Sunday, December 31, 2006

Top 10 Pro-regressive Moslim Idiots of 2006

Faster then a politician can shoot his buddy in the face during a game of Nintendo's classic Duck hunt, as 2006 draws to a close, its time once again to highlight the most obnoxious, fake and divisive individuals from the proggie movement. Anti-Muslim hate cartoons and attacks on Muslimas separated the Muslims from the proggies in 2006. This year, they fully lent their support to rabid Islamophobes and if there are still some of you out there on whom subtlety is wasted, read this disclaimer before proceeding any further. With that out of the way, let us not tarry any longer.

10) Its a well known fact that the meat market site, Naseeb, is a pretty lame place. Notice they didn't have their little "Naseeb meet up" this year. Less then 400 out of 1200 seats occupied last year. Not exactly a full house. Everybody else was at ISNA it seems. That was in 2005, this year however, it was revealed that Naseeb does not respect its own terms of service. So what happens to those members who are critical of the website? You win the grand prize of having your account hacked and your private information used for all sorts of nefarious purposes. Our good friend, the Swordswoman is in the process of taking them to court for their crimes. Crappy recycled articles, and psuedo-intellectual 40 year old bachelor and bachelorettes aside, if I were Monis Rahman (Naseeb CEO), I'd settle the case in court, and quickly.

9) Then we have Raheel “Hey Canadian media, I’m a “moderate,” interview me already” Raza. Who? She’s a Pakistani socialite living in Canada for the last 17 years. An obnoxious “auntie” in desi speak, a veritable bag of fermenting potatoes with much to say, none of it remotely relevant, unless you count vanity as the yard stick. Apparently she’s such a well known interfaith groupie, no one has ever heard of her. One would assume that a person claiming to represent a faith would have some rudimentary knowledge of it, and Raza has none(rumor has it that she is a member of the Ahmediya cult). Why else would she be a member of the criminal MCC? Why else would Raza come out in full support of Jack Straw’s racist political powerful play against Muslim woman in niqab? Why is she promoting neocon fake sufi Stephan “Suleyman Ahmed a.k.a. Comrade Sandalio” Schwartz’s book on her website? Rather extreme bedfellows for a “moderate,” don't you think? Enjoy those Danish cookies you like so much Raheel, I hear they do wonders for diabetes. Move along, Shamoo.

8) Meet Denmark’s token colored immigrant politician Naser Khader, named after Gamal Abdul Nasser, another failed, forgotten and disgraced demagogue. Has he done anything besides breaking the speed limit and giving the middle finger to his constituents? Sure. Khader created an organization called “Democratic Muslims” using the momentum generated by Anti-Muslim cartoons to put some wind in his stagnant political sails. One problem though, the organization isn’t democratic, nor is it Muslim. This was by design of course, which explains why he rolled out the red carpet for the likes of non-muslim fraudsters, Irshad Manji and Wafa Sultan. Why not just add Big Bird and Tickle Me Elmo to lend some heavy weight credentials? But enough about this loser with a puppeteers pipe dream….

7) The Muslim Canadian Congress(MCC) a.k.a. exiled Pakistani league of Stalinist cockroaches was formed as a group specifically to counter legitimate Muslim civil rights organizations, to muddy the waters if you will. Its other function is to promote the political aspirations of secular extremist opportunists who have no interest or links to Islam or the Muslim community. Recently it fractured into separate factions, no doubt due to the disease known as chronic Egomanicus Immigrantitis. So what have these refugees from a pancake box accomplished so far? Civil rights work? Nope. Distribution of accurate literature on Islam to libraries? Nope. Pro-active community outreach efforts? Nope. Charity work? Sure, as long they are the charity(Who are they funded by anyway?). Support for reactionary anti-Muslim propaganda? Yep. Idiot(s) number 7? You better believe it.

6) Phony Sufis seem to be all the rage these days, or so you would think. Across the Atlantic in jolly old England, a group of fake Sufis formed the “Sufi Muslim Council” to undermine the Muslim council of Britain at the behest of Bliar Labour government. A similar attempt was made a decade earlier in the U.S. with the failed “Islam Supreme Council of America.” The common link between the two groups ? “Sheikh” Hisham Kabbani, the neocon affiliated charlatan hiding behind his clip on beard while doing the tango with the likes of Bush, Bliar and a coterie of vicious dictators like Karimov of Uzbekistan. So much for the “apolitical sufi” act, now I understand why some animals eat their young. I’d like to see this goon spin, and I don’t mean in a “twirling” sort of way.

