Monday, July 30, 2007

Lunatics and terrorists congregate

Note that LIEberman gave the keynote speech.


Who is Stanislav Shmulevich? He's a schlumoid(with a name like that who else could it be?) who's been desecrating Qurans on the campus of Pace University for the last 10 months. He finally got caught. As expected the usual suspects have manufactured an "outrage" for this "attack" on freedumb of speech(in the interest of which I have been looking for his picture online). Oh, but it gets better, you see this criminal is a a fan of the notorious anti-Muslim hate site "LGF." What a surprise. Zionazi birds of a feather.
So what should the Muslim response be? Obviously we can't respond in kind(that would be a very judeofascist thing to do, and in total opposition to Islamic principles). The prudent course of action would be to purchase a Quran and present it our non-Muslim friends. That being said, Muslim students should make it known that they're not going anywhere, and won't be intimidated by such vile acts. All this while keeping a very close eye on the "chosen ones" and their campus activities.
Speaking of "freedom of speech," how many shekels would you bet the following story wont be featured in any US media?

4 words. Evil murderous jewish bastards.

Monday, July 23, 2007

Lal masjid massacre Part 2 : The woman of Lal masjid

The following is an in depth interview conducted by the highly respected Dr.Shahid Masood at the Lal masjid, with both the female students and the late Abdul Rashid Ghazi. This interview is from March of this year on the "Meray Mutabiq" program( urdu for "in my opinion"). Masood was fired from the ARY channel(thanks to "pressure" from Musharraf's goons) and moved to GEO TV. Contrary to popular misinformation, this affair started after 7/7 when Musharraf ordered a raid on the masjid(at the "request" of the British government to crack down on madrassas) in which commandos fired upon and severely beat the female students(who consequently retaliated in the second raid with batons and ejected the thugs). I've provided a short summary for each video segment(if any of you tech wizards can add subtitles, I'll do a full translation)

Introductory segment. Dr. Masood raises the question of how far can people in civil society go before breaking the law. Ghazi explains that there is no law and order in Pakistan and that his students only took action(against the brothel) after all other options were exhausted.

Masood asks Ghazi if he will forcibly enforce public morality, to which Ghazi responds this is an entirely different matter where criminal activity was taking place out in the open, with the authorities sitting on their hands despite repeated complaints. Hence the citizens arrest, detainment, and subsequent closure of the brothel with the departure of its madame from the area.
One of the ladies asks where is the law, and how its the duty of individuals in society to make corrections with their hands, citing Hadith.

Some statements in english here. An explanation of why the sisters started to use batons in self-defense after repeated raids and physical assaults. Ghazi dismisses the accusation of "talibization" as a smear tactic propagated in the western press, especially after 7/7. We also learn that 6500 students are enrolled at the masjid.

Concluding segment. More details of how rangers beat woman during the initial raid. Ghazi states that any assault would be "a great mishap."

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Lal masjid massacre Part 1: How Musharraf planned and murdered hundreds

Unfortunately some Muslim web sites have been propagating falsehoods about what happened at the Lal masjid. Its a combination of malarkey and alarmist Pakistani government propaganda about a supposed "taliban takeover." For the record, I'm not Pakistani. That being said, I'm going to piece together a quick rundown whats really going on :
Musharraf planned the whole thing from start to finish, primarily as a means to solidify his grip on power, and to secure the upcoming "elections". The bumbling General-in-chief has been after the Lal Masjid for years, using it as an excuse to curry favor with the western world as the only tinpot dictator capable of "managing" his countrymen.
How incompetent is Musharraf? This reject from a pan shop makes Bush look like Rhode scholar. I've seen this thug openly threaten a prime time show host on Pakistani satellite TV while abroad. IN ENGLISH. How "presidential" is he? Look no further then his ridiculous attempt at a 70s bollywood hairstyle and pathetic appearance on the Daily Show to plug his crappy book.
Mush fired the independent minded Chief Justice of Pakistan in order to weaken the judiciary. This move backfired and people took to the streets. Ever the charmer, the thug ordered attacks on the media and had dozens of protesters shot dead in broad daylight. Weakened politically, the dictator turned to gangster Altaf Hussein(the exiled "leader" of the notorious MQM which terrorized Pakistan in the late 80s and 90s) for support. Here is the "charismatic" clown calling the creation of Pakistan "the greatest blunder in the history of mankind" in India.

His atrocious english and histrionics alone warrant a severe beating with a rusty metal pipe, ala tetany supreme. More to come in Part 2 with interviews with the students and the late Abdul Rashid Ghazi.

Friday, July 13, 2007

Sicko is in, Transformers is out and Wolf gets slapped

I've never been a fan of Michael Moore, but have to say hats off to him for destroying Wolf "AIPAC" Blitzer on CNN. Despite some reservations, Sicko was well done and shows that Moore has matured as a documentary film maker. Transformers on the other hand, was a solid two and a half hours of my life wasted. Did I mention that the US health care system is garbage?

...and heres of one of Moore straightening out that smug "doctor/journalist" phony Sanjay Gupta

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Obsession or Oppression? Refuting racist Judeofascist propaganda

I'm sure many of you have heard about a "documentary" by judeofascists and their willing goyim helpers called "Obsession : Radical Islam blah blah blah." Brother Mr.IslamAnswersBack has done a fantastic deconstruction of this racist canard. Klansmen, judeofascist terrorists, talk show blowhards, fake Muslims, communist turned neoclowns, opportunistic charlatans they're all game, and I'm loving every minute of it. Watch these videos, they're worth every second of your time.