Thursday, August 17, 2006

Neocon "Sufi Muslim Council" Exposed

Rolled up trousers provides a link to new blog exposing the phony neocon affiliated "Sufi" groups. Their comments section is closed, but I hope to see more dirt on "Sheikh" Kabbani and co. Also check out the equally erudite brother, do the right thing blog.

All true Sufis rejoice!


Luqman said...

Jazakallah ul khair, I have informed many Muslims here in the UK about them thanks to you.

DrMaxtor said...

Jazakallah Khair for your efforts to get the word out Luqman.

Babak said...

Dr.M thank you for posting on this, I was curious about this organisation ever since it was pitched in notorious Islamophobe Martin Bright's documentary pitched on Channel 4. I commented on the documentary on my blog (click here)

This organisation, that has no link to any Sufi order that I am aware, is using the term Sufi in a disingenuous way. According to Bright what sets it apart from the MCB is that is apolitical, although seemingly this means neutrality on Zionism.

The Muslim Parliament of Britain, a grandiose term for an unelected organisation that could be comfortably seated in SUV, is another such example. Even the Muslim Council of Britain is a front for the Labour party.