Monday, July 17, 2006

Retaliation? Facts and Fiction....

From the Representative Press

The fact is the June 25 capture of the Israeli soldier was retaliation for Israel's actions.

According to the reasoning of many pro-Israel supporters, Hamas had the right to rain down thousands of missiles on Israel for the June 24 kidnapping of the brothers from Gaza.

On June 24, when Israel seized two Palestinians in “the first arrest raid in the territory since Israel pulled out of the area a year agothe American mainstream media was silent.

"Israel abducted the two Gaza civilians, a doctor and his brother. We don't know their names. You don't know the names of victims. They were taken to Israel, presumably, and nobody knows their fate. The next day, something happened, which we do know about, a lot. Militants in Gaza, probably Islamic Jihad, abducted an Israeli soldier across the border. That's Corporal Gilad Shalit. And that's well known; the first abduction is not."

A question for those who support retaliation, now that you know the facts, do you support Hamas' retaliation against Israel?

And the June 24 kidnapping of the brothers from Gaza wasn't the first action against the Palestinians in recent weeks.

* On June 8, the Israeli army assassinated the recently appointed Palestinian head of the security forces of the Interior Ministry, Jamal Abu Samhadana, and three others.

* On June 9, Israeli shells killed seven members of the same family picnicking on Beit Lahiya beach. Some 32 others were wounded, including 13 children.

* On June 13, an Israeli plane fired a missile into a busy Gaza City street, killing 11 people, including two children and two medics.

* On June 20, the Israeli army killed three Palestinian children and injured 15 others in Gaza with a missile attack.

* On June 21, the Israelis killed a 35-year old pregnant woman, her brother, and injured 11 others, including 6 children.

* Then came the Israeli capture of two Palestinians on June 24, followed by the Palestinian capture of the Israeli soldier and the killing of the two other soldiers.

After the beach deaths, Hamas, the ruling party in the Palestinian Authority, broke an 18-month ceasefire and joined other militant groups in firing Kassam rockets into Israel. The Financial Times reported on June 23 that the missiles, principally targeted towards the Israel town of Sderot, have caused damage and some casualties but no fatalities in the recent barrages. A June 29 Guardian leader noted that the home-made Kassam rockets are "not in the same league as Israel's hi-tech (though not always accurate) weaponry"

But you supporters of massive retaliation, now that you know the facts, you support massive retaliation against Israel for all the Israeli actions PRIOR to June 25.


Mordy said...

First of all I would like to know why that so called kidnapping by israel was not reported by the media? Second: The article fails to mention why those palestinians were killed. They were killed because they were in the wrong place at the wrong time. They were killed becasue terrorists choose to hide among inoccent civillians. Israel is fighting a war on terror and there will be collateral damage.

Babak said...

Mordy, how can anyone fight a war against an abstraction? It is infantile to use the term "war on terror", as a justification for Zionist genocide. Palestinian are killed because Zionist choose to shell the most populated region on Earth, with the clear intent to inflict civillians casualties.

If we are to be precise, Palestinians are fighting against occupation and the Zionists are fighting against an indigenous resistance movement.

DrMaxtor said...

You beat me to the punch babak. Mordy ofcourse is parroting the israeli line that whenever Palestinians are killed its because "terrorists are hiding" behind them. His contempt for facts and minimizing the killing of Palestinians exposes him for the judeonazi shill that he is. One strike you're out Schlomo.

Kunkmonk said...

where are your sources? and don't say chomsky because he's the only one I've heard this June 24th kidnapping from. I need a source from a legitimate newspaper.

DrMaxtor said...

Ha'retz, Gideon Levy.

SwordsWoman said...

Salaams DrM

"Gaza, itself, the latest phase, began on June 24. It was when Israel abducted two Gaza civilians, a doctor and his brother. We don't know their names. You don't know the names of victims. They were taken to Israel, presumably, and nobody knows their fate. The next day, something happened, which we do know about, a lot. Militants in Gaza, probably Islamic Jihad, abducted an Israeli soldier across the border. That's Corporal Gilad Shalit. And that's well known; first abduction is not. Then followed the escalation of Israeli attacks on Gaza, which I don't have to repeat. It's reported on adequately."

Noam Chomsky/Amy Goodman MEISGS)

Also: Gideon Levy also mentions Israel's kidnapping of the two civilians in his article in Haaretz; not sure if this is Chomsky's source - but it is an important read nonetheless:

Furthermore another article which corroborates this:

SwordsWoman said...

Last link is

SwordsWoman said...

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