Thursday, September 27, 2007

Joke of the month : "Muslims against Sharia"

aka anti-Muslim bigots against Islam. This is the latest addition to the "Muslim reformist" racket consisting mainly of NON-MUSLIMS who just happen to be neocons. Pure coincidence I'm sure. These idiots are more pathetic then exiled Iranian communists and pseudo-sufi charlatans trying to make a fast buck(or Euro for those paying attention to the exchange rate) posing as "ex-Muslims" these days. Check out this gem from the "founder" of the group, based in Afghanistan of all places :

Neocon is a vague term. If it means that neocon is a former Liberal who
became a Conservative after 9/11, then, in a way, we are all neocons.
Actually, neocon isn't a vague term at all. Its founders and chief proponents tend to be...well, lets just say they aren't little green men from mars with antenna protruding from their foreheads. But thats not all. Did you know that the Crusades were a "defensive measure"? Now where have I heard that before? Sounds more and more like it was put together by some reject from Spencer's site. Oh, but the best is yet to come. Guess who else is one their "board"? Pamela Gellar, the rapidly aging judeofascist harpy of Atlas Shags fame. Their response to these revelations? Islamophobia! Do I even to declare takfir here?
Ali Eteraz touched up on this as well, but with the usual spin. Stick to "legit reformists" like Fadl, Mernissi and King Abdullah he says. Would that be the tin pot dictator of Jordan? Apples really don't fall far from the tree.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

more vacation pics

found a few on 'em for full resolution goodness....

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Jewish extremist losers try to disrupt Muslim day parade

Its been a few days but I had to touch up on this event. The Muslim day parade has been done for over 22 years, check out some of the subversive anti-American activity :

But this year the usual suspects(with goy pets) tried to disrupt and misrepresent the festivities. They're not KKK as Umar Lee would have you believe, they're worse : zionists. Joe Kaufman, the Florida based judeofascist loser behind "Americans for Hate" was there, along with Pamela Gellar, of "Atlas shrugs" fame. Gellar is shining example of a useless, aging, hyper zionazi harpy(she makes Fran Drescher sound like Pavarotti) and why Jewish men marry outside of the species. Her sole accomplishment has been moving up the pecking order at LGF and salivating like a dog in heat at the sight of John Bolton, the disgraced clown who represented the US at the UN. Prozac, and Paxil aside, this sagging slattern will not be featured during "Judeofascist Awareness Week," she's so unpopular, she could go around screaming the n-word in Harlem and nobody would bother wasting the cell phone battery on her.
Here she is, making a sophisticated pose with Daniel"dark-skinned peoples cooking strange foods and maintaining different standards of hygiene" Pipes, who looks like he just woke up after relieving himself on an electrified fence.

Here she is giving Cindy Sheehan the finger.

It takes a lot of guts to do that to an unsuspecting Goldstar mother. Makes you just want to roll out a Caterpillar steamroller and pancake every neocon scavenger doesn't it? I'm joking ofcourse(not really), If I was Sheehan, I'd sock her in the face and leave her in a puddle screaming "anti-semite." Throw in some cheap booze and she could do one of her silly "vlogs" titled "Atlas punched."
Why even bother posting all of this? For one thing, this is a pre-Ramadan parting shot at those who wish to slander and harm the Muslim community via the failed clash of civilizations thesis. The other, that I'm not the sort of person who will turn the other cheek and ignore the dirty tactics these inbred khazar nazi rejects from East Europe. Its on, shlomos.
On that pleasant conciliatory note, don't forget to order a copy of Mearsheimer and Walt's "The Israel Lobby and US foreign policy."

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Coming to clean up a drug infested neighborhood near you....

...the Muslim patrol! (Kufi tip - Sufistication via the Washington Post)

On a sidewalk in Shaw, a dozen Muslim men wearing red T-shirts gather an hour before sundown.

Half line up quietly behind an imam. Facing southeast toward Mecca, they bow their heads and read aloud verses from the Koran. The other half spread themselves out and look up and down the street. After a few minutes, they switch places.

The men have come not just to pray but to assume control over a crime-prone block.

They are part of a Muslim neighborhood watch that lately has focused its efforts on Seventh Street NW between P and Q streets, site of the long-troubled Kelsey Gardens apartment complex. Just a few weeks ago, the location was beset by drug dealers, armed assaults and random shootings.

The group is composed of Muslims who practice a more orthodox form of Islam than such groups as the Nation of Islam, says founder Leroy Thorpe.

It is a spinoff of the Citizens Organized Patrol Efforts, or COPE, a neighborhood watch established in 1988 in Shaw. Both groups dress in ample red T-shirts and red baseball hats with “COPE Patrol” written on them.

About two months ago, owners of the 35-unit Kelsey Gardens complex asked Thorpe to arrange security for the residents and crack down on drug dealers who gravitated to a parking lot in the complex, Thorpe said. The complex is slated to be razed next month and a new structure will take its place. Thorpe said that the owners want to encourage more investment in the area.

