Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Who needs a "Reformation"?

This is an old Living tradition post of mine from last year. I've decided to repost it here with some minor corrections and updates.

Who needs a reformation? If I had a penny for every time I heard that “Islam needs a reformation with its own Martin Luther”…well you know how the rest of the line goes. Even if we ignore those who utter such words, such a proposition needs to be confronted and corrected.
I personally do not sponsor to the monkey-see monkey-do approach of many proggies who believe that the answer to all of humanity’s ills lies in a pre-packaged western one-size-fits-all solution. You definitely won’t find a solution feasting on a bagel and cup of frapachino at Starbucks.
Indeed, to demand a “reformation” in Islam following in the footsteps of the Protestant “reformation” of Europe reveals a blatant ignorance and arrogance about the history of that event. Were Muslims burning books in a bonfire ? Did they murder untold numbers of woman accusing them of witchcraft ? How about burning heretics at the stake ? Did Muslims initiate and execute murderous Crusades ? Certainly not, this in itself should be enough for a sensible person to reject calls for reformation. If I remember right, Muslims did not alter themselves or their faith to liberate Jerusalem, they united under the banner of Islam to expel the crusaders. So what explains the present ills of the Muslims ? The answer lies in what made the Muslims of the past victorious over their enemies despite overwhelming odds, an unshakable belief in the Holy Quran and the Sunnah of the Prophet (s.a.w). It should come as no surprise that as Muslims embraced the dunya, the unseen help of Allah was denied to them. Indeed, the failures of the Arab and Islamic world today are nothing less than the absolute failure of progressivism whether it cast itself as Kemalism, Nasserism, Marxism, Ba’athism, Pan-Arabism, or any other imported and imposed notion of “progress.” You would think that anyone with common sense would ditch such failed systems of thought and governance by now instead of carrying on about religious reformation like a trained parrot in a cage.
Oh we’ve had our share of reformers, mind you. Under the guidance and protection of the British, Mirza Ghulam Ahmed declared himself a prophet to the Muslims of India, declaring all those who didn’t accept him as kafirs. To this day the Ahmediya cult enjoys a privileged status in England. Over in North America, Noble Drew Ali and Elijah Pool declared themselves as messengers of the Supreme. The NOI freely operates in the US, with neither its activities or racist theology under any real scrutiny. Cant let the “angry black mooslim” stereotype go to waste can we? One does not need a RAND corporation report to see that there have been numerous attempts by the enemies of Islam to create and promote schisms in the name of “reformation.” Today we have a new generation of “reformers,” a veritable gooftroop of neocon charlatans, opportunists, and liars falling over themselves trying to jump on the moderate/progressive bandwagon. Whether it’s Pakistan’s bumbling semi-literate General-in-chief with his “enlightened moderation,” or the regressive definition for Muslims put forth by a group of pseudo-intellectual leftist extremists in cyberspace, “reformation” is in, common sense, truth and honesty are out. And you cant have a good ol’ reformation without your very own Martin Luther, and there’s no shortage of candidates. The gamut runs from catamite Canadian supporters of terrorism to well to do "think tank" academics who like to fancy themselves as “Muslim Kissingers.”
There’s plenty of talk about revitalizing intellectual thinking and grand ijtihad like schemes coming from the usual suspects. These are really just convenient buzz words and catchy phrases, which in reality bear little resemblance to their true objectives. Who says intellectual tradition and philosophical inquiry are dead within the ummah? Ever heard of the late Sheikh Ahmed Deedat? How about Dr.Zakir Naik, a man whose ability to debate and present facts has scared off the likes of Taslima Nasrin and other paper tigers? I could go on about the Maryam Jamilahs, Haroon Yahyas, Hamza Yusufs of this ummah but I think the point has been made.
Haskalah was defined as 18th century Jewish “enlightenment,” a movement amongst Europe’s Jewish elite to assimilate their community. Theodore Herzl, the founder of zionism even proposed the mass conversion of Jews to Christianity, in essence rejecting the “otherness” of Jews and the acceptance of their “Europeaness.” This defines a key part of zionist thought which identifies Judaism through race rather than religious affiliation. While Muslim proggies haven’t yet proposed religious conversion, they are following the same path of assimilation through appeasement. Perhaps they forgot what happened to Europe’s Jews or the Muslims of Bosnia.


SwordsWoman said...

Salaams Dr Maxtor....

