Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Finkelstein v. Dershowitz

In a bid to extend the hand of friendship to all my zioNazi fans......enjoy this debate.

Part 1

Now that we're all friends, lets move on to....
Part 2


green-birds said...


Fergal said...

I found the whole thing to be frustrating and tedious. Both are annoying as hell and while F is right on quite a few of his points, they're mostly of no consequence.

Some more thougts

DrMaxtor said...

Thanks for your comments Fergal, I thought Finkelstein was fantastic and gave Dershowitz a good run for his money. I'd much rather hear an tenacious if not abrasive truth teller then an obnoxious liar and apologist for zionist terror.

Muhammad Umer Toor said...

Read "Beyond Chutzpah"'s appendix # 2 to read in detail about Norman's allegations about Alan Dirty plagirizing: it is so even by Harvard's own standards. Here's what actually happened according to NF:

Alan quoted a quote from Peter's books of Mark Twain. Now that Mark Twain quote was an integration of different sentences from a given edition of Twain's book and had ellipses in it, of course. Now, what Alan did, he copied Peter's integrated quote, but asked his RA to cite the source! He didn't give her the source to check, but asked to find and cite a given version of twain's book. While Peter's took the quotes from a very previous edition, Alan's RA gave reference to 1996. Read chapter to know how the latter fact exposes Alan more, as i need to do that as well :P

According to Harvard's guide which Norman fully quotes holds such a citation in which, what i call integrated quote, must be referenced back not to original author but the one who formulated it with ellipses.