Thursday, April 12, 2007

Jet lag out, malaise in.............

A few observations before hitting the sack........

1) Ali Eteraz declared the "death" of "progressive Islam" a while back. Trouble is the pro-regressive movement was never truly alive. Eteraz correctly points out that the Quran and Sunnah had little meaning to proggies, but then does a white wash, gatekeeper style insisting that "conservatives" waged a smear campaign against the poor little coffee shop intellectuals. And no, my bud PMNUAdebate didn't invent the word "pro-regressive," I did.
Many proggies like Eteraz have tried to re-birth themselves as "mainstream muslims" while promoting the same set of bankrupt ideas eg- shilling for Irshad Manji as the "good cop" at the neocon "secular Islam summit." More recycled "reformist" racketeering.....

2) Wolfowitz neocon presstitute Mona Eltahawy must be feeling lazier then usual, reproducing her trashy article from yesteryear about Palestine not being an Islamic issue, added with a hit job on Yusuf Al-Qaradawy. Actually Moan-a, Palestine have been an Islamic issue since 1066.
MWU reproduced the article and has kept a comment calling on Qaradawi's assassination :

Hi, I'm chua from Malaysia. Frankly, I think there should be an assassination attempt on the Sheikh. He's a crazy a****** all right. And all ulamas should be sent to the gas chamber!
Moronic little bugger aint he? A typical Eltahaway fanboy. I had a response for her original piece on Living Tradition called "Palestine is an Islamic issue."

3) Speaking of judeofascists, Wolfi has been caught raising his Saudi girlfriend’s salary at the World Bank.

4) Yusuf Smith corrects Umar Lee on the true nature of the half-live trolls who recently flooded his blog. Time for your zionist wake up call, Umar.

5) If you stay in school and work hard, you might become somebody, otherwise you may end up doing airport security is what I told one overzealous, fat rent-a-cop at JFK. I then proceeded to ask him if he was in the country legally, a little case of reverse racial profiling(it works both ways) if you will. A tip to the jokers running homeland security : Hire people who are courteous, literate, professional and have a BMI below 35 and an IQ above room temperature.

6) Mike Tyson does Bollywood. A fine reason to get rid of Yahoo as my start page.


JDsg said...

That's why I don't bother with the Eteraz website. SSDD.

Amad said...

WELCOME back!!

I believe we have to be more careful of the wolves in sheep outfits that merely wolves. Because at least you can see the wolf-wolf from far away, but as for the wolf-dressed-as-sheep, then they find it easy to mingle in the remaining sheep and devour one at a time!!

Anonymous said...

assalamu alaikum,

I enjoy reading your blog. Barak Allahu feeka ya akhi al kareem.

I think you brought up an extremely important point about (as i like to call 'em). To date no one in islamoblogsphere has taken it upon themselves to counter the BS eteraz and co. are spewing.

In their shrewd attempt to seem more 'legitimate', they are actually getting popular. With their flowery, philosophical, totally irrelevant riffraff, people are actually falling for 'em. I find it extremely worrying.

Is it possible for you, as someone who has credibility among online muslim community, to actually take the lead and kick some gutteraz butt?


dmz said...

Is it possible for you, as someone who has credibility among online muslim community, to actually take the lead and kick some gutteraz butt?

Yeah! Is it? Please. DO come and teach us the "real" Islam you fitnah-spreading complainers and whiners.

People at Eteraz have open minds and welcome the challenge of exchange of ideas.

Can you deal with that?
Or do you just sit here with your ideologue orthodoxy and complain from afar?

Make your point if you got one.

DrMaxtor said...

Waliakum Asalam Hilal/Nuqtah,
Thanks for your vote of confidence but I don't think theres much butt to kick at "gutteraz"(or MWUv2 as I could call it) The fact that so many of you have seen through their facade is enough.
And a fine saturday morning to you as well, dmz. A little early in the day for so much piss n vinegar don't you think? Or maybe thats all you've got, which was my point. Thanks for making it for me. Nevertheless you fitna propogating munafiqs can try and convince the rest of us "orthodox ideologues" that red light district dancing "art" styles is an authentic Islamic practice.
Really, I need the laugh.

dmz said...