“Nobody is going to invest in a drug-infested area,” said Thorpe, a former Advisory Neighborhood Commission member who also goes by the Muslim name Mahdi.

D.C. police, who say they know of no other religion-based citizens patrol operating in the District, credit the Muslims with rousting the drug dealers and restoring a measure of public safety to the neighborhood. “There was an overwhelming difference,” said Officer Earl Brown of the 3rd Police District.

Patrol members carry no weapons, and several of the men said they had no training in self-defense. But their presence seems to be effective.

“You have eyes and ears in the neighborhood,” said Cmdr. Larry McCoy, who heads the Third Police District. “Most people don’t like to commit crimes in front of people who are going to tell the police about them.”

Driven by the power of faith, the patrol has a secondary aim: to “call people to worship Allah,” said Khalil Davis, the imam for the Salafi Society of D.C. mosque.

A long salt-and-pepper beard framing his thin face and dressed in a white dishdasha, the traditional Muslim men’s calf-length garment, Davis handed out literature to passersby describing Islam as a religion of peace.

One leaflet contained two pictures, one of waterfalls and natural greenery, the other of a huge, smoky fireball. “You decide,” it said. The group called the leaflets “Islam’s anti-terror message.”

“It is a therapeutic ambience to the community,” Davis said of the religion. “This creates a community that is pure and free of crimes.”

But it is a message that can be difficult to spread. Davis tried to distribute the leaflets to pedestrians, but most refused to take them.

The Muslim patrol works 12-hour shifts, three nights a week: Thursday, Friday and Saturday, which Thorpe said are peak nights for drug dealing.

On a patrol one recent weeknight, the men walked around the complex in pairs. They were scouting for “suspicious activity” and “undesirable people,” Thorpe said.

They peered behind large trash cans in alleys, looking for drug addicts who might be hiding. They went into a parking lot between two buildings and walked between the rows of cars, hoping their presence would chase off anyone who might be lurking.

“They see us, they are going to flee,” said Thorpe, who carries a cellphone to call police if he needs help.

This night was uneventful. The walkie-talkies remained mute. Residents walking out of their apartment building waved to the Muslim patrol members, who waved back.

Residents seem to recognizes the Muslim patrol by now, and the Muslims have come to recognize most of the people who live on the block. “Assalamu Alaikum,” they say in greeting — Arabic for “peace be upon you. “

The Muslim patrol group is the only one of its kind in the District, according to the police department, but several patrol members said they hope to duplicate it in other neighborhoods.

“I would love to do it in my neighborhood,” said Brian Christopher, 40, who lives with his wife and two children in a neighborhood in Northeast Washington that has no citizens patrol. “But it has to start somewhere.”

Several residents and local business people said they were pleased it started in Shaw.

“They are really helping out,” said Tony Dolford, 38, a Kelsey Gardens resident who has lived in the neighborhood since 1993.

Everett Lucas, 66, owns the Variety Market across the street from the apartment complex. The market has been open for 34 years.

“One thing you don’t see now [in the neighborhood] is drug activity,” Lucas said.

“Knock on wood,” McCoy said. “It’s made a difference. Those planning to do wrong in the neighborhood know they are out there, and it stops them.”

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Announcing "Judeofascist Awareness Week"

This is in direct response to "islamofascist awareness week" which will be held during the third week of October. The criminal behind this brazen attempt to demonize and intimidate Muslims and propagate Israeli terror propaganda on college campuses is none other then con artist David Horowitz, the trotskyst-turned-neocon scum bag. Joining him in this little nazi exercise will be extremist ex-politician Rick Santorum, yellow journalist Mark Steyn, failed academic Daniel"dark-skinned peoples cooking strange foods and maintaining different standards of hygiene" Pipes, Frank Gaffney(a bald version of Pipes), and obligatory colored mascot/illegal immigrant Ayaan Hirsi Ali. Its really a sign of desperation of their part now that the papers and books are being published and discussed about the parasitic Israeli lobby. Throw in the fact that Muslims are slowly, but surely becoming an emerging political block in the US and "threaten" the fraudulent zionist narrative.
Originally I was going to call it "Zionist awareness week" but decided to go for a more descriptive title. A tad inflammatory you say? Naw, I believe the usual suspects are in need of their own medicine, and I'm going to take these racist bastards out to dry. This public service will include facts and figures, book reviews and recommendations, profiling individual judeofascists, and their respective organizations, including useful goy idiots who work for them etc. Oh, its on alright. It will be done during the third week of October. I've got better things to do, but I'm fed up with these hate mongers and their BS. Its time to make a stand against this crap, and I urge you all to do your own version of "Judeofascist Awareness Week."
Mazel Tov!

Whore-o-witz and his stupid "declaration"