Monday, December 04, 2006

ZioNazis just can't quit Keith Ellison

I had really hoped not to blog about Keith Ellison. Yes, I know its symbolic and all for him to be the first Muslim ever to get elected to Congress, but he should be judged by how he will vote and if he doesn't deliver, he's out of work. Till he takes office in January, I'm giving him the benefit of the doubt. However, the usual suspects have other plans, and they've got Ellison clearly in their target scope.
You see, Ellison wants to be sworn in with this hand firmly placed on the Holy Qu'ran. Not so fast says Dennis Prager. Who? What, you've never heard of Prager? I'm shocked, I really am. Dennis Prager is a jewish extremist(with accordion) who sits in a box for several hours a day playing AM radio talk show host. He wants Ellison to be sworn in on the Bible, because would be against American culture if the Holy Qur'an was used. Prager even makes a comparison to Hitler's Mein Kampf. Thats funny coming from a practitioner of the hate filled tracts of the Talmud. Does he not know that using any scripture is purely ceremonial and optional? Does he not know the US constitution makes no mention of any scripture? Does he approve of jewish members of Congress using the Torah? Ofcourse he does, and thats ok because a zionist like Prager hates all Muslims, no exceptions. It is in the spirit of that politically/religiously motivated hatred he slapped together something called " 5 questions for the Muslim world" last year. I had my own questions for him(check the comments section).
Like many of his extremist co-tribalists, Prager is a first order hypocrite and complete work of trash. We're expected to believe that this schmuck whose loyalty is first and foremost to Israel gives a shekel about America, and its culture? Speaking of culture, what is Prager's contribution to America? Draft dodging and dumbing down the populace through a third rate radio program? Writing books no one buys? Supporting the use of American tax dollars to build illegal settlements for terrorists on ocuupied Palestinian lands? Yeah, I though so. In a Congress full of corrupt career politicians, pedophiles, liars and sell outs we're supposed to worry about letting in Keith Ellison, whose worst offense is unpaid parking tickets? Oh the tragedy! Anything to keep Muslim Americans marginalized. Heres how it works schlomos, you don't kick sand in my face, and I wont relieve myself in your tapeworm infested gefilte fish. Otherwise Its time for a pork eating contest. Ellison was elected by the people of Minnesota to be their representative in Congress, so get over it. He doesn't have to prove anything to a bunch of fifth column pseudo-patriots and judeofascists.


Vigilante said...

Amen, Amen, A-a-a-amen!

AngryMutawah said...

I hear that gefilte fish taste like S--t.