Monday, October 22, 2007

Judeofascist Awareness Week, day 1

Lets get this party started. The focus today is the criminal behind this weeks anti-Muslim hate fest.

David (W)Horowitz

Is it an accident that Jewish extremists almost all started out as leftists and ended up on the fringes of the right? Is it mere coincidence that they are the pioneers of the "neocon" movement? And is it simply a matter of chance that all these characters come from the same ethnic and religious background, and did a 180 all at the same time? Horowitz wants you to think so, as merely another liberal "mugged by reality." Right, you might as well blow a couple of grand in Vegas and boast about the $20 you won.
Horowitz was a pot smoking, draft dodging, communist, anti-war hippy back in the 1960s, and since then he's changed somewhat. Ok, he's changed a lot. But don't we all go through changes in our lives as we grow older? Sure, but most of the time its not out of political expediency or shrill opportunism. I don't believe a man goes from the Black Panther Party straight to the Lion's club, atleast not without questioning his character and motivation anyway.
The one constant which has remained in the zigzag lives of Horowitz and his associates is their undying allegiance to Zionism and Israel. They only used the Left when it served their purposes and moved onto greener pastures. Political transvestism at its best.
Besides making major bank from far right septic "think tanks" like Bradley Foundation, Horowitz also runs a number extremist websites, the main one being "Frontpagemag" aka FrontPageRag, the now defunct, discoverthenetworks and oxymoronic "David Horowitz freedom center." All with the appropriate shabbos goy circus ofcourse.
He also cooked up something called the "Academic bill of rights" which was nothing more then an attempt to shutdown any view counter to his own on college campuses. Much like Daniel Pipes' CampusWatch shenanigans . A McCarthyist purge if you will:

Horowitz is also a racist. Shocking, I know. He adamantly opposes reparations for slavery yet supports unlimited aid to Israel. Seems like he has his own blood libel. Check out this example of the judeofascists depleted mindset, apparently theres no racism at college campuses because white people gave Kobe Bryant a standing ovation on the basketball court!

Since 9/11 this tinfoil trotskiest has tried to cash in even further by ratcheting up his anti-Muslim rhetoric and demonizing anyone remotely opposed to the judeofascist agenda, including defending lunatics like Ann Coulter who smeared 9/11 widows :

Did I mention that he supports the war against Iraq, the murder of countless innocents and is now agitating for a war on Iran? Keep in mind, this is a guy who himself belongs to a fraternity of perpetual jewish draft dodgers. Send the bastard straight to Iran, and we'll see how well that works out for him, extra
absorbent diapers included.
"Islamofascist awareness week" is basically an attempt to smear ALL Muslims across the board and promote attacks on the community. One of the more laughable claims in this Israeli minstrel show is the "plight of oppressed Muslim woman." Yes, who else better to bring up this hackneyed stereotype then Israeli terrorists and their supporters? Look at the lengths this filth goes to, using footage from a dutch movie claiming its a girl in Iran :

Pathetic isn't it? Maybe Horowitz would like to shed a crocadile tear or two for these oppressed
Muslim woman :

I didn't think so. Ofcourse Palestinian woman under occupation don't count. David Horowitz is a cowardly, hateful soul less maggot. He was no character or principles whatsoever, and the skewering will continue for him and his fellow judeofascists. Maybe I should change the title to "Vermin Awareness Week." My advise to human beings on college campuses is to record what you can, to challenge and defeat these nazis. Be creative(add some concrete to the pies). Trust me, shlomos and shlumettes, I'm just getting started.

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AlanAnonymous said...

"Is it an accident that Jewish extremists almost all started out as leftists and ended up on the fringes of the right? Is it mere coincidence that they are the pioneers of the "neocon" movement?"

You know I don't think they've made a true tradition to the right at all. I think with these characters we are just seeing the different shades of militancy that leftism can morph into. And of course no one should forget that leftism is at its core highly disposed to violence (see 1917 Russian Revolution).

- Pro-Islam Native European.

MarcosBeGood said...

I'm sorry but you can't reduce a set of political principles to a mental predisposition to violence, what utter nonsense! "See 1917 Russian Revolution"? I doubt you know the first thing about the Russian Revolution. Lazy, uninformed trash.

I generally agree with the sentiment of this article but I am uncomfortable with your insistence on the fact he is Jewish - at first it looks like you are parodying him but it comes across as rather racist the way you keep on...

- Anti-Zionist Jew