5) In his search for a new gimmick(donut and hotdog pornography only goes so far) amid plummeting mwu traffic, Jawad Ali had to do something. The Weekly World News tabloid gets more online traffic. The fact that more people are willing to believe that Elvis and Sasquatch are having lunch in Alpha Centauri then mwu’s recycled garbage is indicative of how utterly repungnent this wasteland of an online magazine has truly become. Jawad decided to start stealing fatwas from various websites like Ask Imam, Fatwa bank. He then proceeded to deliberetly misconstrue their meanings, and ridicule the knowledge and credentials of the Scholars. Jawad seems to think that marital relations between husband and wife is rape, I suppose to a putrid, air-polluting disgrace who spends copious amounts of time in a slimy San Francisco bath house, he couldn’t conclude otherwise. The outrageously petty pervert called his little spin “Fatwa of the week,” More like “Fagwa of the week,” if you ask me. But that’s not all, he smeared Ingrid Mattson of ISNA in a particularly demeaning and sexist way. Why? She’s not interested in leading fake salats. Apparently his “concern” for Muslim woman does not extend beyond aging promiscuous harpies on the RAND payroll. Go figure. Of course there’s nothing wrong with being an unaccomplished middle aged, balding, horse faced, brokeback mountaineer flagellating aimlessly like a spineless rodent in the gutter. That’s proggies for you. Do us a favor Jawad, kindly return HIV back to the monkeys.

4) Looking for an example precociously incompetent sycophant and a malodorous, armpit-licking pimple on the face of journalism? Look no further then the neocons favorite presstitude for hire, Mona Eltahawy. Imported from the Egyptian client state, with a recommendation from none other then Paul Wolfowitz, the vile judeofascist war criminal, known for his fondness for loose yet ideologically subservient Arab woman(just ask his Saudi girlfriend). Eltahawy is major proponent of the pro-regressive shahada, “A Muslim is anyone who claims to be one.” Essentially you’re a Muslim if you fancy biryani and baklava. I guess she came up with that while munching on her first E.Coli laced burger, thinking herself an American from then on. Eltahawy’s one dimensional articles are awful, yet music to the ears of the Islamophobic choir she caters to. Just do a search on her and find out yourself. The harridan knows which side her falafel is fried on. One particularly disgusting article proclaimed that “911 was good for the Muslim world.” Why? Because this was her chance to cash and claim to be a representative of the community. Quran desecration? Big deal, “it’s just a book.” Are you terrified of the niqab? “Well, me too!” Try finding any criticism of neocons and the war against Iraq in her columns, when you won’t you’ll understand why she’s syndicated. Eltahawy has also discovered that Arab media practices censorship, but only after being fired from a third rate Saudi paper. Great timing, but I guess a 40 year old bimbo going on 16 has to maximize her earnings and work both sides of the fence. Lets also not forget the she’s the obligatory “democracy advocate.” Right, might as well expect the hunchback of Notre Dame to sit up straight. A common line she often uses is “As a Muslim, a woman, a feminist, an Arab..,” I don’t think even fans believe that one. Well Ms.Eltahawy, as a non-pro-regressive Muslim not for sale, and someone unimpressed with hucksters with one foot in the media, the other in a neocon brothel, you ought to be beaten senseless with the broom you rode in on. If there were any standards left in journalism, you’d be mopping the floors over at the National Inquirer with a leash around your neck.

3) 2) 1) The year was 1989. The Berlin Wall came down. Millions celebrated and the Tom Cruise of the Pro-regressive bowel movement, Tarek Fatah, the demented, snake-eyed plague of sighing and grief, and flea-infested hysterical mass of warbling punjabi inanity suffered yet another set back in a blockbuster career of uninterrupted failures. I’m not going to waste time and space recapping every detail of his heart-sickening plot less melodrama of an uneventful life. Ever since he conned his way into Canada 18 years ago, he has been unable to win even the most insignificant political office. His attempts to sound like a 1940s Englishman are particularly pathetic. Rumor has it that his FOB name was “Tom Dollar.” If you ask me, this radioactive hippo isn’t qualified to lick a stamp sideways. 2006 witnessed the greasy, gooey, stale gulab jamooney, glyceriny, gutter gestating goofball’s full transformation into a neocon lapdog (to which communism is the common gateway drug) along with shameless efforts to promote himself by playing victim to fake death threats with grave warnings about the phantom menace of “Islamism.” A Green Day poster is not a death threat. People disagreeing with your dirty politics do not constitute a death threat. Being named last year's top idiot is not a threat. So what do most people do when threatened? They call the cops and lodge a report. Fatah never did so, knowing full well that filing fake police reports is a prosecutable crime. But of course we know there are real death threats, and then....there are “death threats,” used by many an anti-muslim media whore.

