Sunday, October 08, 2006

Lebanon's 6 year old heroine

From the No Peace without Justice blog

French Doctor Thierry Arnaud found Anoushe Timuti, age 6, trying to dig her brother out of the ruins of the family’s house. The doctor spoke little Arabic. Through an interpreter he explained that Anoushe’s brother desperately needed a blood transfusion or else the little boy would die. Anoushe nodded, signifying she understood.

When the transfusion was complete, she began to cry. The doctor asked what was wrong. Anoushe asked through an interpreter “when do I die?” Too young to understand medicine, she had assumed that all her blood would be taken - yet she was willing to give her life to save her brother’s.


Hot Lemon& Honey said...

I am speachless.

--M said...

And they say babies are born with original sin...subhanallah.

Safia speaks said...

Israel, we´ll give living hell to you
You've terrorized us since the end of World War 2
We've seen 'em come and go and we've seen them die
And long ago we stopped askin' why

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And I'll walk on a wiser stronger man;
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