Thursday, November 30, 2006

Flying while Muslim with snakes on a plane

By now we've all heard about the six Imams thrown off a US Airways plane. Why? Because a malicious illiterate decided to have some fun and play "pass the note." Now its one thing to be vigilant, its another when you make up stories about passengers who have more melanocytes in their skin then you. Predictably, the usual suspects(the Moonie owned neoclown Washington Times, judeofascists and trailer park contingent) have started a smear campaign against the Imams. The same thing happened to a trio of Muslim medical students by a hillbilly butter hog in Florida a few years ago. Why is racial profiling acceptable in the US? Because it doesn't affect the majority of Americans, who are caucasians. Thats the cold hard truth. The Imams are now going to take US Airways to court and I hope they win a nice settlement, I really do. Let me share a little "flying while Muslim" story with you. Years ago, while boarding a plane headed for Chicago, a wrinkly old white man started giving me dirty looks. I stared back and said "Hey buddy, if you like what you see, take a picture." He didn't take a picture but he did fixate his cataract filled headlights elsewhere. I don't like flying and can sympathize with the anxiety that comes with it, but don't think that I'm going to stay silent if some anonymous bastard onboard decides to fabricate flights of fancy. People like these ought to be heavily fined with the possibility of jail time, and prevented from flying lest they demonstrate the degree of maturity required to function in civil society. Until then I'll be doing the profiling. Guess who I'm keeping an eye on?


Irzan said...

I thought Americans are way over the racial issue. :(

by the way this is not my real blog. my real blog is in wordpress.

I so bloody like u dude!!! Keep on writing and Insya-Allah i'll join the force sooner or later.

Safia speaks said...

There aren´t many countries in this world where students have to disclose their "race" when applying for university. The US is one of them. In the UK one can crosscheck three categories of "white"; there is "British white" and "Irish white".
When I travelled by ferry to Norway some weeks ago my colleagues and I read du3a as-safr (travellers prayer) aloud and we prayed on the ship. We were expecting to be evicted sooner or later, but fortunately that didn´t happen.

Hot Lemon& Honey said...

very sad.
Dr.M why don't you write in the UAE community blog?

DrMaxtor said...

Too busy I'm afraid, I barely have time to blog H.L&H. You post whatever you like from here on the UAE community blog.

Hot Lemon& Honey said...

I would have, but Im not a member.
And my blog is not that popular either so posting any on mine would not get the people I want to read this stuff