In reality, Fatah’s sudden “moderate muslim” martyr complex was the result of him switching political parties from the NDP to the Liberals. Then came his “resignation” from the sock puppet MCC (he didn’t even cite death threats in his resignation letter, instead claiming he needed the time to work on his “memoirs” and work for Liberal party politician, Bob Rae). Rae came in third confirming T-Fat’s political midas touch. Ever the gracious loser, Fatah then went on a tirade about how “Islamists” had cost his candidate the nomination. Right, anybody who doesn’t vote for your way is an “Islamist.” Any wonder why this charlatan is so wildly unpopular? Did I mention that he opposes religious education for Muslim girls? Hmm, sounds familiar....Bet you didnt know that he and Irshad Manji were the original founders of the MCC.

Well T-Fat, commemorating your second straight year as the top pro-regressive idiot( in fact the top 3 this year) and in the spirit of the new year, let me just say: maybe you wouldn't be such a Jerk-In-The-Box if you didn't have an intellect rivalled only by the Village Idiot's stupider brother, if your weren't so grossly fat that you have to put your belt on with a boomerang, or if you didn't have a face like a boiled Octopus. To put it mildly, you are an egregiously subliterate oaf and a debauched, gossip-mongering cesspool of putrid effluvium. Try not to be on the list next year, creep. Who am I kidding, you'll probably snag all ten spots o repugnant, nose-picking glob of grease.

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

The Cholo who nearly stole Christmas

Recently back in my old southern California stomping grounds and bored out of my skull on Christmas, I dropped in on my good friend from med school, the very semitic Dr.H(100% USDA certified Ay-rab) aka the beardless Angry Mutawah. You'll be hard pressed to find a better orthopedic surgeon(and practical joker) in the nation.
We had decided to go to one of the finest Chinese Muslim restaurants in the area. Before we left, he noticed somebody jumping the fence on the security monitor while I was busy channel surfing. Dr.H went and confronted the culprit, who was now outside the property scoping out the rest of the joint. This cholo claimed to have been on his way to meet his kids in a neighboring city and needed the "shortcut." By this time I entered the fray, which startled him(don't know if it was the kufi or the beard, my two favorite flying accessories) while Dr.H went back in to call the cops. I pulled out the trusty DrM digital camera and asked him to say "cheese" which as you can tell from the picture, he didn't. All smiles isn't he? He didn't look or act high but his story certainly wasn't genuine. You don't go prowling around peoples homes in the middle of the night claiming to be on your way to meet your kids. I tried to keep him talking while the cops were on their way but he decided to exit stage left. Ten minutes later the cops arrived, good thing this was an affluent neighborhood otherwise they'd show up in a couple of hours.
We gave them the relevant information and they were on their way, and we decided to heat up some leftover pizza and stay in. We found out later that this guy had a criminal record and was seen in the area before. It may not sound like a big deal to some but there are a lot of home invasion robberies this time of the year, some fatal. Keep the lights on and your eyes open. Keep safe inshallah.
And before I forget : congratulations to my good friend Felix(not a cholo, but the fuzzy dice on his dashboard has got to go) on the birth of his beautiful and healthy neice, Laura.

Saturday, December 23, 2006

My first kidney...

I found this old cross section of a kidney I had drawn back in the early 90s(click on the pic to see the details). Before medicine, I was a wee lad and aspiring artist, with a particular talent for sketching human faces and bodies. However, I decided to play it safe and stick to drawing inanimate objects due to the Islamic prohibition on the depiction of the living.
I was fairly good at scenery and was told I had a future in art school. I'm not sure I would have turned out to be a professional though.

Pregnancy at Israeli Checkpoints

From IOL

For many Palestinian women in the occupied West Bank, pregnancy has become a nightmarish experience, fearing that their babies would be delivered stillborn at Israeli checkpoints or they would be tear-gassed, and maybe killed, en route to hospital.

