Sunday, August 20, 2006

This is why I despise zionazis

For those of you who thought that the treatment meted out to those 3 IDF guys in Fiji was rough and undeserved, check out what they did to Palestinian American comedian Maysoon Zayid. What kind of degenerates brutally mistreat a woman with cerebral palsy? What breed of scum stole her maxipads and left her bleeding over herself in a wheelchair? What sort of sick creatures prevented her from taking her medication so she threw up multiple times during her flight? Three guesses, and the first two dont count.
Check out Hisham Tillawi's interview with Maysoon. I may not be a fan of some of her comedy but anybody who treats a handicapped person with such contempt needs to be sent to Fiji, and given the 5 star cavity search with a cactus while being forced to watch Mel Gibson dvds treatment.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Neocon "Sufi Muslim Council" Exposed

Rolled up trousers provides a link to new blog exposing the phony neocon affiliated "Sufi" groups. Their comments section is closed, but I hope to see more dirt on "Sheikh" Kabbani and co. Also check out the equally erudite brother, do the right thing blog.

All true Sufis rejoice!

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

What goes around comes around


SUVA, Fiji (Fijilive, Aug. 9) - Israel’s Foreign Ministry is looking into a complaint that three Israelis were evicted from Fiji recently after an immigration officer told them that they had humiliated Palestinians during their military service.(Aint that the truth?)

A report on says Amit Ronen, Eldar Avracohen and Nimrod Lahav had left Israel in February for a tour(?) in Australia.(I would let someone named Nimrod in)

Last month they decided to spend a week in Fiji and arrived in the country on July 13.

Avracohen wrote in a complaint letter to Israel’s Ambassador to Australia Nati Tamir that the immigration officer demanded ID cards after seeing their passports.(So?)

"We gave our passports to the officer, and when she saw we are Israelis she asked for ID cards. We told her we don’t understand why we need ID cards and she responded shouting: "You know very well how to ask Palestinians for IDs and humiliate them for three years."(Preach on sister! A little checkpoint justice in action)

The three said they were held at Nadi International Airport for six hours and officials rebuked their pleas to be allowed to make a phone call.(whine whine whine)

They spent the night at a cell in the airport before being sent back to Australia.(free room and board, cant beat that)

"I don’t look like a terrorist and there is no reason to point a gun at me," Lahav wrote in a letter to Ambassador Tamir.(Not as much fun when you're helpless and not pointing the gun at kids in the occupied territories eh schlomo?)

Avracohen wrote that the incident was the most humiliating experience he had ever gone through.(My heart bleeds for you buddy, boo freakin' hoo. You just walked for a few hours in the shoes of a Palestinian, now you know what they feel like everyday)

Israel’s Foreign Ministry said the matter was being dealt with.(My letter of appreciation to the Fiji embassy is on its way)

Monday, August 14, 2006

As promised.......

...I've added the Straight Struggle to the blogroll. Its a principled, campassionate website with excellent analysis of the so-called gay muslims and the homosexual agenda(no I do not believe it is genetic). Theres also some good material on the pro-regressives.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

The Kiss of Death,,,,,,, LIEberman loses the Connecticut's Democratic primary. He'll be running as an "independent" in a last ditch effort to screw that sad excuse of a party he belonged to.

Monday, August 07, 2006

Galloway trashes the Murdoch media

Catch Galloway on talksport every Saturday and Sunday from Noon-2pm(West coast), 3pm-5pm(East coast) in the mother of all radio shows!

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Polygamy in Islam

Israel set war plan more than a year ago

Straight from the San Francisco Chronicle.......

The Swordswoman draws blood........

If you thought that my list of pro-regressive idiots from last year was rough, wait till you read the Swordswoman's list of top 10 Naseeb losers. This is not for the weak of heart, and while I do have some reservations about it, I find the unethical and unprofessional conduct of Naseeb and its internal hackers to muck around with the private information of its members appalling and unacceptable.
And theres that matter of promoting the failed neolib/neocon agenda through third rate writers, aging corpulent windbags and unemployed psuedo-intellectual desi misfits who aimlessly flagellate amongst themselves under the delusion that their illiterate, uninformed views are taken seriously.

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Tarek Fatah quits.....

Stop the presses, Tarek Fatah has quit the MCC(currently decked out in his son's treehouse). Ho hum. This is an article from Canada's Globe and Mail newspaper written by none other then the purulent pompous punjabi's own daughter (Uh conflict of interest anyone?). I'm not going to waste time deconstructing this latest media stunt but here are some comments from the unimpressed who did it for me :

Jean Claude from Toronto, Canada writes : The problem is less Mr. Fatah’s views than his behavior and his consistently anti-Muslim stance. I am sure any community will be offended when someone represents himself as his community’s voice by launching a sustained smearing campaign against his own people. His “innovative views” are only meant to remain in media limelight. They are not based on any depth of knowledge about the community or Islam. Another prominent aspect of his behavior is to represent himself as the “victim” and community as an enemy. Examples abound in his writings such as when he goes to a mosque he sees himself surrounded by terrorists. In his present statement he equates a statement condemning his behavior to a “fatwa” against him. Even a child knows that a “fatwa” can be issued only by a religious authority under strict conditions and on extremely important issues. Mr. Fatah is absolutely not worthy of a “fatwa” and people condemning him have no authority to issue “fatwa”. His efforts to become Salman Rushdie will fail. Combating fundamentalism is one thing but launching a smearing campaign against every Muslim is an outright bigotry. It’s a good thing that he has decided to resign from his office.

C M from London, Canada writes : So is Mr. Fatah leaving because of 'an increasing heavy load of work', to get out of the 'limelight', for security issues or to write his book? I suspect that Tarek sold out a long time ago and is now thinking it's time to cash in. There is no shortage of people who are frightened of Muslims who actually believe in their religion, pray regularly and even dress modestly. With all the media attention Fatah has received, he should be able to retire comfortably with the royalties from his future book.

Mohammed D from Toronto, Canada writes: This is a happy day for the thousands of muslims living in toronto. This man had absolutely no knowledge of Islam. His views totally misrepresented islam. I hate the fact that many people thought he was speaking for the community. This man has put many false images of islam into people's heads (just looking at all of the comments posted). I am glad he resigned, and I never want to see his face on television again when it comes to representing the muslim community.

Let me make one thing clear though : I dont believe his safety is anywhere near as compromised he claims. That being said, if any of you jackballs out there are sending him threats, I suggest you stop and desist now. Dont give the corpulent charlatan anything to carp about to play victim and use against the Muslim community. Challenge and expose his agenda and his newfound neocon bedfellows....because I guarentee you that T-fat is pursuing his own political agenda via Bob Rae and Liberal party of Canada. You're not fooling anyone masalatron.