Monday, July 30, 2007


Who is Stanislav Shmulevich? He's a schlumoid(with a name like that who else could it be?) who's been desecrating Qurans on the campus of Pace University for the last 10 months. He finally got caught. As expected the usual suspects have manufactured an "outrage" for this "attack" on freedumb of speech(in the interest of which I have been looking for his picture online). Oh, but it gets better, you see this criminal is a a fan of the notorious anti-Muslim hate site "LGF." What a surprise. Zionazi birds of a feather.
So what should the Muslim response be? Obviously we can't respond in kind(that would be a very judeofascist thing to do, and in total opposition to Islamic principles). The prudent course of action would be to purchase a Quran and present it our non-Muslim friends. That being said, Muslim students should make it known that they're not going anywhere, and won't be intimidated by such vile acts. All this while keeping a very close eye on the "chosen ones" and their campus activities.
Speaking of "freedom of speech," how many shekels would you bet the following story wont be featured in any US media?

4 words. Evil murderous jewish bastards.


Safia speaks said...

Whatta moron!
A moron getting caught is even a bigger moron!

He shows off his imbecile mind by trashing the quran alkareem, not knowing that every believer carries the words of the revelation in his/her heart.

And now he whimpers when the whips start cracking. Don´t do the crime, if you can´t do the time, Shmulevich!

I´ll try looking for his picture, too.

Safia speaks said...

Weird, the picture has been removed from - I know I saw it there yesterday!

Yahya said...

Did you hear about the other moron? Charles Merrill - burnt an antique Quran as an example of 'performance art' in retaliation to Islam's 'homophobia'.
Check out UmmahPulse's article on him.