Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Announcing "Judeofascist Awareness Week"

This is in direct response to "islamofascist awareness week" which will be held during the third week of October. The criminal behind this brazen attempt to demonize and intimidate Muslims and propagate Israeli terror propaganda on college campuses is none other then con artist David Horowitz, the trotskyst-turned-neocon scum bag. Joining him in this little nazi exercise will be extremist ex-politician Rick Santorum, yellow journalist Mark Steyn, failed academic Daniel"dark-skinned peoples cooking strange foods and maintaining different standards of hygiene" Pipes, Frank Gaffney(a bald version of Pipes), and obligatory colored mascot/illegal immigrant Ayaan Hirsi Ali. Its really a sign of desperation of their part now that the papers and books are being published and discussed about the parasitic Israeli lobby. Throw in the fact that Muslims are slowly, but surely becoming an emerging political block in the US and "threaten" the fraudulent zionist narrative.
Originally I was going to call it "Zionist awareness week" but decided to go for a more descriptive title. A tad inflammatory you say? Naw, I believe the usual suspects are in need of their own medicine, and I'm going to take these racist bastards out to dry. This public service will include facts and figures, book reviews and recommendations, profiling individual judeofascists, and their respective organizations, including useful goy idiots who work for them etc. Oh, its on alright. It will be done during the third week of October. I've got better things to do, but I'm fed up with these hate mongers and their BS. Its time to make a stand against this crap, and I urge you all to do your own version of "Judeofascist Awareness Week."
Mazel Tov!

Whore-o-witz and his stupid "declaration"


Anonymous said...

Dr. M: Since your effort is to counter Horowitz's propaganda effort by his assorted syncophants, including Islamophobes of various faiths, would it perhaps be more effective to call your effort "Islamophobe Awareness Week"? If you read my blog at hatewatchhallofshame.blogspot.com, you'll see that I've taken on many of the major anti-Muslim bigots (along with hate mongers of all ideologies), and that they do not have a common religion - just a common ideology of hating Islam for money (since they make a large profit from selling fear.)

DrMaxtor said...

Hi Reverend,
First of all, let me just say you're doing fantastic work on your blog. Thank you. You do have an interesting point about the title. While its true that not ALL of these charlatans come from the same religious background, they do subscribe to jewish extremist ideology. I don't like using terms like "judeofascist" but it sends a clear message to those making up words like "Islamofascist" and "Islamonazi," that two can play that game. A taste of their own medicine.
But still, I will consider you suggestion.

thanks again

reggiexdylan said...

This is the intro to an article I wrote for the upcoming issue of Revolution -

"Multiple choice: If a nationwide group of fascists announces a week of programs at over 100 campuses across the country, openly designed to gain support for the “war on terror” and to intimidate and silence its opponents, what is the best course of action?

A) Ignore them. Their highly-paid well-publicized speakers, their hounding of progressive professors, and their harassment of women’s centers and Muslim student organizations will have no effect. Their monopolization of the discourse – and their manipulation of the language – is really best left unchallenged. Their thug-like intimidation shouldn’t really be taken seriously. The professors that they’ve already driven out of academia shouldn’t bother us. After all, “it can’t happen here” – can it?

B) Confront them and expose them with the truth.

All too many people, even some with an understanding about how fascism arises and then becomes dominant, are answering A. There is too much bitter history, and too much at stake in the present and future, to accept that. What makes it urgent to get the answer right is that just such an event – “Islamo-Fascism Awareness Week” – is being planned at over 100 campuses around the country. Indeed, it is less than three weeks away, set to begin on October 22."

There's a website - www.defendcriticalthinking.org that I invite everyone to visit and join in helping to confront these fascists with facts and truth as part of a "fascism awareness week" counteroffensive.


Anonymous said...

Dr. M: In thinking about this, I believe that Horowitz's monkeys should be thoroughly criticized for their racist propaganda. However, I believe you can retain the moral high ground while exposing Horowitz's group at the same time, and using a term (judeofascist) - that you know they'll say proves anti-Semitism - could have the potential to bring you down to their level in the public's eye.

BTW, I'm working on an extensive expose of Horowitz and his group being closely connected to an American family dynasty of neo-Nazis. The family is quite rich, has been prominently espousing Nazis views since WWI and still does so today. I'm hoping to have this report ready within a month, obviously something this explosive requires extensive fact-checking.