Saturday, August 11, 2007

Ummah Pulse succeeds where Altmuslim failed

Jazakallah Khair to Yahya for referring me to the excellent Ummah Pulse site. The British based site is committed to the promotion of true Islamic teachings in a climate of ignorance and misinformation through excellent analysis of the news. Unlike the proggie lite altmuslim which largely pandered to the lowest common denominator, the Ummah Pulse people don't strike me as the type who'll post anything to get a few more hits. Their articles are well written and to the point, without the psuedo-intellectual babble which plagues most of the crud of altmuslim. You won't find any of the rubbish written by the likes of Hisham Hassaballa(whose latest whitewash of the Lal masjid massacre proves that he's a spineless and clueless twit parroting the establishment line). No "Muslim for Obama" balderdash either(Kufi flip - PMNUA Update).
Ummah Pulse has now officially been DrM endorsed, go check them out.

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kashif said...

salaam aleikum,

I agree with you akhi, however the media is likely to still trot out these mascots and "pro-regressive" neo con parakeets for sometime, since they are the "acceptable" face of Islam for America -- a Muslim divorced from the shari'ah, referencing bankrupt personalities (Wadud, El Fadl), and deliberately taking stands similar to the U.S. govt. on issues to claim that Muslims are "divided" on controversial topics (women's prayer, danish cartoons, denouncing
resistance to Musharraf, or opposition to the Iraq war, etc).

Muslim blogs and writers must keep persevering and with time, even these uncle toms will be discarded by the establishment when they have outlived their usefulness.