Saturday, March 25, 2006

Joke of the month : Libya is the only real democracy in the world.

...Atleast thats what flea bitten dictator Gaddafi says. This is almost as hilarious as Libya's "nuclear program" aka two helicopters and a rusty Soviet-era scud.

Monday, March 13, 2006

Speaking of video clips..................

This is one video clip you wont find being lauded by the usual suspects or being peddled by MEMRI. Listening to the answers by these dim witted dullards and mental defectives really does make one wonder what sort of people( Wafa Sultan supporters) are being allowed to graduate high school. Maybe its time to make voters take literacy tests. We're talking about standards here folks. If you think Australia is North Korea or that Kyrgyztan should be bombed for no reason other then having "stan" in its name, then you should be barred from voting for atleast 5 years, and thats after a brutal pistol whipping by an Almanac.

Saturday, March 11, 2006

Who does Wafa Sultan think she's fooling?

The criminal neocon blogosphere is abuzz with praise of some tool named "Wafa Sultan." So what did this Arab-American psychologist( currently unemployed and hunting for a residency at the ripe age of 47) with delusions of granduer do to earn such heart warming approval from the usual suspects? Well, theres an Al-Jazeera video clip recently put out by MEMRI(an Israeli disinformation front which (mis)translates selected articles from the Arab media) showing Sultan taking on some big bad Algerian "Islamist."
I noticed that the MEMRI clip edited out any responce by the opposition(which reportedly trashed her), so all we have a few minutes of Sultan essentially bloviating the failed neocon narrative. Predictably the right wing septic sewer is ecstatic. Wafa Sultan's spurious posturing was just the bone these rabid chihuahuas needed. What about those death threats she claims to have received? Do you want to see my inbox? You want to see someone with courage? Look no further then Cindy Sheehan. Looking for a gallon of gravitas? Try George Galloway bringing it on in the US senate.
Thats the mendacious magic ticket to stardom folks. Simply regurjitate recycled horse manure which finds currency amongst the most racist, reactionary, uninformed, unintelligent and yes, criminal elements of the neocon malignancy, right, left and center. Facts as usual need never apply. Its become the favored tactic of the usual suspects to roll out charlatans with Muslim names to lend credibility to anti-Muslim propaganda and misinformation(sort of like Ward Connerly of anti-affirmative action fame). Sultan, like Manji and co. isnt a Muslim but an athiest, just like As'ad AbuKhalil. Difference is AbuKhalil isnt an opportunistic liar, nor does he play to anyone else's tune which is why you wont see him on MSM or receiving accolades from disingenuous dirt.
Look out for the sycophantic Sultan in the coming days and weeks, just follow the 15 minute slime trail. Wheres Muhammed Ali Hasan when you need him?

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Asra Nomani's porno connection ?!! Hmmmm.....

Khalid left a very revealing comment in the Ahmed Nassef honest interview post. Turns out "Nassefconsulting" is responsible for designing Asra Nomani's website. So whats the big deal? If you click on Nassefconsulting you'll be taken to a porn site. I thought it was a gag at first...but sure enough you'll find yourself at ""
Go to and scroll all the way down to check the link yourself. Do NOT click on it if you dont wish to see the images. YOU"VE BEEN WARNED. Or you can be smart about it and resize and shrink your browser window to just view the URL.
Cant wait to hear their clarification for this.....assuming they have one.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Organizing Islamophobia on campus

Seems like another generic group of flotsam pretending to be "patriots," tried stirring up Islamophobia at the UC Irvine campus. Some neocon wannabees calling themselves the "United American Committee" aka Unintelligent Abysmal Casuists(replaceable with crackaz) organized this little shindig along with the College republicans, and even brought a token pro-regressive from the "Free Muslims coalition" aka Fake Muslim Charlatans. The hate cartoons were displayed as a means of starting "discussion" on Islamic extremism. The views of the UAC founder, hitler youth reject Jesse Petrilla and his assortment of goons(a conglomeration of zionist extremists, white trash and a pair of affordable black republicans) are really no different then that of lgf scum, but they claim to be non-partisan. Their upcoming neocon menage a trois includes the likes Horowitz, Pipes and Kaufman to name a few. Reeeeeeeeeeal non-partisan alright.
If this group is so concerned about "radical islam," why arent they in Iraq? But the real question is : Why is Jesse Petrilla so petrified of debating Nadir Ahmed of ? If this He-man can go hang out with the IDF in the occupied territories, why is he so scared of taking on Ahmed? Maybe because this is the same team which exposed Craig Wynn and destroyed him on talk radio. Nadir is even offering the UAC's head girlyman a $5000.01 challenge. Dont believe me?

Check this out

This just goes to show that Islamophobes and their fellow supporters of terrorism are nothing more then paper tigers who can talk the talk, but unable to walk the walk. This is what clever criminals do, they pretend to be "crime fighters." Sort of like OJ looking for Nicole's killer(11 years and counting).