Monday, October 02, 2006

Fake Muslim degenerates unite!

Denmark's failed token colored immigrant politician Naser Khader(pictured here and named after Gamal Abdul Nasser, another failed charlatan) assembled a crew of psuedo-Muslim hucksters on the anniversary of the Danish hate cartoons to generate some press for his organization "democratic Muslims," aka "non-Muslim neocon degenerate lackeys"
His "guests" included :

Irshad Manji ( carpet addicted Canadian zionist athiest catamite con artist on the far left )

Mona Eltahawy
(curly haired neocon supported neolib Egyptian bimbo pictured above in the centre, often masquerades as a journalist )

Wafa Sultan ( unemployed athiest zionist pretending to be a Muslim, currently a favorite amongst judeofascists and people with the IQ of a toilet bowl )

It may be Ramadan but that doesnt mean the criminal network is taking it easy. Well, neither am I. Wonder where phony asylum seeker Ayaan Hirsi Magan was. Nice try though proggies but the cats out of the bag,....see you on this years idiot list.


publicdebate said...

time for me to update pmunadebate :-) --- good to see all these people together, now they can't deny they're all sleeping in the same bed.

DrMaxtor said...

We eagerly await your update P.D. I wasnt going to blog this month but hey, duty calls!

ajsuhail said...

If it was Ramadan, what were those bottlew of water doing there.Unless the meeting was held after Iftaar.

DrMaxtor said...

LOL AJ, I dont think it matters to them whether its Ramadan, day or night...!

Safia speaks said...

ajsuhail, they were drinking more than just water that day; when the meeting finished they went to the parliament restaurant to dine and drink red wine - hours before iftar.

Since I´d been blogging about their circus, people here in Denmark have scolded me for making jokes about Manji being Lesbian.

But now, when I look at that pic on drmaxtor´s blog, I think that Manji wasn´t the only Lesbian that day...Mona T. certainly doesn´t look like she minds Manji grabbing at her?

Hot Lemon& Honey said...

LOL @publicdebate!

Shakir_Eye said...

Surprised you haven't displayed this one on your blog!

DrMaxtor said...

Actually Shakir, I've seen that video already on the Straight Struggle blog. Had to see it a few times because that was the fastest thunderbolt ever...I hope that lightening strikes the place spot more often.

Safia speaks said...


SwordsWoman said...

A triumvirate of ignorance and filth they sit,
Lead by the diseased dyke who lacks intelligence and wit,
Promoting fallacies and evils that are so untrue,
"Freedom" and "Democracy" they dress it up as to you,
But people are turning to Islam in their droves and masses
Remember the enemies of Allah, always harrasses
So hold fast altogether by the rope which Allah stretches out for you,
And recall to mind that the path of Islam in ONE and TRUE.

A good idea to get your hands on a copy of "Sacred Freedoms" by Haneef Oliver...who trashes the democracy, individualistic, humanist argument in one fell swoop.

Luqman said...

When are people going to realise that apostates can never represent Islam or Muslims?

Muslim Apple said...

Perhaps, they were not fasting because they were in a state of travel.

Safia speaks said...

Right, travelling to La-la-land!