Monday, June 12, 2006

Canadian Muslima blasts Tarek Fatah

Fatah champions his own views
Jun. 10, 2006. 01:00 AM

Time to challenge Muslim extremists

Editorial, June 7.Let me get this straight. Tarek Fatah of the Muslim Canadian Congress complains when the media make gross generalizations about Muslims, but has no problems making even bigger ones himself. Has Fatah visited every single mosque in Canada, enough to make the sweeping claim that no mosque allows freedom to debate? Imagine if someone had made similar comments about Canada's Jewish or Hindu communities, stating that their temples and synagogues were being overrun by "a fascist cult" of supremacy? It would border on hate. So why should his accusations about the Muslim community be accepted as legitimate discourse?Fatah's words bear the mark of hypocrisy. He regularly uses his weekly television show and position within the community to spread his own political views. He wants Muslims to discuss politics, just not in the one place that he and his fellow secular Muslims have no influence — the mosque. The double standard is laughable. Rather than promoting himself as a champion of the Muslim cause, Fatah and the à-la-carte critics like him, should admit that by trying to project their narrow-minded views on the community, they're no better than the "fascist" imams they claim to detest.

Samrina Wadhera, Toronto

Seems like Canadian Muslims have had enough of frat boy's antics. His minions on the pro-regressive mailing list(which I have infiltrated) are so insecure about their corpulent fuhrer that they're planning to flood the Toronto Star with pro-fatah messages. One such idiot is Munir Pervaiz, a member of Fatah's mailing list who claims that the man who'd take a bullet for a burger has a global following of "moderate" Muslims. Oh he has a following alright, that of the people behind him at the buffet line at Sizzlers during happy hour.
I urge all Muslims reading this to flood the Toronto Star website with the truth about T-Fat(his ghetto monicker). You just keep sweating there fatso.


SwordsWoman said...

Salaams DrM...another brilliant, succinct verbal missile attack on these abjectly pathetic, unintelligent, self promoting buffoons...

Keep it up :)

DrMaxtor said...

Waliakum Asalam!

I'm just getting warmed up.LoL