Sunday, February 05, 2006

The Second Annual Brass Crescent Awards

In a sign that the world is indeed in its last days, I've been nominated for not one but two categories. Ominous indeed. Fellow Living Tradition collaboraters Izzy Mo and Sunni Sister were also nominated. These sisters are top notch writers, so I feel a bit out of my depth being nominated alongside them. I thought it was a gag at first.
Our group blog Living Tradition was also nominated which was very cool. Even though I havent written for that blog in a while(I will, promise!), I think my best work(sans the polemics, rants and zaniness) is to be found there. Whats surprising is that out of all my posts....the "Honest Interview" with Asra "I want attention" Nomani was the one which got nominated. Coming up with these interviews is a huge hassle requiring time which I dont usually have, not including submerging myself in the gutter to read their writings. It would have been nice if the diet plan caught their eye. Oh well.
I dont know why they left Umar Lee's "Jihad of Umar" blog out. This brother writes well and has great insight on a wide range of issues. The only negative being the lack of moderation to keep trolls and other lower life forms out. City of Brass and AltMuslim are not accepting any new nominations, but if they are reading this, please give my nomination spot to Umar Lee, he deserves it more then I do, and I honestly mean that.
Anyway......................heres the link to the vote:

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