Saturday, December 16, 2006

Encouraging Medical news

Major breakthrough in Diabetes research (Identification of specific pain receptors in the pathogensis of the disease, sounds very promising)

Breast Cancer rates drop sharply (Too early to celebrate IMHO, I suspect its not just lack of hormone replacement therapy)


Safia speaks said...

Funny, since Edgar Cayce always said diabetes was an auto-immune syndrom.

Question is, why do our bodies start to kill themselves? Is it new type of viruses?

I startet to invest in medical stocks and I sincerly believe that the future is about medical research more than any tother research.

DrMaxtor said...

Diabetes is a multifactorial disease, sister Safia. It depends what type of diabetes we're talking about. Diabetes Mellitus Type 1 pathogenesis has a stronger autoimmune compenent to it, associated with infection with coxsackie virus. As to why our antibodies attack us, its due to the process of inflammtion.
The best medical reference book IMHO is Cecil's textbook of medicine. Its well written and very approachable.