Monday, April 03, 2006

Fagwa of the Week and other cheap gimmicks

So what happens when MWU's third rate porno brigade runs out of material to steal from HBO's cancelled "Sex & the City"? They come up with a new feature ofcourse! This one called "Fatwa of the Week" run by aging horse faced homosexual MWU co-founder Jawad Ali. The gimmick is quite simple, essentially lift fatwas(without permission ofcourse) from Ask-Imam, SunniPath etc and deliberetly misconstrue and ridicule their meanings. This goes along nicely with MWU's policy of presenting knowledgable Muslims as a group of backward and corrupt individuals seeking to subjegate the ummah with their rulings. Just take a look at the MWU "poll" on their homepage. Either you are with them or against them, thats the sort of "inclusiveness" these neocon supported neolib lackeys believe in. The contempt for Muslim scholarship is obvious. Reminds me of MEMRI's tactics.

So what kind of mischief is the balding reject from a San Francisco bathhouse up to? Misrespresenting Sheikh Faris Rabbani's explanation on the rights of husbands and wives on each other in regards to bedroom relations. Jawad thinks that the husband's right to insist on fulfulling his desire with his wife is tatamount to rape. Despite further clarification by Sheikh Rabbani and the extensive commentary on the issue which clearly forbids the husband from resorting to any sort of physical aggression, Jawad would not take no for an answer . Apparently this charlatan does not know that rape is a captial crime in Islam. HIV dementia or just serial dishonesty? Can we get a fatwa where this boys town drama queen can be beaten silly with cotton candy?
Then theres the latest "fatwa" about an Indian man supposedly divorcing his wife in his sleep. Another golden oppotunity to ridicule and misrepresent the facts, this time by snakeoil salesman Ahmed Nassef. No sooner had this "fatwa" been put out. it was strongly condemned and rebuked by local Islamic scholars. The whole fiasco turned out to be a dud lionized by rumors and the Western press. Reading MWU and the clueless morons who comprise the vast majority of its readership you wouldnt think so.
Its clear that this isnt about constructive criticism or any sort of debate but a broad based smear campaign against Muslim leadership, scholarship, or just anybody who isnt playing along(just ask Muqtedar Khan and his unceremonious departure from the PMNUA). I got an idea for a MWU gimmick, its called "Pro-regressive delusions of grandeur." How about "communist queer eye for the perpendicularly straight and totally uninterested Mufti guy"?


Danya said...
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Danya said...

Hahaha, that's awesome..

.. masha'Allah, great analysis.

AngryMutawah said...

Excellent remarks......