Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Muslimah murdered execution style in front of her 3 year daughter

Ina lilahi wa ina ilayhi raji3oun. (Hat tip Salika Sufisticate). The brazen murder of 37 year old Alia Ansari, mother of six didnt happen in Iraq, or Palestine or any of the hotspots we often hear about. It happened in Fremont, California. The murderer got out of his car, shot her in the head, and drove off. Both she and her three year old daughter were on their way to pick up her kids from school. She was also wearing hijab, which her family believes was the motive behind her killing. Three women at the Islamic Society of the East Bay said they would continue to wear head scarves even if the killing was a hate crime. "Even if they wiped out everyone on Earth, I would not remove the hijab," said Suzanne Azim, 43, a Hayward resident.
Islamophobia certainly shouldnt be ruled out at a time when Muslim woman are being targetted by the usual suspects.

A trust fund has been established to help support Ansari's husband of 17 years, Ahmad, and her six children. Deposits can be made into account No. 55041477 at any Fremont Bank location.

Fremont Bank
General Contacts
General Information
(510) 792-2300

Checks can also be made to the "Ansari Family'' at Washington Mutual, account No. 3091558830

Also check out this article.

UPDATE 10/26/06 : Suspect identified


Danya said...

Absolutely dispicable... may Allah make her a shaheedah and give her family ease..

I've never seen her picture before, she looks like one of those sweet smiling aunties :(

AngryMutawah said...

The person who did this terrible crime needs to be hanged in public...