Thursday, November 30, 2006

Whats the difference between Braveheart and Kramer ?

Ok, so both guys said stupid things, both apologized and yet its Mel Gibson's religion which is picked on. No, Kramer is not Catholic, so save the damage control for someone less savvy. Whats even more interesting is that the zionist extremist ADL's Abe Foxman was trying to make excuses for Kramer's behavior "forgive and forget" style on CNN. This coming from the same man who was huffing and puffing over a pokemon card back in the 90s. Thats right, a Pokemon card with a manji symbol! In Japan, the symbol predates the Nazis by centuries, it means good fortune and can also represent a Buddhist temple. The usual suspects even "suggested" that Nintendo of Japan actually "donate" money to a Holocaust fund. Talk about hubris.

So Michael Richards can go off on a racist tirade and we have to "let the healing begin." Yet we have a drunk Mel Gibson fumbling about in the wee hours of the night and we're to boycott him for life. Funny how that works huh? A very slippery slope this "freedom of speech" business. Lined with the grease of hypocrisy.
But the final word goes to the razor sharp comedian Paul Mooney. Watch as he owns Kramer and FAUX news flunky Greta Van Susteran. If only we had more comedians of this caliber, there wouldn't be any sub par has beens like Kramer around.


Vigilante said...

Never have I had no fruck wid none of the dumb tucks featured above.

izzymo said...

Oooo! That joke was rough! Nice to see Fox News get One Upped!

JDsg said...

As you noted, the "backwards swastika" can represent a Buddhist temple. In fact, that type of swastika is used throughout Asia for Buddhist institutions of all sorts. In fact, I live about a five minute walk away from "The Red Swastika School."