychologist." She put together a ridiculous book called "The New Anti-semetism"(which ofcourse doesn't count Arabs who represent 95% of semites). Norman Finkelstein took it apart easily. Did you know that India is an Arab country? Or that Aung San Suu Kyi, the Buddhist Nobel laureate is an Arab Muslim? How such an incompetent imbecile can hold a position in academia is beyond me. Guess its all good as long you spew judeofascist hatred. Don't hold your breath waiting for Ms.Piggy to say anything about the violations of womans rights by the "chosen ones."

Doesn't matter whether its a Palestinian mother or a Swedish peace activist, as far Chesler is concerned jewish terrorism is totally kosher. Speaking of retarded stereotyping, check out what Finkelstein has to say on oppressed Muslim woman.

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Shouldn't Chesler first have consulted the idiot's guide to the Middle East?

Debbie Schlussel
Heres someone who makes Chesler look somewhat sane. Debbie Schlussel is a racist judeofascist lunatic, think Ann Coulter minus 30 pounds sans bad dye job.
She's always been a JDL Kahanist type, and has never pretended to a liberal. Atleast she's consistent in her insanity high on milhemet mitzvah(jewish holy war) kool aid against Islam and Muslims.
This aging untalented yenta makes the headlines through demonstrably false statements, coupled with shrill "commentary" which makes sense only from a padded cell. Its not hard to see why Jewish men marry out of the species. Her life would be greatly improved if she settled down, preferably with OJ Simpson.
Her rap sheet consists of one racist smear after another. Lets start with the fact she nearly got a Congressman(it didn't matter that he was Republican, or Christian...He's third generation Ay-rab!) killed by her friends in terrorist JDL, who also planned to blow up a Culver City mosque.
The plot failed, but Schlussel never apologized or condemned this act of attempted terrorism. She didn't learn either. Remember that great 30 days as a Muslim episode(watch it!)? She went of on a frothy tirade against the producers and participants of that show because it wasn't anti-Muslim.
This Israeli degenerate next to tried to play James Bond by attempting to "infiltrate" a Muslim themed event, in hijab and all. Too bad for her, that ugly sagging mug was recognizable to the rest of those attending. She almost looks human, throw in a niqab for good measure with a call to the local dog catcher.
Oh, but theres so much more. Schlussel then went after Democratic golden boy Barack Hussein Obama, smearing him and questioning his loyalty. He's black and had a Muslim father! Run for the hills! Hence according this judeofascist harpy's calculations, he can't be trusted(not that I trust politicians as a whole).
The so-called young turks got it right this time(some strong language) :

Not content with sounding like an utter, near-menopausal moron, Schlussel then upped the ante by proclaiming that the gunman responsible for the Virginia Tech massacre was a Muslim, claiming its a "paki." When it was revealed to be a South Korean immigrant, she still insisted there was a Muslim connection because he had a "Ismail axe" tattoo...finally ending up as a diatribe against immigration. Theres an idea, how about a moratorium on immigration from East European AskheNAZI hell holes?

I have nothing more to add about this disgusting, paranoid, vile Irgun poster cow. Thank God for RU-486.

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Uther said...

Hey Dr. M, I love your post. I think you made a good point to illustrate that the Judeofascists are not only a bunch of liars, but also a national security threat to this nation, and to the world. Thank almighty you were born to this world to spread the truth.

Yusuf said...

As-Salaamu 'alaikum,

I wrote this article last year when the Guardian (of London) did a feature on Chesler in their "ideas" column, the same day, as I remember, as they had a feature on right-wing attempts to censor academia in the USA:

Read article

AlanAnonymous said...

I have a little difficulty reconciling this article you linked to which is by a group called "Revolutionary Feminism":

"Pseudo-feminism leads to war"

To answer her question on whether the war in Iraq is "pseudo-feminism", well just come back in 20 years time when the land is a universal slut culture, replete with abortion, sexual anarchism and pornographic satellite TV. Now they are primarily Western values, tomorrow they will adorn the lands of the Middle East thanks to this supposedly "pseudo" feminist invasion of Iraq.

Right... Well I'm not buying the "pseudo" part.

Apart from that, I'm not sure if Commie "Revolutionary Marxists" who advocate the mass sterlisation of males, among other things, are really kindred spirits.

- Pro-Islam Native European.

AlanAnonymous said...

I've been reading some of the other articles on that site and I'm concluding that they're actually insane.