Saturday, June 16, 2007


Asalam Aliakum,
Yes I know you've all been dying for your DrM fix, but I've been very busy with personal and professional matters so excuse my lack of posting. I have a post in the works on immigration and assimilation, including a new analysis of the hate cartoons. The self-proclaimed "Sand monkey" and his little crew of neocon Arab "Uncle Tamer" sycophants will also be rubbished. Rest assured, it won't be pretty.

Till then I recommend that you all head on over to MuslimMatters, where brother Amad has two fantastic posts on the notorious Rand report and a new group of fascists who openly advocate terrorism and a 20 year jail sentence for anyone practicing Islam. Yep, its the usual suspects again, this time using fake converts to infiltrate mosques. Ho Hum. Go read up on the hypocrites of Medina, didn't really work out for them as I recall. Oh yes, the party is over and we're on to you.

The SuspectPaki has had his videos pulled of Youtube, thanks to flagging from Ahmedi trolls who took umbrage at his exposé of the Ahmedi cult.

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