Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Muslimah murdered execution style in front of her 3 year daughter

Ina lilahi wa ina ilayhi raji3oun. (Hat tip Salika Sufisticate). The brazen murder of 37 year old Alia Ansari, mother of six didnt happen in Iraq, or Palestine or any of the hotspots we often hear about. It happened in Fremont, California. The murderer got out of his car, shot her in the head, and drove off. Both she and her three year old daughter were on their way to pick up her kids from school. She was also wearing hijab, which her family believes was the motive behind her killing. Three women at the Islamic Society of the East Bay said they would continue to wear head scarves even if the killing was a hate crime. "Even if they wiped out everyone on Earth, I would not remove the hijab," said Suzanne Azim, 43, a Hayward resident.
Islamophobia certainly shouldnt be ruled out at a time when Muslim woman are being targetted by the usual suspects.

A trust fund has been established to help support Ansari's husband of 17 years, Ahmad, and her six children. Deposits can be made into account No. 55041477 at any Fremont Bank location.

Fremont Bank
General Contacts
General Information
(510) 792-2300

Checks can also be made to the "Ansari Family'' at Washington Mutual, account No. 3091558830

Also check out this article.

UPDATE 10/26/06 : Suspect identified

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Fascist secularism gone wild : Unprofessional French Gynaecologists

Amid all the condenscending anti-veil rubbish and racist attacks on Europe's Muslims, the French National College of Gynaecologists and Obstetricians issued a public declaration, "rejecting any moves to undermine the principle that public hospitals are part of a secular state, in which patients must accept being examined by a doctor of the opposite sex." This "declaration" came after reports thats a Muslim assaulted a gynaecologist after his wife suffered childbirth complications. Details as usual(we're talking about a Murdoch rag here), are sketchy. Notice how its implied that religion had some role in the altercation, and how this incident is being used to justify violating the rights of female patients by not honoring a common request.
Let me share a few details of how the patient-physician relationship works. For starters the patient is the boss, they have every right to raise concerns about anything, including the right to be examined by a member of the same sex. I've had a few of such requests from female patients, and each and every one was a non-Muslim. So theres nothing odd or uniquely Islamic about it. I didnt take it personally, and as expected of a professional complied with the wishes of the patient. And guess what? Thats the basis of a solid patient-physician relationship. Its not about you, but the patient. You dont get to pick who you want to treat!
Instead what we have here are narcisstic French prima donnas trying to stir the pot of anti-Muslim hatred which has become the standard of mindless fascist secularism run amok in Europe these days. What sort of health care professional behaves like this? A throughly unprofessional one, and if any of these idiots pulled such antics here, they would be suspended and their medical licenses revoked, and rightly so. But ofcourse this has nothing to do with medicine, but with a former colonial power trying to get its kicks by attacking religious and racial minorities in its own backyard. Who in their right mind would want to be "integrated" and "assimilated" into a "culture" like this? I wouldnt. I'd argue that by making life harder for Muslims going about their day to day business, the French and their imitators( 2 third rate former colonies come to mind) are infact going to politisize them and fuel lasting ill will towards the state. My advice to Muslimahs going into the medical field would be to strongly consider going into OBGYN, there are many woman who have no time for the politcs of exclusion and are in need of your care.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

A closer look at micro-finance

Muhammed Younus has been awarded the 2006 Nobel Peace prize, "for his efforts to create economic and social development from below." It sounds like a pretty impressive scheme, and some Muslims are ecstatic(not as bad as the ridiculous amount of adulation for the Iranian-American space tourist, hey its her money but $20 million can feed a lot of people(you can feed a Palestinian family of 7 a month for just $125)) at Younus at winning "one for the ummah." Now I'm not an economist, but I have to wonder why if the Grameen Bank has been doing such a fantastic job since 1976, why is poverty in Bangladesh worse then ever? Granted that its foolish to expect a single bank or model to uplift a country of 147 million people, but does all this noise about the micro-credit system live up to the hype? A little too good to be true perhaps? I'm not so sure but I found a couple of interesting articles on the subject :

Bandaid Bandwagon
Loans self employed

Friday, October 13, 2006

Over 650000 dead Iraqis, and counting..................

