Friday, November 10, 2006

Proggies show their true colors,....again

Well heres a shock, the remnants of the wildly unpopular and dead "Muslim Canadian Congress" has released a statement "rejecting" the niqab. Not that anyone asked them, but its kind of redundant that a group of aging, unaccomplished Pakistani communists holed up in Canada which rejects deen altogether has to announce this. The MCC simply did this to get some desperately needed publicity out of degenerate Jack Straw's racist political power play. Mona Eltahawy, the notorious anti-Muslim neocon presstitude parasite has also used the opportunity to stoke the flames of confusion and hatred. Here's where we get out the thesaurus and look up synonyms for "sycophant."
The question of the niqab is not even the issue. Its about Muslim woman wearing what they want, and it isn't anyones business. Isn't it telling that at a time when Muslim woman are being spat upon, attacked and even killed for their faith that proggies jump on the anti-Muslim bandwagon. Not that I'm surprised or anything. The munafiqs are willing to get behind a woman leading fake salats, but will stand against one if she covers herself. The higher a monkey climbs, the more you see of its behind.

Check out Mere Islam's refutation of this nonsense ( hat tip Indigo Jo )


Neo said...

salaam aleikum,

contrast the reaction to the niqab by these munafiq pro-regressives with the deafening silence on the gang-rape and setting on fire of this 13 year old sister (Abeer Qassim Hamza) in Iraq by 4 U.S. soldiers, only one of which is actually going to trial:

here is a meagre attempt to keep her memory alive (at least on the internet) with a copy of her ID card (Which the Pentagon refused to release initially):

these munafiqs are just as guilty as the accused, since they advocate the ideas (secularism in Muslim lands) under which the U.S. and Britian invaded Iraq in the first place.

Taleb Haqq said...

To be quite honest with you, nothing these people do surprises me any more. Wonder if they will also put out a press release concerning people who intentionally defore their faces or "goth" who cover their face with make-up. Maybe even a press release about women who wear wigs.

Safia speaks said...

In Turkey where women aren´t even allowed to wear a simple hijab if they want to study at universities or have a decent job, many sisters are in fact wearing wigs to cover their hair.
When found out that a sister wears a wig at university, she can actually get fined and arrested by the police and has to quit university or take of the wig.
Turkey...a "Muslim" country!

The problem with Muslims in Canada is, that they do not excercise their political and economical powers. It´s the same problem in Turkey, of course, but where are the Muslims trying to impose a new legislation outlawing nudity in the parks and on the streets? How would the non-Muslim Canadian react when Muslims try to legislate THEIR dress code? (which sometimes is no dress code at all LOL)

And BTW: where are our Muslim brothers to protect our Muslim hejabi sisters?????????

Taleb Haqq said...

Just to clarify, Sr. Safia, Canadian Muslims are getting quite involved in politics, perhaps not enough. My clarification is about the MCC, their statement is certainly not representative of Muslims' views. While they want to claim that it's a grass roots movement it most certainly is not. Whenever they put out a "joint" statement it's usually with organizations of other faiths as they cannot muster up and forge relationships with other Muslims organizations.