Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Tech issues, and the latest proggie hijinks

I've had it. No more. No more satellite TV. I don't watch much TV, but the constant coverage of celebrity antics and bad programming in general, have left me no choice. My other gripe is with Windows Vista, the worst operating system known to man. I'm running it on my PC right now and its the biggest piece of junk from Microsoft since the ill fated Millenium edition. Back to XP I go(with some modifications, thanks to nlite). I'm almost tempted to try out Linux or Apple. But enough tech talk, on to the usual festivities. My good friend, the ever erudite PMUNA has raised an important question : Who is Reza Aslan? Details aren't pretty. The apple doesn't fall far from the neocon tree as they say.
Ali Eteraz, the perverted pro-regressive in mainsteam clothing is promoting an organization called "Muslims for progressive values" headed by none other then Ali Zonneveld and Pamela Taylor. Yes, these are the same two munafiqas from the now defunct PMU promoting the same old recycled pro-regressivism in a new package. As for the sisters sending Eteraz "hijabi hatemail," I suggest you desist because the divorced old man is really desperate for female attention.
Tarek Fatah, my favorite vat of greasy punjabi inanity has agreed to do a second honest interview. I'll be changing the format a little bit but the usual high standards will be kept intact. Look for it this fall, inshallah.


Safia speaks said...

Salam, I´m currently trying out Ubuntu Muslim Edition (linux) on my old IBM laptop and it runs fine.
Maybe we should lobby Microsoft to create a Microsoft Muslim Edition OS??

DrMaxtor said...

Waliakum Asalam Sister Safia,

Aren't drivers an issue with Linux?

Safia speaks said...

It´s not so bad anymore and I found Ubuntu to come with all drivers that I need, and the ones it hadn´t were available from nerds already solving the problem for download.
It runs fine on my old IBM R40.

Yahya said...

Salaams Bro,
Just I agree with you Vista is sent from Satan as a fitna to man. I should charge Gates for all the time I have spent trying to sort it on my PC. Next time I gonna buy an Apple!
Just checked out the links about the dodgie proggies - they have been all over the telly like a rash here in the UK since what happened last week. Especially this guy called Hassan Butt - real pain in the Butt!! He was an absolute nutter but now has 'reformed' and says that we have to 'revise' Islam. Like I said - real pain in the butt!!
Check out this website that has a good analysis of him,-
BTW your site is great!
Walaikum Asalam

Neo said...

Latest from T-Fat *defending* and *honoring* Salman Rushdie:

if he was ever out of touch with reality this proves it.