Thursday, May 24, 2007

Random bits

I have been busy and no, I have NOT gotten married in secret. Nor have I paid the ransom. I've been itching to do some posts on the immigration non-debate and the burning non-issues of the day but have found little time to do so. Onto the random bits :

"Dr" Laura seems to have raised a nasty little monster for a son. Who? "Dr" Laura Schlessinger is yet another in a pool of untalented, unqualified judeofascist hucksters polluting the airwaves with psuedo-intellectual moralizing, playing pop-shrink and pretending to be a medical doctor despite holding only a PhD in Physiology. But hey, its talk radio, its not like they have standards. Despite failing miserably on TV, and being exposed as a hypocrite, the no-so-good-non-doctor has done little to humble herself and moderate her preachy diatribes. I guess she was too busy telling her callers how to raise their kids to notice that her own whelp had transformed into quite the sociopathic drug using pedophile(and no, I don't care if he's in the army) who would make any Abu-Gharib torturer proud. "Family values" coming from the same sick woman whose mother was left to die alone.

Despite having an open forum and imploring commentators to follow the house rules, my good friend, the uncanny Kashmiri Nomad has been getting death threats on his blog lately. I wonder if our friendly neighborhood neocon charlatans would care to condemn this outrage. I'm not going to hold my breath though, because we all know there are death threats and there are "death threats."My humble advice is that K.N start posting IP addresses up and do a little visual trace on them. However, I do deserve my very own death threat for watching the travesty that was Spider-man 3.

Apparently you are a communist if you become a partial vegan. Atleast thats what a non-Muslim friend of mine has been accused of by a reich wing co-worker. Billy Bob Darwin would be proud and secure in his patriotism as the meat and potatoes only diet sends him to the ER.


Vigilante said...

I personally, but only casually know Dr. Laura. However I can attest to her being highly qualified as a judeofascist huckster, psuedo-intellectual moralizer, pretend pop-shrink and a quack medical doctor. I find Dr. M's analysis fair and balanced.

Muhammad said...

as-Salaamu 'alaykum. How were you able to determine that her son is actually behind this?