Sunday, July 22, 2007

Lal masjid massacre Part 1: How Musharraf planned and murdered hundreds

Unfortunately some Muslim web sites have been propagating falsehoods about what happened at the Lal masjid. Its a combination of malarkey and alarmist Pakistani government propaganda about a supposed "taliban takeover." For the record, I'm not Pakistani. That being said, I'm going to piece together a quick rundown whats really going on :
Musharraf planned the whole thing from start to finish, primarily as a means to solidify his grip on power, and to secure the upcoming "elections". The bumbling General-in-chief has been after the Lal Masjid for years, using it as an excuse to curry favor with the western world as the only tinpot dictator capable of "managing" his countrymen.
How incompetent is Musharraf? This reject from a pan shop makes Bush look like Rhode scholar. I've seen this thug openly threaten a prime time show host on Pakistani satellite TV while abroad. IN ENGLISH. How "presidential" is he? Look no further then his ridiculous attempt at a 70s bollywood hairstyle and pathetic appearance on the Daily Show to plug his crappy book.
Mush fired the independent minded Chief Justice of Pakistan in order to weaken the judiciary. This move backfired and people took to the streets. Ever the charmer, the thug ordered attacks on the media and had dozens of protesters shot dead in broad daylight. Weakened politically, the dictator turned to gangster Altaf Hussein(the exiled "leader" of the notorious MQM which terrorized Pakistan in the late 80s and 90s) for support. Here is the "charismatic" clown calling the creation of Pakistan "the greatest blunder in the history of mankind" in India.

His atrocious english and histrionics alone warrant a severe beating with a rusty metal pipe, ala tetany supreme. More to come in Part 2 with interviews with the students and the late Abdul Rashid Ghazi.


Vigilante said...

No one makes Bush look like Rhode scholar. Power to Musharraf. When he's expelling the Islamic Branch Davidians from Waco-istan, anyways. Besides, as Christopher Hitchens reminds us, Religion Poisons Everything.

altaf said...

salaam - thanx for this - I got some posts up on the ihsan blog

DrMaxtor said...

You couldn't be more mistaken, Vigilante. The students at the Lal masjid were not "Islamic branch davidians" nor were they ever a threat to Musharraf or the country. No hostages. No weapons. No taliban. Nothing. I waited till the facts(available only in Urdu media) were in before blogging about this.
And really, why would an opponent of Bush like you quote a drink soaked, neocon popinjay like Hitchens? Its not religion, but tyrants drunk of power who poison their societies. More to come, keep watching.

Amad said...

Dr. M, you have been linked along the lines of some of what you have said:

The Aftermath


Vigilante said...

Dr. M., God cannot be great as long as religion does this.

DrMaxtor said...

I am for the death penalty, Vigil, but don't know the details of this particular case in Iran(they executed people during the Shah's secular regime so don't pin this on God). It has nothing to do with the Lal masjid affair whatsoever and is irrelevant to this discussion. Last time I checked, we execute convicted criminals via lethal injection, electrocution etc in the US, so shock value isn't going to work.