Superb post and brilliantly written...I concur fully and I love and have used the works of Sheikh Ahmad Deedad (May Allah be pleased with him) from a teenager to now. Harun Yahya is a simply brilliant modern scholar (under death threat by the Turkish "secret groups" who tried implicating him in some absurd cocaine plot)....

We need as individuals to implement and live by the sunnah...we have some great scholars but we lack leaders...real leaders.

With Arab wealth, oil and Muslim know-how/skills I have always wondered why the Arabs sold out in the first place in their treachery...then I realised they did it because they loved the glitter of the dunya so passionately...divide, rule = gives them power+wealth.

The House of Saud aka The House of Sin can go and blow $200m on a soccer club in Belgium or whatever yet throw the odd token aid package to Palestinians who are in dire need of financial help. Either that or the House of Saud waste it on preposterous levels of gambling and whoring.

The four madhabs do not call for death in a change of religion...change of religion is wrong period its bidah. They do as the Ulema have the right to issue whatever fatwah as the legal authority accorded by the dictates and guidances of the Qur'an. Analagous is the issue in the UK where treason (against the Queen) is levied by a death sentence....
So whats the difference there then "use_your_mind"?

The Ahmaddiya movement are extremely well placed and highly versed in Islam yet are those most heinous sell outs and schism ridden heretics I've seen...they have money, power...for now...another bunch of sell outs. Ahmed Ghulam Mirza was actually a British agent who met his death in an Indian fitting...

DrMaxtor said...

Waliakum Asalam SW,

Jazakallah Khair for your comments. Arab oil wealth is a perfect example of how money does not equal power. Is "usless mind" an Ahmedi? "Mount Maronite" and his bitter revisionist crusader fantasys are the byproduct of wishfull thinking and losing the Lebanese civil war.

Safia speaks said...

Very nice!
I am also tired of hearing non-Muslims telling me: "Islam needs a reformation!" - it has become the sad mantra of islamophobic intelligensia here in Europe.

Khalid said...

Islam's Ann Coulter

DrMaxtor said...

Thanks for the link Khalid. She's hardly an "ann coulter of Islam" since she isnt a Muslim. The fact that zionist jews and co. have the hots for her is enough to see her for the shallow pathetic fraud that she is.

Babak said...

I agree entirely, I have made the similar point in an article "British Islamophobia post 11 September" that what is being asked of Muslims is not integration but assimilation.

I would argue that the Christian reformation was far from a positive step in the advancement of Western civilisation; in fact, the demise in organised Christianity and the reemergence of fanatical nationalism might properly be attributed to the Reformation.

Moreover, many of those outside Islam arguing for an Islamic Reformation are those most adamantly opposed to Islam. It would be absurd to believe that Secular fundamentalists opposed to ll religious influence in politics and public life, are sincere in their desire for Islamic reformation.

What is being called for is a division between the Qu'ran and Islam, as if this was not contradictory. The would be reformers object to "Qu'ranic Islam", yet there is no other nor could there ever be. Thus they seek not reformation but perversion.

George Carty said...

Takfiri rabble-rousers like Omar Bakri and hook-handed Abu Hamza are the real "Muslim Ann Coulters".

George Carty said...

Babak: I agree entirely, I have made the similar point in an article "British Islamophobia post 11 September" that what is being asked of Muslims is not integration but assimilation.

How is that different from treatment of non-Muslim immigrant groups? (Rabid Islamophobe) SM Stirling argued when discussing the French riots (sorry I can't find the quote now), the French assimilation machine which was so good at crunching up limestone (assimilating Polish, Romanian, Italian, Spanish, and even Vietnamese and Creole immigrants), couldn't cope with being fed ball-bearings (Muslim immigrants).

Babak: I would argue that the Christian reformation was far from a positive step in the advancement of Western civilisation; in fact, the demise in organised Christianity and the re-emergence of fanatical nationalism might properly be attributed to the Reformation.

Could the secularists not make the counter-argument that Christianity impeded Europe's technological progress? I remember a (probably Muslim) commenter "Qutuz" on Austrolabe arguing that: "Christianity is MS DOS in a multi-core world, it's not up to it. One can only be a religious Christian by either not understanding science, or partioning ones hard drive and running a science-based OS that keeps one functioning in the modern world and having a christian “app” that one can boot up for special occasions. The contrast with Islam could not be greater."