Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Cold, Bitter and Silly about "Little Mosque".............and why I think Barack Obama is a "secret" jew

....Atleast thats how I would describe the continued reaction of a certain "Hot, Lemon and Honey" to my review of "Little Mosque on the Prairie." This person had previously praised this blog. Fast forward to my review of that awful Canadian sitcom and now I'm a "radical wannabe, middle eastern orthopedic surgeon" who commented on her blog to "draw her attention." In reality, my comment had nothing to do with "Little mosque" and she knows it. Here a tip, H,L&H : If you're going to lie, do it right. You're a Psych doctor, you know how its done. Don't worry though, I won't delete your comments as you've deleted mine....
Normally I wouldnt care, but its unfortunate how petty and insecure some people become over the most trivial matters. To go off on the deep end over a disagreement about a stupid TV show is partcularly childish. I guess some foolish Muslims in their inferiority complex are willing to accept whatever third rate scraps are thrown their way. Not on this blog.
With that out of the way...I have come to the conclusion that Barack Obama is a "secret" jew. Scoff if you will, but I'm using the same methodology employed by our dear friends in the right wing gutterosphere. You see, these schlusselian bottom feeders have been making noise that Obama is a "secret" Muslim because his middle name is Hussein, and that he went to school in Indonesia("madrassa" is arabic for school and not restricted to religious institutions of learning). I bet he looks good in a Darth Vader helmet too.
But they've got it all wrong. Obama is as jewish as matza ball soup on saturday night sabbath. Look at his name again. BARACK Obama. Remind you of someone? How about former israeli prime war criminal Ehud BARAK? You're not going to let a "c" fool you, right? On further delusion, I think his name is BARUCH Obama. Don't even get me started on that Keith Ellisberg schlomo from Minnesota......

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Nice socks.....

He's president of the World Bank(despite not having an economics degree), but still wont buy new ones. What a cheap skate.

Friday, January 19, 2007

"Reality" TV, mosques "undercover" and "on the prairie"

I don't watch much TV, and with good reason. I'm sure you've all heard about the meltdown on Britain's "Big Brother" between a bollywood starlet and a pair of her house mates. "Reality" TV has been around for several years, an excuse to cut production costs and put together publicity hungry dregs with type A personalities and no lives. A modified version of corrosive TV voyeurism, if you will. The fact that this spat is considered major news showcases just how much contempt the media has for its audience, intellectually and morally. Who cares about people dying in Iraq?
Then comes the "Undercover Mosque," a particularly shoddy piece of propaganda if I ever saw one. Its the sort of cut and paste job put together by the usual suspects(including a self declared Islamophobe and the fake Sufi council of Britain) straight out of MEMRI's(the israeli propaganda site known for its phony cut and paste "translations" of select articles in the Arab press) play book. The "documentary" is being cited by the zionazi faction and its armageddonist followers as proof that Muslims hate non-Muslims, that we want to eat your kids, kick sand in your face at the beach and board the deathstar to subjugate the galaxy etc. Straight out of the "Protocols of the elders of Wahab." Since this group of criminals isn't known for free speech consistency or any desire to speak the truth, I've decided add some balance and clarity to the debate. Yasir Qadhi takes this tripe apart :

Since we are the subject of intolerant preachers, I go underground myself quite often watching the hatred which drips of the tongue of every armageddonist nutjob on TBN, a channel seen by millions around the world. Heres our good friend Pat Robertson calling for the assassination of a foreign head of state. He would repeat this demand later, without any condemnations from the same people who cry bloody murder any time an imam opens his mouth. Keep in mind, that Pat and his cohorts do this in one form or another every single day, without any reproach. Extremist preachers? Sure. Call you spell "hypocrisy"?

Finally, we come to a Canada's latest sitcom, "Little mosque on the prairie." If you ever wondered why some people refer to TV as the "idiot box," this is why. Some Muslim blogs have been naively promoting this wreck as its North America's first major sitcom about Muslims. The creators operate on the fallacy that non-Muslims think that Muslims have no fun or humor in their lives, hence lets make a comedy show with Muslims. Inferiority complex anyone? Some may consider this endeavour well intentioned, yet it is woefully misguided and stupid. From angry militants to goofy incompetents, it essentially exchanges one set of stereotypes for another, while maintaining some. The plots are lame, the acting is forced, the jokes painfully unfunny and frankly Muslims just don't behave in this manner, in or out of a mosque. The second episode(with the obligatory tabla music) in particular was disrespectful to Muslim woman, beating the pro-regressive dead horse that is the non-issue of the barrier in masajid. Muslim spouses don't make out in public, they don't grab each others behind, or talk during Jummah prayers. Muslim fathers(with excessively bad attempts to sound like accented FOBs) don't go through their daughters laundry, panicking at the first sign of menstruation. Awful, isn't it? Zarqa Nawaz may be a Muslim, but she sure as hell can't write for or as one on the best day of her life. You want comedy? try this, I bet you'll get more laughs out of this then the entire season of "little mosque" combined :