Tuesday, August 29, 2006

2 great articles

Bigotry and Ignorance of Islam

The Big lie about "Islamic fascism"


Babak said...

Excellent articles, I think we can blame Christopher Hitchens for the introduction of the term Islamofascism into the modern lexicon, it is an intellectually vacuous term devoid of meaning.

Throughout the 80s the term was Islamic fanaticism. Then It was Islamic fundamentalism, then Islamic extremism, Islamic radicalism, Islamic militancy, Islamic terrorism and political Islam, now the favoured suffix of the Bush administration is fascism.

This shows just how facile a phrase Islamofascism is. The suffix fascism is interchangeable with all these other perjoratives, so clearly it is not being used in a meaningful way. In fact, it is evident that for the Bush administration the pejorative suffix - whichever one - is tautologous with Islam.

DrMaxtor said...

Hitchens aka drink soaked popinjay popularized it but someone else came up with it.

thabet said...

It was coined by Stephen Schwartz.