"Recently, two of our pregnant patients here were tear-gassed in their homes ... The women couldn't breathe and went into premature labor," Hindia Abu Nabah, a steely 31-year-old staff nurse at Al-Zawya Clinic in Salfit district, told Britain's The Independent newspaper Saturday, December 23.

"By the time we got there, the babies had been delivered stillborn," she added.

Jamilla Alahad Naim is waiting for her first medical check-up of her five-month pregnancy.

"I am frightened all the time," says the 29-year-old woman.

"... I know I will give birth at home with no help, like I did with Mohammed [her last child]. I am too frightened to go to hospital because there are two checkpoints between our home [and there] and I know if you are detained by the soldiers, the mother or the baby can die out there in the cold. But giving birth at home is very dangerous too."

Many pregnant Palestinian women traveling to hospitals to give birth are usually locked up at Israeli checkpoints.

They ended up delivering their babies with no doctors or sterilized equipment, only in the shadow of the Israeli checkpoints and under the watch of occupation soldiers.

According to the UN estimates, a total of 36 Palestinian babies have died because their mothers were detained during labor at Israeli checkpoints.

Giving birth in startlingly similar conditions to those suffered by the Virgin Mary 2,000 years ago, Fadia Jemal in Bethlehem, the birthplace of Jesus Christ, is also trying not to howl.

"What would happen if the Virgin Mary came to Bethlehem today? She would endure what I have endured," Fadia Jemal told the paper.

"It was 5pm when I started to feel the contractions coming on," says Fadia in broken, jagged sentences.

As she was en route to the Hussein hospital along with her sister and husband, they found the road blocked by Israeli soldiers who said that nobody was allowed to cross until morning. (Many deliveries take place in early AM hours)

"I was bleeding very heavily on the back seat. One of the soldiers looked down at the blood and laughed. I still wake up in the night hearing that laugh. It was such a shock to me. I couldn't understand." ( I can tell you why, he's a typical judeofascist war criminal )

The pregnant woman delivered on the car's back seat with no doctors and no nurses.

She gave birth to a tiny boy called Mahmoud and a tiny girl called Mariam.

Doctors said they could have saved Mahmoud's life by getting him to an incubator.

Since her delivery in 2002, Fadia has miscarried for four times.

"When I see the [Israeli] soldiers I keep thinking - what did my baby do to Israel?" (The baby's crime was being born to a Palestinian mother)

In addition of the Israeli draconian measures, many pregnant Palestinian women are suffering consequences of the Western siege on the Palestinians. (Yep, calcium, folate and iron tablets are WMDs)

Nearly 30% of pregnant Palestinians suffer from anemia, a lack of red blood cells.(Iron deficiency anemia, actually)

"Tell your readers that we need their help," Hindia Abu Nabah, nurse, told the paper's correspondent. (Donate here)

"There are no Hamas or Fatah fetuses. They don't deserve to be punished," she added.

The United States and European Union, the two biggest donors to the Palestinian Authority, suspended aid to the Palestinians since the new Hamas-led government came to power in March. ("Its not democracy unless you vote in someone we approve off")

"I couldn't stand to look another anemic woman in the eye and tell her that her baby will be underweight or malformed and we don't have iron supplements to give her," said Hindia.

"I can't go back to that. I can't."

Sunday, December 17, 2006

This man wants to "kill all Muslim kids"

Normally, I don't give right wing scum free publicity. However, Islamophobia Watch brought to my attention a call by a Florida based blogger named Vilmar Tavares of "right wing howler" fame to "kill all Muslim kids."
CAIR-Florida alerted the web hosting company which promptly shut the site down. Kudos to them. Despite media attempts to contact him, Tavaras has "no comment." Guess he doesn't feel much like howling.
Predictably, his gutter snipe supporters are screaming "freedom of speech." Uh, NO. While a degenerate like Tavaras has the right to hate whoever he wants, he does not have any "right" whatsoever to call for anyones murder, especially children. Then theres the "what about "jihadi" websites" line. What about them? Such websites are shut down all the time and they don't represent an iota of the Muslim presence online. No dice nazis. This is just a shallow and feeble excuse to justify hatred of all Muslims across the board. The call to murder all Muslim Kids, would include millions of Muslim American boys and girls, and by extension their parents who would do all in their power to defend and protect their children. Tavaras is a domestic terrorist in the making. This sadistic bastard ought to be arrested and prosecuted to the full extent of the law. This is not a "fatwa" or a threat, but my freedom of speech to put a picture of his ugly mug up. Certainly Muslim parents throughout the nation, particularly Tampa Bay, Florida have every right to know what the self-proclaimed would-be murderer of their children looks like. Click on the screen shot below :

