Sunday, April 22, 2007

DrM of Arabia, and other places.....

A few pics from my on them for higher resolution.

The Prophet's(saw) mosque in Medina.

Miswak salesman in old Jeddah

Ismail Haneyah and Bashar Al-Assad undercover

Crazy Saudi drivers. IMHO neither Saudi men or woman should be allowed to drive. Trust me on this one.

An aging Ottomoan style building in old Jeddah


Not too shabby......

If only it was that easy


JDsg said...

Very nice. The photos from the Prophet's Masjid are especially beautiful. I also like that Ottoman-style building - interesting architecture for the windows.

DrMaxtor said...

Thanks JD, click on the images to see the finer details at a much higher resolution.

Saggal said...

Wow! have just seen them in the higher resolution -they are beautiful and so clear. Hope mine from Zanzibar will be as good.

iMuslim said...

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Vigilante said...


Anonymous said...

nice photos! Will you have more?