It is definitely WAY too early for the m-word.

Calling someone a fitnah spreader is simply an observation of what I read. Calling someone a munafiq is a serious charge which only a moron would enter into so lightly and with so little information.

So, THANK YOU for making my point.

This site reminds me of the Islamophone sites like LGF and Jihadwatch. In reverse. You all have the same opinion and just nod at eachothers assertions. Like a cult.

But anyway, I only saw that you broadstroaked unfairly on the eteraz community.

What you call munafiqun, I'd call diversity.

But you know it all.

So what point would there be in any discussion.

Nevertheless, is there for people who can interact without being afraid or insecure of their beliefs.

And Allah (+ Dr. Maalox?) knows best.

Ahmed said...

Salaams DrM,

Nice to see you posting again. Keep up the good work and spot-on analysis regarding the charlatan(s) over at eteraz.

Ali is not only a signatory to the sickening Euston manifesto composed by British neo-cons but as you've correctly pointed out he's a 24-carat pretender who quickly jumped off the sinking ship of the pro-gressive movement and is now desperately trying to re-engineer himself a new image and persona as an orthodox (humanist) Muslim. It was no surprise to see his motley crew attempting to rehabilitate Manji; infatuated like pre-pubescent groupies at her 'celebrity' status. The fa├žade fools no one....

Amad said...

Ok, all I ask is for justice in telling me what Muslim in the right mind would write such things (see below)? It is one thing to have diversity and richness of opinion-- in fact Islamic scholarship is full of diversity and rich opinions, it is yet another to have no real Islamic knowledge and then to make 'fatwas' about ijma, kufr, etc. as well as mix erotica, foul language with so-called "Islamic content". That is indeed akin to me, as an Engineer, making proclamations about heart surgery... it is not only wrong, it is hollow. I am not in a scholarly position to make any judgments about a Muslim's Islam, because I am not in a scholarly position to do so. Alhamdulillah, I know what I know. Unfortunately, I can't say the same about many others who have not realized that they don't know what they claim to know.

Hijabi sisters ending with this line:
"If you let me have that much, dear hijabi sisters, I promise to stop imagining you undressed and nubile."

Here's another one: White girls fantasy

Here's his and his sister's own cartoon depiction of the Prophet (who needs the Danish newspapers):

Need more proof??

DrMaxtor said...

Wow, a few lines on eteraz, and I've single handedly incurred the wrath of the "community." Who do these clowns think they are? Some sort of high powered lobby in Washington? Please. So calling you out makes one a "fitna spreader," while you can froth on about the "seriousness" of calling you and yours hypocrites, dmz? Methinks the holier than thou munafiq doth protest a bit too much.
Well my friend, cry me a salty river because I calls it as I sees it. And really, only an mwu-style moron would compare this blog with lgf and jw. Throwing terms like "diversity" and "ideologue orthodoxy" wont salvage your arguments. If you're going to try and take me on in a saturday night pissing contest, atleast come with a half full bladder.
I'm glad Ahmed, and Amad brough up the damning facts that they did, because I was going to bring that aspect of your "diversity" up. But I'll go easy on you, just clarify your enlightened endorsement of redlight district "art forms" for the rest of us orthodox cavemen...

In RAND we trust.

dmz said...

Dear Dr.

There is a clear difference between accusing someone of fitnah sowing (which, as far as I can tell, is the whole point of your blog) and maligning someone's religion (which there is clear prohibition in Ayah and Hadith ).

Who the hell are you to judge another's religion?

Answer: no one!

Leave the judgement to Allah and the justly appointed and don't usurp the position. Huh?

My comments are not about defense of Ali Eteraz. He is what he is. I neither condemn nor defend.

My point is the Community. Like it or not, you AND I are part of the same Ummah and it won't do to have you and every other fitnah spreader breaking the Ummah into sects, divisions and sowing dissention.

How about a little positivity for a change "doctor?"

It is a healer, they say.


I'm out.