UPDATE : Tavares has decided to quit blogging altogether claiming that this had been his intention for a long time. Right. Perfect timing. "FrankJ," the bottom feeder whose "kill all Muslim kids" rant Tavaras echoed now claims it was written as "satire"( hint : wishful thinking and pipe dreams) Perhaps he could try out his new found word craft by yelling "fire" in a crowded theatre. Wonder how that would play out in court. Better yet, why don't I just take my trusty guillotine( contructed out of original Lego parts) and demand his head for initiation of vermin who openly call for murdering children? Ofcourse I'm being "satirical," you believe me don't you?

Saturday, December 16, 2006

So wheres the "Save the Congo" coalition ?

I've been hearing a lot about Darfur lately, and the terrible situation there. Before I continue any further on this topic, lets get something straight : Africa is a CONTINENT, with several nations, languages and religions, facts which the geographically illiterate don't seem to comprehend.
Bad enough that there are several conflicts raging in the African continent, yet there is a very slick and specific "Save Darfur" campaign in circulation these days. Problem is, its run by the usual suspects. Yoshie of Critical Monatages has the lowdown. Read it carefully.
So why Darfur?(Short answer : Sudan has a lot of oil) Why not the Republic of Congo where over 4 million people have been killed( ten times that of Darfur). Angola? Seirra Lione? Liberia? Somalia? Anybody even remember Rwanda anymore? Ethiopia? Oh but I guess this was before Hollywood celebs started the "adopt an african baby" trend(I guess its more fashionable, or photogenic then adopting the orphans left in the wake of Katrina). The politics of intervention rarely has to do with a humanitarian impulse, but rather exploitation as history has demonstrated over and over again. This is not to say that what is happening in Darfur is acceptable or should be allowed to continue, but rest assured that if the usual suspects get involved, they will make the situation worse as their intentions are far from altruistic. Think about it, zionazis treat Ethiopian falasha jews like dirt, and they've been ethnically cleansing Palestinians for decades, they'd love the opportunity to have world attention focused elsewhere. Lets not forget their lackeys, the Evangelical armagodnists who traditionally supported racial segregation and have thrown their messianic weight behind the wars against the peoples of Iraq(650000 plus dead), Palestine, and Lebanon praying that their Rapture acid trip is right around the corner.
Right....if you believe that these two groups of criminals give a damn what happens to the people of Darfur, you probably believe that Michael Jackson has the best of intentions when he opens up his daycare center for kids.

Encouraging Medical news

Major breakthrough in Diabetes research (Identification of specific pain receptors in the pathogensis of the disease, sounds very promising)

Breast Cancer rates drop sharply (Too early to celebrate IMHO, I suspect its not just lack of hormone replacement therapy)

Monday, December 11, 2006

They're after Carter now.........

Yep, they're at it again, this time gunning for Jimmy Carter and his new book Palestine : Peace, not Apartheid. Forget Keith Ellison, we're talking about the 39th President of the US. If the usual suspects can smear him as an anti-semite(Arabs(Muslim, Christian and Jewish) are the largest group of semites in the world, not the khazarites frauds from East Europe), they can smear anybody, including Pokemon. I wonder where are all those phony "freedom of speech" advocates went? A little "self-censorship" there, boys? Is there ever such a fuss whenever Israeli propaganda(comprising the majority of books on the subject in the US) is published? No. Are there ever calls for opposing view points whenever Israeli propaganda is published? No. Are the majority of books available on the conflict factual? No.
Carter is wrong to say that apartheid exists only in the occupied territories and not in Israel "proper", listen carefully to the question of the first caller.

and this one....

I'd like to recommend the following to the uninitiated :

Facts & Fables : The Arab-Israeli conflict is one of the finest books on the origin of the conflict. This 220 page hardcover is needed on every bookshelf. It's been out of print for almost 20 years, so get it now for under $5.

Then we have former Congressman Paul Findley's books on the subject. Wonder why he's a FORMER congressman? Get these books and find out.
Even the usual suspects(you know how they are with the benjamins) can afford them at $0.08 and $0.91, respectively.

This one is a personal favorite of mine, written by the late, and great Ahmed Deedat. You can read it online for free here, or purchase the DVD.

