Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Jewish extremist losers try to disrupt Muslim day parade

Its been a few days but I had to touch up on this event. The Muslim day parade has been done for over 22 years, check out some of the subversive anti-American activity :

But this year the usual suspects(with goy pets) tried to disrupt and misrepresent the festivities. They're not KKK as Umar Lee would have you believe, they're worse : zionists. Joe Kaufman, the Florida based judeofascist loser behind "Americans for Hate" was there, along with Pamela Gellar, of "Atlas shrugs" fame. Gellar is shining example of a useless, aging, hyper zionazi harpy(she makes Fran Drescher sound like Pavarotti) and why Jewish men marry outside of the species. Her sole accomplishment has been moving up the pecking order at LGF and salivating like a dog in heat at the sight of John Bolton, the disgraced clown who represented the US at the UN. Prozac, and Paxil aside, this sagging slattern will not be featured during "Judeofascist Awareness Week," she's so unpopular, she could go around screaming the n-word in Harlem and nobody would bother wasting the cell phone battery on her.
Here she is, making a sophisticated pose with Daniel"dark-skinned peoples cooking strange foods and maintaining different standards of hygiene" Pipes, who looks like he just woke up after relieving himself on an electrified fence.

Here she is giving Cindy Sheehan the finger.

It takes a lot of guts to do that to an unsuspecting Goldstar mother. Makes you just want to roll out a Caterpillar steamroller and pancake every neocon scavenger doesn't it? I'm joking ofcourse(not really), If I was Sheehan, I'd sock her in the face and leave her in a puddle screaming "anti-semite." Throw in some cheap booze and she could do one of her silly "vlogs" titled "Atlas punched."
Why even bother posting all of this? For one thing, this is a pre-Ramadan parting shot at those who wish to slander and harm the Muslim community via the failed clash of civilizations thesis. The other, that I'm not the sort of person who will turn the other cheek and ignore the dirty tactics these inbred khazar nazi rejects from East Europe. Its on, shlomos.
On that pleasant conciliatory note, don't forget to order a copy of Mearsheimer and Walt's "The Israel Lobby and US foreign policy."

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