Sunday, October 21, 2007

Introduction to Judeofascist Awareness Week

Here we go. As I've stated numerous times, this event is a response to (W)horowitz's "Islamofascist awareness week." I've made it clear many times to the chosen ones not to start something they can't finish. This is much more then a semantic comeback. I use the term "judeofascist" simply because it describes these people perfectly. Why waste time juggling terms like zionists, neocons, straussians, leocons etc? Lets call as it is.
Judeofascism is a serious threat, not just for people in the Middle East but also in the West. More then a million Iraqis and thousands of westerners are dead because of it just in the last 4 years alone. One of the reasons they have it in especially for Muslims is because we are the only group of people left in the world who oppose them in large numbers, and understand them, very well. Now some people might want to pretend that its a pure coincidence that the Feiths, Perles, Ledeens, Horowitzs, Kristols, Podhoretzs etc all come from the same ethnic and religious background. I'm sure if they were cyclopian green men from Mars, nobody would notice either. All the useful shaboos goys just happen to share their extremist worldview, what a surprise. As a proud gentile, I'm sick and tired of Israel and its amen corner commit horrific crimes daily and play victim screaming "anti-semitism." Thats another can of worms I will open later(hint : Hey Arabs, reclaim semitism from the Khazars and Russians).
During this week I will be profiling individual judeofascists, and their respective organizations, along with book reviews and recommendations in the usual sardonic DrM style. We're not playing games here. Everything from the criminals behind the Armenian genocide to the "apes and monkeys" lies about the Qu'ran will be exposed and refuted. Did I mention that Israel is a terrorist state? Just checking. Oh, and trolls will be severely persecuted and "wiped off the face of this blog"(MEMRI translation). And now a word from our sponsor :

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Uther said...

Dr. M, does M stand for Magnificent? You certainly changed my views of the world for ever. May the force be with you always.