Finally, don't forget to go watch Mel Gibson's "Apocalypto."

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Flatulence at Forty thousand feet

Flatulence brought 99 passengers on an American Airlines flight to an unscheduled visit to Nashville early Monday morning.

American Flight 1053, from Washington Reagan National Airport and bound for Dallas/Fort Worth, made an emergency landing here after passengers reported smelling struck matches, said Lynne Lowrance, a spokeswoman for the Nashville International Airport Authority.

The plane landed safely. The FBI, Transportation Safety Administration and airport authority responded to the emergency, Lowrance said.

The passengers and five crew members were brought off the plane, together with all the luggage, to go through security checks again. Bomb-sniffing dogs found spent matches.

The FBI questioned a passenger who admitted she struck the matches in an attempt to conceal body odor, Lowrance said. The woman lives near Dallas and has a medical condition. ( Crohn's or Ulcerative Colitis perhaps? She could have played it off by pretending to be a metal head with a lighter in her hand. ).

The flight took off again, but the woman was not allowed back on the plane.( Profiled for breaking wind )

"American has banned her for a long time," Lowrance said.

She was not charged but could have been. While it is legal to bring as many as four books of paper safety matches onto an aircraft, it is illegal to strike a match in an airplane, Lowrance said. ( Why are matches allowed on a plane? What, American Airlines doesn't provide toothpicks to its passengers? Perhaps its a way of comparing match stick collections? )

I can imagine the headlines if the passenger was a Muslim : Nefarious Mooslim terrorizes plane with deeply embedded g(ass) bomb." Unless you're on any meds, a great way to stave of the simmering and fermenting gaseous stew in the gluteal furnace is to take a activated charcoal capsule. Its always a good idea to take a low dose aspirin pill(prevention of pulmonary embolisms) while flying. Finally, a well deserved tip of the hat to my erudite comrade Felix for pointing out this most important news story. Thanks for adding to my travel anxiety, player. Now I can't enjoy desi or Mexican food and share the spice(in sublimated form) flying the unfriendly skies.

Monday, December 04, 2006

ZioNazis just can't quit Keith Ellison

I had really hoped not to blog about Keith Ellison. Yes, I know its symbolic and all for him to be the first Muslim ever to get elected to Congress, but he should be judged by how he will vote and if he doesn't deliver, he's out of work. Till he takes office in January, I'm giving him the benefit of the doubt. However, the usual suspects have other plans, and they've got Ellison clearly in their target scope.
You see, Ellison wants to be sworn in with this hand firmly placed on the Holy Qu'ran. Not so fast says Dennis Prager. Who? What, you've never heard of Prager? I'm shocked, I really am. Dennis Prager is a jewish extremist(with accordion) who sits in a box for several hours a day playing AM radio talk show host. He wants Ellison to be sworn in on the Bible, because would be against American culture if the Holy Qur'an was used. Prager even makes a comparison to Hitler's Mein Kampf. Thats funny coming from a practitioner of the hate filled tracts of the Talmud. Does he not know that using any scripture is purely ceremonial and optional? Does he not know the US constitution makes no mention of any scripture? Does he approve of jewish members of Congress using the Torah? Ofcourse he does, and thats ok because a zionist like Prager hates all Muslims, no exceptions. It is in the spirit of that politically/religiously motivated hatred he slapped together something called " 5 questions for the Muslim world" last year. I had my own questions for him(check the comments section).
Like many of his extremist co-tribalists, Prager is a first order hypocrite and complete work of trash. We're expected to believe that this schmuck whose loyalty is first and foremost to Israel gives a shekel about America, and its culture? Speaking of culture, what is Prager's contribution to America? Draft dodging and dumbing down the populace through a third rate radio program? Writing books no one buys? Supporting the use of American tax dollars to build illegal settlements for terrorists on ocuupied Palestinian lands? Yeah, I though so. In a Congress full of corrupt career politicians, pedophiles, liars and sell outs we're supposed to worry about letting in Keith Ellison, whose worst offense is unpaid parking tickets? Oh the tragedy! Anything to keep Muslim Americans marginalized. Heres how it works schlomos, you don't kick sand in my face, and I wont relieve myself in your tapeworm infested gefilte fish. Otherwise Its time for a pork eating contest. Ellison was elected by the people of Minnesota to be their representative in Congress, so get over it. He doesn't have to prove anything to a bunch of fifth column pseudo-patriots and judeofascists.