The news just made it to the headlines and already the reich wing gutter snipes are tearing it apart. Reality challenged, epidemiologically illiterate and blood thirsty bastards that they are, they'd like us all to believe "Hey its a picnic in Iraq." Sure it is! Who would want to stay home when you have electricity only 4 hours a day? Who would you rather believe? The same lying group of criminal neocon thugs or the Johns Hopkins University's Bloomberg School of Public Health and The Lancet Journal of Medicine?

Check out Juan Cole's analysis of this damning statistic.

And the numbers do add up !

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Hands off Nazis !

This is getting out of control. British war criminal Jack Straw's comments( Hey jackass, if you have communication problems, then leave politics and off you go to special ed classes. 27 years and NOW you have trouble communicating with your constituents? Apparently you didnt have problem communicating when asking for the Muslim vote in the past. I'm sure it has nothing to do with your current political aspirations after your awful performance on British tv right?) against Muslim woman have unleashed a wave of racist attacks on the community(never mind the fact that British nazi terrorists have been caught red handed with explosives, but hey who cares about that?). Fascist Danish gutter snipes are acting up and the Pope isnt helping matters much either.

This was spray painted at the home of an Indian Catholic family. Apparently you dont even have to be a Muslim to get this sort of reception. Just be as dark as possible and look "foreign" to be considered a Muslim. This also validates my thesis that a good nazi is a dead nazi.

Now I'm not a reactionary, but if this sort of
harassment keeps up, you're going to have race riots on your hands europeans. Get over ourselves, you are no longer empires, and attacking minorities, petrol bombng bakeries, assaulting defenseless woman in the streets will not be tolerated. If the gas chambers are ever reactivated again, you can bet that Uncle Adolf's little helpers will NOT be the ones pulling the levers. Besides I spray painted the wrong house.

Bottom line nazis, we will dress as per the dictates of our faith. We will eat and drink(halal ofcourse) as we per the dictates of our faith. We will perform our Salats as per the dictates of our faith. And guess what? Its none of your damn business and if its keeping you up at night, go and play Russian roulette with all chambers fully-loaded. Oh, and I love Mexican food just incase you were curious what I thought about the homies south of the border.

"Be peaceful, be courteous, obey the law, respect everyone; but if someone puts his hand on you, send him to the cemetery."
Malcolm X, Malcolm X Speaks, 1965

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Lebanon's 6 year old heroine

From the No Peace without Justice blog

French Doctor Thierry Arnaud found Anoushe Timuti, age 6, trying to dig her brother out of the ruins of the family’s house. The doctor spoke little Arabic. Through an interpreter he explained that Anoushe’s brother desperately needed a blood transfusion or else the little boy would die. Anoushe nodded, signifying she understood.

When the transfusion was complete, she began to cry. The doctor asked what was wrong. Anoushe asked through an interpreter “when do I die?” Too young to understand medicine, she had assumed that all her blood would be taken - yet she was willing to give her life to save her brother’s.

Saturday, October 07, 2006

How NOT to protest, or counter-protest for that matter.....

I'm sure many of you have seen Pakistan's bumbling general-in-chief on the Daily Show. Yes, he's an embarassing excuse of a man with his 1940s style english and silly salute to the audience, BUT I find this "protest" cobbled together by some outfit called the "World Sindhi Institute"(90% of Sindhis live in Pakistan, the rest in India) far worse. You can tell that the white people who hooked up with them are having second thoughts. Now I've been to a few protests myself and can tell you that being articulate and organized is a must. A word of advice to these jackballs : its pronounced dem-ock-racy, not dhem-aack-rassy.

Monday, October 02, 2006

Fake Muslim degenerates unite!

Denmark's failed token colored immigrant politician Naser Khader(pictured here and named after Gamal Abdul Nasser, another failed charlatan) assembled a crew of psuedo-Muslim hucksters on the anniversary of the Danish hate cartoons to generate some press for his organization "democratic Muslims," aka "non-Muslim neocon degenerate lackeys"
His "guests" included :

Irshad Manji ( carpet addicted Canadian zionist athiest catamite con artist on the far left )

Mona Eltahawy
(curly haired neocon supported neolib Egyptian bimbo pictured above in the centre, often masquerades as a journalist )

Wafa Sultan ( unemployed athiest zionist pretending to be a Muslim, currently a favorite amongst judeofascists and people with the IQ of a toilet bowl )

It may be Ramadan but that doesnt mean the criminal network is taking it easy. Well, neither am I. Wonder where phony asylum seeker Ayaan Hirsi Magan was. Nice try though proggies but the cats out of the bag,....see you on this years idiot list.