Saturday, July 01, 2006

Why Superman should not have returned

I dont usually go to the movies, and with good reason. Between the usual trash churned out by Hollywood and the boneheads(black people you need to quit talking while the movie is playing, that means you Jared. To the pigment challenged, please get a room if you insist on making out because I've been known to toss a cup of ice cold coke on people like you)in the audience I usually prefer the netflix route.
Moving on to our film review...its been 19 years since Supes last graced the silver screen so I was eager to see this film. Unfortunetly the movie didnt deliver. Brandon Routh did a great job but as far as I'm concerned the late Christopher Reeve is THE Superman, but even this film's plot could not have saved him. Special effects aside, Superman Returns doesnt offer anything but a convoluted plot loosely rehashed from the Superman 1 and 2. Dont worry, I'm not giving any spoilers away.
The film will do fairly well but thats about it.Try renting the original made 28 years ago to see the difference. DC's flagship character deserves better.

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AngryMutawah said...

Great flick for degenrates of the 21st century. To bad Christopher Reeves can't be re-animated.