DrMaxtor said...

You don't seem to read too well because you're repeating yourself, dmz. You're like a bad rerun. I will most certainly call you and your "community" a bunch of fitna propagading munafiqs because thats exactly what you are. The devil lies in the details. So now you're going to try and fall back on the Quran and Sunnah when in trouble. Funny how that works. Not a SINGLE argument of yours is based on the Quran and Sunnah, and you dare play "muslim reformist" like some shallow political prostitute? THAT my friend, gives me and every other Muslim all the right in the world to highlight and demolish your mujra charade.
Nothing more positive then some much needed house cleaning.

Safia speaks said...

What I fail to understand (after all I´m just a chained, poor, imbecile Muslim wife calling out from the kitchen stove), is why these "proziogressive" scriblers and talkers (I don´t wanna call them writers for obvious reasons) still insist on calling themselves Muslim.

They don´t believe in God. They don´t fast or pray. They keep flogging the backs of believers and they go to great lenghts in order to denounce the holy quran and the sunnah.

Yet, they always present themselves as "Muslims".

Why not just come out offa da closet and confess - ? That way no one would call them munafiq anymore.

Saggal said...


As-salamu`alaikum and Welcome Back!

Thanks for your sublime intellect and sharp wit. And may Allah reward you for your Islamic knowledge.Amin.

Saggal said...

Yikes, did that Ali guy really write that Hijabi Sisters piece?! He sounds like the middle-aged pervert in Lolita.

Amad said...

saggal, yes indeed...
And see the first comment to this post: see this... subhanAllah, I feel bad for his family... and his hypocritic words (his own wife said it)... may Allah bring all pro-regressives to their senses and to the Sunnah.

leah said...

Wow, you all are a judgemental lot aren't you. It kind of makes me glad I'm not muslim, but whatever.

I went and read his posts and I kind of liked them actually. He's a good writer and I'll probably go back and read more :) As for the cartoon, I had no idea what that was talking about so I won't comment.

altaf said...

welcome back bro. - and thanx for takin on etraz and co. - and the others for more info. and links to their "articles" --- i'll do a write up on 'em soon.

Saggal said...

Hi Leah,

He's a good writer

Ali Eteraz is a brilliant writer and I enjoy reading his political commentary which is always first-rate, I think. But I have a twelve-year-old sister who wears Hijab and I just couldn't help thinking of her while reading Ali's 'Hijabi Sisters' article.

I wear Hijab too but I was more offended for my younger sister.

T-Fat Biryani said...

salam Doc,

First of all, it's great to hear back from in a long time. Looking forward to some great stuff on your blog, as usual. May Allah give you success.

Secondly, kudos to Dr. M for taking on Ali Eteraz and Company. The cat is out of the bag, the pervert has been exposed. I for one iniatially thought he was a regular muslim due to his opposition to the proggies but after a little research, I believe he's not only one of their kind, he might be much worse.

Keep up the good work!

T-Fat Biryani said...

assalamu alaykum,

Can you send me an email? I need to send you something.

jazakAllah khayr.


JDsg said...

dmz wrote: "My point is the Community. Like it or not, you AND I are part of the same Ummah and it won't do to have you and every other fitnah spreader breaking the Ummah into sects, divisions and sowing dissention."

Pot - kettle - black.

Amad said...

salam Dr. M... check out Yasir Qadhi's lecture on proregressives on ... I feel it is a must-hear for the Muslim activist and the average Musl
Use a different account im on the street.

Amad said...

Sorry, the previous comment got messed up.

Making Progress with Progressives

Eman said...

I can't resist adding my humble comments too:

Do any of you even understand what Islam is? Do not envy others who have been blessed to see truth that your small hearts have not yet earned the privilege of.

Yours Truly,

A charlatan who is descended from Hussien the son of Fatima,


Amad said...

No Harmonie, none of us know what Islam is. And if that means depending on the mythical figures controlling all atoms of the Universe (per Khomeini), then we would rather not know THAT Islam. Thank you for the edification (I like the word, thanks Maleeha for adding it to my vocabulary).